Top Best Air Mattresses For Camping in 2020

Your choice of camping mattress should be as comfortable as possible with maximum portability and minimum fuss. Below is the summary of the comparison between different mattress technologies to simplify your mattress selection  for everyday use, as stress-free as possible.

Foam mattress being an unfavorable choice for the campers due to the portability issue, only self-swollen and air mattresses are being discussed below.

List of Best Camping Air Mattresses For 2020

1. SoundAsleep Air Mattress Dream Series
2. Intex Airbed Set with 2 Pillows
3. LightSpeed Air Bed Mattress for Camping
4. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed
5. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress
6. Therm-a-Rest Mondo King camping mattress
7. Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed
Air Mattress vs Self Inflating Mattress vs. Foam Mattress
Self Swollen Camping Mattresses
Inflatable Camping Mattresses
6 characteristics of Air Mattresses For Camping

Top 7 Best Air Mattress For Camping

1. Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

camping air mattress

The Dream sound asleep air mattress with comfort coil innovation is the most sophisticated available model.

The Dream Series is intended for home use and furnishes short-term visitors with the comfortability of a customary sleeping mattress with the adaptability of an inflatable cushion.

The bed expands in under 4 minutes with amazing pumping technology, permitting easy expansion. The proprietary motor is developed to be 20% calmer when swelled than other products in the market.

The easy to operate pump likewise dispenses with drooping and loss of pneumatic force found in other inflatable beddings.



  • Comfort coil ensures innovative design with 40 inner air coils for sturdiness and durability. Your bed remains level and firm so you can remain Soundasleep.
  • Patented inward snap-on motor for simple and accelerated expansion/flattening. The Dream Series sleeping cushion completely arrives at expansion and firmness in under 4 minutes and can be finished rapidly and effectively. The pneumatic bed is intended for home use and is ideal for short term guests, companions or family members
  • Queen, expanded measurements: 198.1 x 147.3 x 48.3 cm – Air raised twofold bed. “Covering at the base” keeps the undesirable slipping of bed.
  • Extra thick, waterproof flock top for comfortability and toughness with a multi layer material, puncture-proof. Transport pack included for portability.
  • Soundasleep products are backed by a customer-friendly 1-year guarantee. Call or email 24/7 for pickup 


  • Much greater number of complaints regarding leakage from the motor area.
  • No ridges at the edges result in the fall off.
  • Due to the huge number of complaints, the company has discontinued its supply

2. Intex  Airbed Set with 2 pillows

camping mattress

In contrast to different sleeping pads, this intex inflatable cushion stays consistent with its queen-size and is an ideal pneumatic bed for two individuals.

Use it for outdoors or at home for visitors ; nothing can turn out badly with that detonating sleeping cushion.

Everything incorporated into the intex inflatable cushion is exposed to quality tests previously. From the calibrated 20.8 waterproof top surface, base and sides of 15 gaugings to vinyl light emissions of 14 gaugings, everything makes certain to offer an extravagant resting endure.

The additional enormous 2-in-1 valve opening permits quick expansion and collapse, making it one of the best camping air mattress.



• Folds totally

• Genuine queen size

• Mechanical pump and two inflatable pillow-pads included

• Ideal for outdoors

• Comfortable and velvety surface

•  Low cost


·      Since this is made of vinyl, there could be issues with extending and air spillage. So it’s not perfect for genuine campers.

·      The pillow-pads are not very comfortable.

·      Manual pumping mechanism requires a significant investment of time.

·       May spill air after some time.


best camping mattress

If you ever utilized a PVC inflatable cushion previously, you will be acquainted with the solid synthetic scent it emits. It is irritating and in some cases even hurtful to your wellbeing and nature. So which material is better for pneumatic beds – PVC or TPU? Unquestionably, TPU. It is adaptable, lighter and more naturally cordial than PVC. Or more all, it is scentless and breathable!



  • Royalty Phthalate and PVC
  • Folds totally
  • Patented stability technology
  • Includes battery motor and carry bag.
  • Weighs just 6 pounds
  • Boston valve permits you to modify sturdiness
  • One year guarantee.


