Alexis Glick states that according to a recent research conducted with Youth about the Sleep Number, it was found that the sleep rate is found to be less than 50% in our youth. This means that more than 50% of our youth now a days is sleep deprived. This results in the poor health conditions of the individual. They also, feel less active throughout the day and hardly manage to cope up with important things in life. One of the many reasons behind the sleep deprivation is an uncomfortable sleeping surface.


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Top 7 Best Bamboo Mattresses Reviews


bamboo brand mattress

Bamboo infused Hybrid Coil Mattress is composed of three layers. This Memory Foam Mattress is 8 inches in depth. Delve into three layers of premium comfort and support of Bamboo brand mattress. It consists of 3 layers of 2 inches, 2 inches and 4 inches respectively.

  • The first layer is Memory Foam. It ensures an undisturbed sleep to the user.
  • The second layer is the Ventilated Foam Layer. This bamboo foam layer is fabricated for breath ability purpose. It ensures the ventilation and air flow within the bamboo bed.
  • The final layer is the high-density foam. This is the base layer of the natural bamboo mattress. It is designed such that it ensures full support to the body. Those of the sleepers who prefer a firm support to their back and want to keep their spine and body aligned in a natural fashion then this is the ultimate solution for them.

The weight of the sleeper’s body gets evenly distributed on this bamboo foam bed and provides the extreme pressure relieving to the user’s body. So, the person can sleep with peace of both mind and body. It guarantees you a sleep of comfort. It is also motion-free which means that the bed gives you an undisturbed sleep even if your sleeping partner keeps tossing around on the bed.

The Signature bamboo brand mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which means that the brand prefer quality over anything. The bamboo bed has a 10 years of warranty with it so it means 10 years of premium sleeping experience.

2. LUCID Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress

natural bamboo mattress

This is another great type of Bamboo mattress having all best mattress materials and features to provide the maximum comfortable, relax and freshness sleep to its user. LUCID memory foam mattress is available in 6 different sizes (twin, twin-XL, Full, Queen, king, California king) with 2 different styles (10inch, 12 inch). Its construction is quite different from other mattress; 6.5 inch individually-encased high-gauge steel coils are sandwiched between two layers of 3.5 inches of base foam for premium support.

LUCID motion isolating base is topped with two layers. 1.5 inch layer of transition foam infused with aloe vera creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment and regenerates the fabrics of your bedding for daily freshness. Also, aloe vera promotes freshness to create a serene and luxurious sleep. Another two- inch layer of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal minimizes odors associated with memory foam and keeps your body away from harmful bacteria while you sleep. These natural infusions regulate moisture and combat odors, so you wake up fresh and energized in the morning. The 6.5 inch encased coils respond to movement, increase airflow and give great push back and keep your spine aligned.

This mattress is topped with two-tone elegant, soft and breathable cover to create a nice air layer between your body and mattress to enhance the feel of bed. Also, LUCID is offering 100 nights risk-free trail with full refund and 10 years warranty against manufacturing defect. This mattress is certified from CertiPUR-US which means that the mattress is safe from harmful chemicals.  While packing, this mattress is compressed and rolled in a simple box, which easily fits through narrow hallways and staircase

3. Signature Sleep Encased Coil Mattress

bamboo mattresses

Bamboo infused Hybrid Coil Mattress is composed of three layers. Hybrid Coil Mattress comes in 13 inches of ultimate comfort. Delve into three layers of ultimate softness and support of 13 inches Hybrid Coil Mattress. It consists of 5 layers and iCoils as the base.

  • The first layer is Premium Super Soft Cover. It delivers a breathable and resilient sleeping surface to the sleepers.
  • The second layer is the Foam Pillow Top Layer. This bamboo pillow top mattress layer adds an additional plush and comfort to the foam. It includes 1 inch of 3-Zone foam which adds to the comfort and reduces stress and strain from the critical pressure points in the body of the sleeper. It is a lavish foam top which contours the body.
  • Next is a fire-retardant barrier designed for the peace of mind.
  • Then there are 4 layers of high-density foams compacted together which are designed for a signature edge to edge support sleep experience.
  • The fifth layer is Cushioning Comfort Insulator Pad. This pad in the bamboo bed delivers a signature pressure relieving comfort to the user.
  • The final layer is the base layer made up of Coils. These coils are designed and encapsulated independently for premium weight distribution. The king size bamboo mattress also provides a firmer support to the center and keeps the body aligned.

The rayon in bamboo foam mattress features ticking which absorbs moisture and dries quickly. This helps the body to breathe. It ensures a good night sleep of the sleeper as the foam guarantees a healthy experience due to the natural bamboo mattress used.

The Signature bamboo brand mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which means that the brand prefer quality over anything.


bamboo king mattress

Whenever you are planning to purchase the best mattress under your budget, and you are looking for a mattress which is good for every type of sleeper, provides pressure relief, spine alignment, full body support, and gives relaxation to your body, then buy Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress.  It offers long lasting removable bamboo cover. All these features makes Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo memory foam mattress a good option.

