Top 10 Best Bed Tents For Kids & Privacy in 2020

What are Bed Tent?

In simple terms, bed tents are designed in such a way that no extra mattress, or an air bed is required; in fact, it accommodates your already existing bed and mattresses. The user not only gets the pleasure of having a private space, but also enjoys a shaded area, where they can peacefully finish a book they started weeks ago but never got the quiet to grasp and relish it, for example. For children on the other hand, bed tents provide a kind of a play area, or an enchanting sleeping space. The instalment and the storage of bed tents is very easy, as will be discussed later in the article. Moreover, a carry bag also comes along with it, to make storing of bed tents easy when they are not being used.

No matter how much of an outdoor person you are, no matter how much you love socializing, meeting people, partying out, there comes a stage or a point in life when all a person needs is a little bit of privacy. When you think of privacy, the first thing that comes in your head is your home. However, if you belong to a big family, where you can see your siblings or a relative in every nook and corner of your house, then the term “privacy” may seem alien to you. At times you crave for some alone time, and a pretty, ventilated, shaded space is just a cherry on the top. All these qualities that make up your own personal, comfortable space or zone is what a Bed Tents is made up of.


Top 10 Best Bed Tent-Tabular Comparison
1. Pacific Kids Play Tents
2. Alvantor Canopy Twin Size Tent
3. Delta Children tent bed
4. Privacy Bed Tent
5. Leedor Canopy Bed Tents
6. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent
7. PopFS Bed Tent
8. Pacific play H.Q bed tent
9. Playhut Paw Petrol 2-in-1 Bed Tent
10. Winterial Indoor Tent Bed
How to Select a Best Bed Tent
Bed Tents-Frequently Asked Questions


Top 10 Best Bed Tents- Tabular Comparison

NAMESuitable ForAnti-Mosquito Net
Pacific Kids Play TentsChildrenNo
Alvantor Canopy Twin Size TentAdultsYes
Delta Children tent bedChildrenNo
Privacy Pop Bed TentAdultsNo
Leedor Canopy Bed tentsAdultsYes
BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy TentAdultsNo
PopFS Bed Den IIAdultsNo
Pacific play H.Q bed tentChildrenNo
Playhut Paw Petrol 2-in-1 Bed TentChildrenNo
Winterial Indoor Tent BedAdultsNo

Top 10 Best Tent Beds – Reviews

1. Pacific Kids Play Bed Tents

kids bedIf you are looking for a modem, stylish, comfortable, big enough tent to fit most beds and mattresses then Pacific Play Tent 19721 is your answer. The tent is comfortable, provides ample space and has a durable cover with stylish patterns of moons and stars. The top of the tent is made up of mesh panels which ensures smooth ventilation of air in and out of the tent. The mesh panel also keeps the inside of the tent cool and relaxed for your child. The tent consists of a large door in T shape which makes the entry and exit of your child quite easy and comfortable.


privacy tent bed

 It can be set up within seconds, and consists of a portable frame as well as a protective cover which keeps you safe from dust and harmful UV rays. The size of the tent is large enough to fit most beds and mattresses and provides enhanced privy to the user. The best part about this bed tent is that it is washable; upon getting dirty, the covers can be removed from the tent and can be cleaned by hand without damaging the material. The Alvantor Canopy Bed Tent weighs about 3 pounds.

3. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

children bed

When you look for products, accessories, and toys for your children, the first thing you look for is its safety, and that is what Delta Children Toddle Tent Bed promises. The tent is ideally suited for children aged 15 months, and can carry up to 50 pounds without breaking. The tent consists of roll-up doors which makes it fun, and windows for ample ventilation for your child. The tent is suitable to be used in all seasons; summers, winters, spring, fall. The components of the tent are certified by JPMA and meet the CPSC and ASTM standards. The Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed is designed in a way that it fits most crib sizes without causing you much trouble.

4. Twin Privacy Bed Tent


Privacy and comfort are the two things that the manufacturers of tent beds promise, so it is essential that your needs of these two features are met with what you purchase. The tent should also be easy to set up so that it saves your time and energy. Both these important features can be found in the Twin Privacy Pop Bed Tet. In addition, the microfiber polyester used in the production of this tent makes It durable, and resistant to damage. It can also be carried around in a storage carry bag for your ease. The tent comes with two easy openings for getting in and out, and is known to block not just light but noise to some extent as well.