  • Nonetheless, numerous clients have asserted that it collapses in only a couple hours of utilization and requires frequent inflation.
  • Doesn’t stay swollen longer than a couple of hours
  • The accompanying pump is of poor quality.
  • Poor customer support
  • DE-shapes after a few usages.

4. The ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

The ALPS Mountaineering Velocity air bed is an incredible air bed whether you have surprise visitors for a weekend visit or you’re exploring the great outdoors in nature. It is made out of a solid, totally without pvc texture, that is lightweight. The coil framework makes a strong and relaxing surface for an incredible night’s rest. The included best in class pump accompanies a wall-socket charger and vehicle charger so you can charge it any place you are. The pump controls inflation and deflation both, which is extraordinary quality. In not more than minutes, your air bed blows up and is prepared for relaxing. While packing, having a pumping mechanism that empties your bed is an enormous advantage, since it rapidly deflates it for packing in the included carry bag.


•           Durable without pvc 150D TPU Polyester Oxford textile .

•           Incredibly lightweight makes for easy carry.

•           The coil framework makes for strong and spacious/comfortable bed.

•           State-of-the-workmanship battery-powered pumping mechanism controls inflation and        deflation.

•           The rechargeable pump incorporates a vehicle charger and wall-socket charger.

•           Inflates rapidly and effectively with the “flip of a switch”.

•           Carry pack included for traveling and Easily fits in most outdoors tents.

•           For indoor and open air use.


·         Frequent deflation

·         Rechargeable pump takes very long to get charged.

·         Frequent customer complaints about missing pump from the package or opened package upon arrival, It shows poor packaging

·         Numerous complaints about size issue, twin instead of queen.

·         Heavy to carry in back pack.

5. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress



  • All night comfort: the special interior construction makes the inflatable mattress stable and comfortable like a real bed, capacity up to 650 kg; the unique wavy veins support all parts of your body well, eliminate the fatigue of the day, help you relax completely and enjoy a deep sleep all night.
  • Quick and practical installation: integrated electric pump which quickly inflates or deflates the inflatable mattress to the required sturdiness within 3 to 5 minutes. The power cable can be stored in a built-in compartment to keep the pieces tidy; make sure the control dial is turned completely to inflate or deflate. Suitable for a 55.9 cm deep sheet.
  • High-end materials: double-layer construction with anti-puncture material which guarantees that the inflatable mattress will retain its shape. The waterproof flocked top is always dry and creates an incredibly comfortable sleep experience, while the eco-friendly 0.4mm thick PVC bottom prevents unwanted slipping; the material is easy to clean after use, just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Easy storage and removal: the bed dimensions are 203.2 x 152.4 x 55.9 cm, the serrated sides allow standard pocket sheets up to 55.9 cm deep to stay in place; Package dimensions: 40.6 x 43.2 x 17.8 cm, weight: 11.4 kg. Easy to store in your home or in a travel bag for travel.
  • Humanized design: the high quality welding makes the inflatable mattress completely airtight without movement noise; the unique design of the edges prevents falling, enjoy a quiet and peaceful night with this raised inflatable mattress; integrated pump (AC 110-120 V).


  • Only double size available, no single, no queen.
  • PVC odour
  • Leakages
  • Deflations
  • Poor customer support

6. Therm-A-Rest MondoKing Camping Mattress

air mattress

Therm-a-Rest camping mattress are “Guaranteed for Life”. All is said. They invented the self-inflating mattress, and since then they have always been one step ahead of the competition. This “Mondoking 3D” model is quite simply the most comfortable of the self-inflating models in the world: 10 cm of expanded cellular foam, which inflates on its own by opening the valves. The combination of foam and air allows to perfectly fit the body shapes to provide stability and impressive comfort. A material that also prevents bouncing like on a conventional air mattress and which offers more insulation and no noise, unlike conventional air mattresses. Adjustment of the desired firmness by releasing more or less the air contained. This “Mondoking 3D” mattress with straight edges, offers up to 20% more surface area than round edges and thus ensures maximum comfort. Connection possible with a second mattress. Ideal for people who don’t want to compromise on sleep quality. Thanks to the great softness of its coating, it is perfect even in an extra bed.