Brentwood Home Bamboo memory foam mattress  is a gel memory foam mattress with a 3.5 inch gel infused in it, which responds to your body according to your shape and weight. Its 7.5” solid base supporting foam absorbs your weight to dampen motion transfer which prevents the noise, and your partner does not get disturbed due to your movement. 2” ventilated airflow zone allows your mattress to breathe so that you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. It’s New Zealand wool that acts as a fire barrier, regulates temperature and keep your body cool in hot, and hot in cold environment, this unique feature make it different from other bamboo mattress.

Although mattresses have so many features but safety is very serious concern. Brentwood is a CertiPUR-US certified foam which means that it is a combination of organic, nontoxic, and natural materials with no chemical retardants, phthalates, ozone depleters, or heavy metals. Brentwood has 30 years of handcrafting experience in Los Angeles that attracts your attention in every stitch. Also Brentwood 13” memory foam is a USA made product which gives you a 25 years warranty.


5. Swiss Ortho Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress, w/Bamboo Cover

king size bamboo mattress

Swiss Ortho mattress a 13 inches tri layered mattress designed to meet the comfort standards and the expectations set forward by customers. When it comes to these mattresses the Swiss Ortho mattress is a temperature sensitive mattress and allows heat dissipation providing a much comfortable sleep when compared to any other mattresses out there. The mattress itself contains three layers.

The first layer being a 2 inches cool memory gel foam used to dissipate heat for a relaxing sleep experience. The 2nd foam is the high-density foam used to provide rigid look to the foam and make it durable so that the mattress does not deform after a small amount of time. The 3rd and the final most foam is 9 inch foam that provides with the ultimate sleep experience to its users. The cover of the mattress is a soft breathable knitted white bamboo cover that can be easily removed and cleaned and is quite beneficial for those who are very particular about their hygiene.

The Swiss Ortho mattress being available in 4 different sizes each suitable to customers’ need. So no need to worry when it comes to the durability of the product because the Swiss Ortho mattress comes with a 10 years of warranty so that the customer feels satisfied about every inch of money that they spend. As far as the delivery is concerned this Swiss Ortho mattress is delivered to you at your doorstep with a very convenient and easy and compressed packaging so what are you waiting for go buy yourself a mattress.

6. Snuggle Orthopedic mattress with Bamboo Cover


Snuggle Orthopedic Flex-Support Mattress is the best foam mattress with bamboo cover.  It is quite efficient in relieving the pressure from your back while providing your body with ultra-cool feel. Its four months’ sleep trial and 20 years’ warranty makes it even more popular.

The Snuggle-Pedic mattress comes with unique Flex-Support memory foam which provides comfort, pressure relief and prevents motion transfer between partners. Its patented AirFlow Transfer system which ensures better airflow through small holes in the mattress. These holes are particularly designed for keeping your body cool at night. This wonderful technology keeps the fabric of the mattress sweat-proof.

The mattress is also free from ozone depleting agents, lead, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, phthalates, formaldehyde and heavy metals. It is also very low in emission of volatile organic compounds. Apart from unique Flex-Support memory foam technology, the mattress offers removable cover made of Kool-Flow Viscose Bamboo fabric that provides superior breathability to the mattress, thus improving the comfortability and durability. 


7. BedStory Bamboo Charcoal Infused Breathable Bed Mattress

bamboo mattresses reviews

Ever wondered why you just cannot get enough of that sleep that you always longed for and cannot sleep even when you try and the answer lies in the mattress that you use but think no more as there is a solution to it which is to buy a bed story gel memory foam mattress. This gel mattress allows us to sleep carefree and tension free and dissipates the heat that other mattresses usually don’t. The mattress is made up of high-quality viscos gel and bamboo charcoal that dissipates heat and doesn’t allow the mattress to absorb moisture making the mattress breathable that provides a healthy sleep dynamic for you. The mattress is developed in such a way as to provide a spinal support and allowing body to be relieving pressure on body being applied by doing hectic work throughout the day.

The Bed Story Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a density of 12 inches in total and is based on three foam layers. The 1st   layer is a 3 inches gel infused memory foam that lets the mattress adjust according to your body weight and is used to maintain the temperature of the mattress. The 2nd foam is a 3 inches convoluted foam that provides comfort to your mattress. The 3rd foam being a 6 inches foam of high density allows the mattress to retain its shape making it durable. The plus point of buying this mattress is that it is a bamboo charcoal mattress which is naturally healthy. The mattress comes with 10 years of warranty and a 100-night sleep refund policy so that you can test out the mattress yourself so that you don’t buy it until you try it.

What is a Bamboo Mattress?

Bamboo is best known for being a cure to depression. It is said that if you want to heal depression then you should introduce bamboo in your homes and it will result in attracting love, joy and positive emotions around you. Bamboo mattress are therefore the best addition to your household items. Buy yourself a bamboo mattress and it will not only helps to fight against spinal issues but it also balanced the mind and the body by dispelling negative energy. When bamboo mattress is filled with memory foam it eliminates any body aches.