5. Leedor Bed Tent

Leedor Bed Tents are one of the best tents available in the market. They have a nice ventilation system, if you are claustrophobic, and does not only provide extreme comfort, but also is very easy to set up. The size available for Leedor Bed Tent is Twin Size, which means it can be attached to most of the beds, and are quite spacious. Furthermore, a separate mattress can be bought in order to set it up on a floor and make it a tent mattress, or for a comfortable area for your outdoors. The best part about these tents is that they are light weight, since they only weigh about 4.3 pounds.

The tent is made up of high quality material like pongee fabric, which makes the tent durable and long lasting, preventing them from fading, tearing, or ripping easily, unlike the ones that are made up of low quality products. The Leedor Bed Tent comes with a wide opening as well, and has a zippered style. Moreover, since the material is breathable in nature, it does not suffocate a person sitting inside of it, especially in summers, therefore reducing the risk of suffocation.

​7. PopFS Bed Den II

kids bed tents

The PopFS Den II is a successor to the PopFS Bed Den, with more interesting and new features present in it. First of all, the PopFS Bed Den II is foldable, and hence is very convenient and easy to store. Once unfolded, it is very spacious, but the folding feature of the tent makes travelling with it very stress-free. The weight of the PopFS Bed Den II is only about 3 pounds, which means that it can easily be carried around, especially in the outdoors. The poles in the tent are made up of fiber glass, which makes the placement a piece of cake. Furthermore, the height of the tent is up to 35 inches, so the PopFS Bed Den II is suitable to be placed over most of the bedframe styles and sizes. The seams of the tent are made up of thick, high quality, so the tent does not rip off or tear easily, which means it can be used for a long time. There are fiber glass poles, as discussed earlier, and two entry points, so the tent can be closed without much trouble, and problems. Lastly, the tent comes with an opening on the two sides. This means that entering and exiting from and into the tent is from everywhere, and also the air can pass in and out easily, with enhanced ventilation mechanism in place, reducing chances of suffocation, as most people fear it.

6. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent Bed

mattress tent

The unavailability of floor in BESTEN tent makes it dynamic and versatile, which is best suited for indoors. The tent fits most of the beds that are usually at our homes. Moreover, the user is also able to fit in mattresses, without damaging the seams, zippers and overall functions of the tent. The materials used in the design of this tent are high quality, which can be used over a range of years. The BESTEN tent comes with three openings at its front, right and center. Furthermore, it also has the ability to store in heat in low temperatures, and is a great option if you are looking for some privacy in your college dorm room, for instance.

8. Pacific Play H.Q. Bed Tent

If you are looking for a modem, stylish, comfortable, big enough tent to fit most beds and mattresses then Pacific Play Tent 19721 is your answer. The tent is comfortable, provides ample space and has a durable cover with stylish patterns of moons and stars. The top of the tent is made up of mesh panels which ensures smooth ventilation of air in and out of the tent. The mesh panel also keeps the inside of the tent cool and relaxed for your child. The tent consists of a large door in T shape which makes the entry and exit of your child quite easy and comfortable.

9. Playhut Paw Petrol 2-in-1 Bed Tent

The Paw Petrol 2-in-1 bed tent can be used on floors, as well as on beds and mattresses, hence a two in one model; it is absolute favorite of the kids. The tent is colorful, therefore attracts many children, and is perfect for kids between the ages of 36 months to five years. The tent is made up of long lasting materials, does not fade quickly and has a wide opening with a zipper attached, which means that when you have to tuck your child in before sleeping, you will not have to wrestle to get in the tent at all. The Playhut Paw Petrol consists of technology that makes helps you in setting it up within seconds. The tent is also very easy to store, as it can be folded when not in use.​

10. Winterial Indoor Privacy Bed Tent

Winterial Tent is a full, adult sized bed tent for indoor settings. The best part about this tent is that it comes with black covers, which takes the privacy up to the next level. Next, it has two small built in windows, which ensures the smooth inflow and outflow of air. Moreover, the bed tent comes with two zippered openings for entering and existing purposes. Good quality zipper is used which enhances the overall safety of the person inside the bed tent. Albeit this tent is mainly for indoor settings, it can be used in the great outdoors, as well. When the tent is not being used, it can be folded and stored in a carry bag, which can also be used to carry the tent around for camping, for example.