  • Comfort and stability: stable, a thickness of 10 cm allows you to find the comfort of the house wherever you spend the night
  •  New fabric: the soft knit provides excellent breathability and provides a soft surface on contact with the skin.
  • Very large sleeping surface: straight sides maximize the useful sleeping surface.
  •  Incredibly warm: the foam core keeps you warm whatever the season, whatever the destination, to guarantee you a good night’s sleep.
  •  Self-inflating : double valves allow the compressible foam core to inflate when the mattress is unrolled. Just a few more breaths to achieve the desired level of firmness.
  • Combine two mattresses: perfect connection with another 3D mattress Origin: Ireland.


  • Frequent complaints about self-inflation mechanism not working.
  • Very hard and uncomfortable due to rigid surface.
  • Heat sensitive seams, open up when exposed to sun heat, rendering the mattress useless.
  • Hard to store, as it must be keep in an inflated position.

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7. Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed

Regardless of how troublesome the day, you will discover loosening up comfort when sunsets with a Coleman® All-Terrain ™ Simple pneumatic bed. Every All-Terrain ™ bed has a Puncture Guard ™ fortified texture surface that is more grounded, lighter and progressively happy with, permitting you to go anyplace, do anything. Proceed, exploit this bed – the texture layer adds sturdiness and solidarity to make it 47% more cut safe. Take your most loved Coleman® pneumatic machine and you’re constantly prepared to expand your bed, inside or out. When you achieve desirable firmness, it is 25% more stretch proof, which permits you to better night sleep. Simultaneously, the AirTight® framework has been tried at the processing plant to guarantee that there is no spillage. ComfortStrong ™ spring technology offers better help, while the texture gives a delicate touch surface to give unwinding at the end of a hectic day. At the point when you’re prepared, the Wrap ‘N’ Roll ™ packing system is easy to use until you’re prepared for your next experience.


  • The outside of the Puncture Guard ™ texture is progressively tough and gentler to the touch
  • 47% progressively impervious to cut, 25% more impervious to extending and 30% lighter than a standard Coleman® inflatable cushion of a similar size.
  • More grounded material permits this bed to take up to 800 lbs • AirTight® framework has been production line tried to guarantee no breaks.
  • Wrap ‘N’ Roll ™ incorporated packing framework – overlay, roll and basically store.
  • ComfortStrong ™ spring development offers better help for predominant relaxation.
  • Double Lock ™ valve is twofold fixed to avoid leakage.
  • For outside use in outdoors or inside as an additional bed.
  • Fits standard queen-sized sheets.
  • Approximate swelled measurements: 78 x 58 x 8 in.
  • one year constrained guarantee.
  • All Coleman® air pumping apparatus are prescribed (sold independently).


  • Quilting pattern is not durable, it comes off to create bulges.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Frequent leakage problems reported.

Air Mattress vs Self Inflating Mattress & Air Mattress vs Foam Mattress

 Air Mattresses Self-inflating mattresses Foam Mattress  
Very often the entry-level mattresses, you find them at low prices. Being the most qualitative mattress, the prices are logically higher. Not requiring a little manufacturing process, we can, therefore, find them at very affordable prices. 
The feeling of sloshing due to the air in the mattress can be unpleasant, especially on a double mattress. In addition, the noise of the material on the floor can sometimes be very annoying. It is the mattress that comes closest to our good mattress at home. The honeycomb foam provides real comfort on any type of floor. The often fairly compact foam certainly protects you very well from the cold and soil faults, however, it remains fairly hard in the event of movement. Hence, not recommended for camping.
The concern, very often encountered by campers, is that the tire is filled with air, can be pierced quite easily by a small thorn, during storage in its box, because of a pebble ... Even if the material remains resistant, these small accidents happen and it is very often very complicated to repair an air mattress, or more expensive than buying a new one. Being made of foam, even in the event of a puncture, you are already guaranteed not to spend the night "flat". Then, there is a repair kit to repair your mattress in seconds effectively. So you can think of buying for the long term. The compact and resistant foam deteriorates very slowly. The longer it is, the longer it will last. 