Types of Bamboo foam mattress

There is not just one kind of mattress that can satisfy the need of every sleeper therefore, bamboo mattress comes in different forms:

1. Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress/ Gel Bamboo Mattress

This is made up of two layers. A dense foam and a solid base. The upper layer is the memory foam with a mix of gel. This layer is responsible to keep the body and the spine in a shape. The base layer is a solid base that adds firmness to the foam. Both the layers are then wrapped in the bamboo fabric to improve sleep quality. The bed is available in both bamboo king mattress and bamboo queen mattress sizes.

2. Bamboo Charcoal Mattress

Bamboo charcoal is harvested from bamboo plants. This technology is used in bamboo charcoal mattress that not only helps the sleeper to sleep well but it also keeps the environment clean and healthy. It stimulates the sleeping process by promoting metabolism along with blood circulation in the body. It is also resilient to bacteria and germs; therefore, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

9 Benefits of best Bamboo Mattresses

1. Softer and Smoother than Cotton

Bamboo mattresses are said to be softer and smoother than our traditional mattresses. It is believed that bamboo fibers are 10 times softer to touch.

2. Breathable

Bamboo charcoal fibers are breathable and they keep the bed ventilated.


Bamboo is extremely friendly to the environment as it helps to keep the environment fresh. The fibers of bamboo bed are made from an organic source and thus it is free from chemicals and toxic substances.

4. Moderate Temperature

Bamboo mattress has the moisture wicking property and thus it can help and absorb any excessive moisture off your bed and keep the temperature neutral.

5. Spiritual Healing

With this bamboo mattress around you, it will help to eliminate the negative power and boost energy channel and clear your mind.

6. Heals Depression

As the bamboo attracts joy and happiness therefore the bamboo mattress helps to heal depression and anxiety in sleepers and they tend to get a good night sleep.

7. Antibiotic

Bamboo in your bamboo mattress helps to keep your bed germ-free. It is antibiotic in nature and bamboo in textile is gaining much popularity amongst people. It deals with chronic respiratory problems and helps you to breathe easily.

8. Pressure Relief

When infused with memory foam, bamboo mattress provides an ergonomic support and helps to relief pain from the pressure points of the body. It keeps the sleeper aligned properly so sleepers don’t complain about pains anymore.

9. Airy

This natural bamboo mattress is airy and it helps to keep off dust mites and bacteria from it.

6 Features of Best Bamboo Mattresses

1.Material & Construction

The quality of a mattress is depicted by the way it is constructed and also defines the level of experience user will have. The memory foam consists of four layers which are built to provide pleasant experience, support and firmness to its customers. The basis of layer is 7 inches foam with the ability to adjust according to customer’s body shape and size. The second foam above the base foam is 2 inches gel memory foam used to dissipate heat to allow a care free experience. The top layer is built using New Zealand wool a long-lasting material used for heat dissipation. The cover is a removable bamboo-derived rayon cover.


The design of mattress is made in such a way as to maximize comfort level and a sound sleep

3. Durability

The durability of a foam defines how long it is going to last and remains in usable condition and bamboo mattresses are built to fulfill customers comfort and durability needs. This acts as an assurance for a costumer that his investment being made is the right choice.

4. Certified

The quality of emission standards of these mattresses is maintained in laboratories and in fact these foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

5. Covers

The covers of the bamboo mattress are made up of cotton that ensures a healthy and a soft experience to its user. They are smooth and odor-free and thus act as the best sleeping surface for anyone.

6. Warranty

The warranty for Bamboo mattress runs for 25 years from the purchase date.

How to properly take care of Bamboo Mattresses?

The bed must be handled with care to ensure a long life of the mattress. Following are the precautions necessary for proper handling of the mattress:

1.Clean Spills

If you end up spilling any liquid on the mattress then don’t let it dry. If the mattress absorbs the liquid then it will be nearly difficult to clean it later. So, in case of any spills, rinse it right away.

2. Vacuum

To keep it from dust and dirt, the mattress must be vacuumed once a week. This will help to keep the bed fresh and will ensure hygiene.

3.Air out

Place your naked mattress in a ventilated room and air it out. Repeat this process every time you change the sheet.


Bamboo mattresses are the best addition to your household items. Buy yourself a bamboo mattress and it will not only helps to fight against spinal issues but it also balanced the mind and the body by dispelling negative energy. This technology is used in bamboo charcoal mattress that not only helps the sleeper to sleep well but it also keeps the environment clean and healthy. As the bamboo attracts joy and happiness therefore the bamboo mattress helps to heal depression and anxiety in sleepers and they tend to get a good night sleep. Bamboo in your bamboo mattress helps to keep your bed germ-free. When infused with memory foam, bamboo mattress provides an ergonomic support and helps to relief pain from the pressure points of the body.

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