Self Swollen Camping Mattresses

Finally, you find the self swollen camping mattresses. These are claimed to be the best camping mattresses for outdoor enthusiasts looking for ultra-resistant and durable materials. In addition, you will be happy to know that they are generally more affordable than inflatable mattresses, although more expensive than foam ones.

Self swollen mattress are actually a combination of open-cell foam and air. They are an ideal choice for a wide range of activities, including all types of camping and camping by car. You have the choice between different thicknesses and different widths, which allows you to find what you find most comfortable.

The advantage of self swollen mattresses is that they offer excellent insulation. In addition, like inflatable mattresses, you can play with the firmness of the mattress as you see fit, making it an ideal choice as camping mattress.

The two main disadvantages of this type of mattress are the weight, rather heavy, as well as the cost. They are generally more expensive than basic foam mattresses and are less easy to store.

Ultimately, however, it is up to you to assess the pros and cons of each type of mattress. Your budget and the type of campsite you plan will certainly be taken into consideration.

Inflatable Camping Mattresses

This type of camping mattress is generally a little more expensive, in particular, because of the materials used in its design and because of the technologies with which it is provided. It is usually very light and can be compacted easily, so you can easily take it in your backpack, the two most important characteristics comprising the air mattress for camping.

Airbeds are generally recommended for three-season activities, but some have an insulating layer that effectively retains your body heat. They are much more suitable for winter camping than closed-cell foam mattresses.

Some air mattresses are offered with an integrated pump. Despite their higher price, they are a particularly attractive choice, since they eliminate any risk of mold.

For models that are not offered with an integrated pump, it is, of course, possible to buy one separately. You can even find pumps that also act as a pillow, like the NEMO Equipment Fillo Bello Pillow model, shown below. However, if you buy the pump separately, make sure it is compatible with your mattress.

6 characteristics of Best Camping Air Beds

Whichever mattress you choose, it will have its own unique characteristics. Among these characteristics, we note the type of insulation, the R-value, the length and the width.

R-value and insulation

As explained above, a mattress with a higher R-value will be better insulated than another and will provide more warmth. This is an important feature to consider if you are a winter camping enthusiast. Some mattresses also have a thin down insulation layer. However, these are designed for extreme temperatures and constitute very technical equipment. 

Length and width

Camping  air mattresses are available in many different lengths and widths. It doesn’t matter if you are small or tall, you can find one for your size. Most product descriptions will clearly indicate the length of the mattress, so it will be easy for you to check if it is right for you.

Weight and size when compacted

These two characteristics will obviously be more important for campers who have restrictions on the weight and size of their luggage. Ideally, you will want a mattress that can be easily stored in your backpack. Fortunately, product descriptions will always include weight and size when compacted. Lighter mattresses are often more expensive. So, if you have a budget to stick to, a narrower mattress can allow you to reduce weight and size without breaking the bank.

Inflation and deflation

An easy to inflate and deflate mattress is absolutely essential. If you’re high in the mountains somewhere and have spent the day walking, having to provide even more energy to inflate your mattress while blowing indoors can exhaust you completely.

Equally important is quick and easy deflation. If it takes too long to deflate and you have to constantly fold it up to get the air out, you are wasting precious time.


Some mattresses have a surface that prevents the sleeping bag from moving and keeps it in place. For all sleepers who move a lot at night and find themselves constantly lying next to their mattresses the next day, a mattress with a bonded surface can be a great choice.

Sleep well on your new camping mattress

A good night’s sleep is an essential aspect of a camping trip. With the right mattress, it is entirely possible. Trying out your new mattress before you go on an expedition is absolutely necessary if you want to be sure it is right for you.

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