What Are The Sizes of Bed Tents?

Sizes available in tent bed mattress are (L x W x H):

  1. Toddler = 53-inch x 27-inch x 35 inch
  2. Full Bunk = 78-inch x 55-inch x 39 inch
  3. Twin Bunk = 78-inch x 39-inch x 31 inch
  4. Full = 78-inch x 55-inch x 53 inch
  5. Twin = 78-inch x 39-inch x 47 inch
  6. Queen = 80-inch x 60-inch x 53 inch
  7. Twin XL = 80-inch x 39-inch x 47 inch
  8. King Size Bed Tent= 80-inch x 76-inch x 53 inch


Bed Tents come with certain features, and this buying guide in our article will list those features. In this way, you can get an idea, and make an informed decision about what kind of a bed tent you are looking for, with what features exactly, so that your hard earned money do not go to waste.


More often than not, bed tents are designed in a way that they are attached to your regular bedframe or your mattress. In order to make your bed as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it is recommended that you buy a bed tent that matches your bedframe and/or your mattress, or at least your bedsheets to get a fine finished look to it. It is an added advantage to the whole look, if the bed tent is in coordination with the color palette and the style of your whole room.


A major consideration to be made before buying a bed tent is the strapping mechanism of it. The bed tent you invest in should be built in such a way that it comes with an easy strapping system, so you can save time setting it up, without having to encounter related problems. More so, it is important that the strapping system is made up high quality so it is long lasting and is able to stay in place for a long time.

Comfort and Privacy

The ultimate goal of any tent bed or a bed tent mattress is to provide the highest level of comfort to the user. The one thing that people dislike about tent bed as per reviews is that they get too hot or too cold to sleep in. Hence, it is essential that you buy a tent bed mattress or a tent bed that is made up of good quality, and can keep the inside of the tent at an adequate, comfortable, cozy temperature. Furthermore, also keep in mind that the purchase you are making regarding your tent bed is such that it does not attract bugs of any kind, or else it will be very unhealthy, unhygienic and uncomfortable for you to stay in it.


The bed tent has to have an adequate ventilation mechanism. Whether you want to position it indoor or outdoor of the house, these beds will need proper ventilation in either case. You will sleep in a giant bag so proper ventilation system should be in place.


Installing a bed tent appears to be pretty effortless and you do not have to go through much to mount the bed tent. Simple strap-on and fastening solutions are once again highly recommended. This is especially the case if there is going to be a bed tent in your child’s or children’s room. If you do not want them to hassle you for this phase, or create more trouble for you regarding every time they want to play, sleep or take a nap in their tent bed, it should be easy and simple enough for them to install it themselves.


When it comes to the size of the tent bed, it is no brainer that the height of the bed tent should be same or at least similar to that of your bed. Anything smaller o greater in size than your bed will not be in place for a long time. If you are opting for compact bed tents, they will be smaller. Such bed tents will not have enough room inside of them. However, they are safer for you to use, other than sleeping (for adults).


Many tents are made up of plastic or polyester, in general terms. Some bed tents also come alongside waterproofing functionality. Canvas is another alternative, and it is very breathable. Therefore, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you are interested in, and what it is that you actually are in need of. In case you are thinking to setup your bed tent mattress outdoors, it is recommended that you go for a bed tent mattress that is made up of waterproof materials.

Inbuilt Floor

Another important feature when it comes to bed tents is its inbuilt flooring. There are some bed tents available in the market that come with attached floors, while others do not. You will get a more compact space with floors, so your bed will remain safe from any spills. However, if your intent to carry around your bed tent quite frequently, it is advised that you go for one without an inbuilt floor.

Storage Pockets

This is an important feature when you do not have any drawers or cabinets on your side. Your tent bed will fit you will if it comes with its own pockets. You can easily put your things in them, and have an easy access. Even if you use your tent outdoors, this function will become pretty beneficial to you.


If you do not have a lot of open space, portability of a bed tent is a major concern. Your bed tent has to be assembled very neatly and conveniently into a compact size so that you can fold it and store it when it is not being is use. Of course, if space is not an issue for you, then you can go for larger sizes as well.

BEST TENT BED-Frequently Asked Questions

If rooms lights are on, how well do bed tents block light?

Tent beds work great or blocking artificial or natural light, as the covers are made up of thick material.

Are bed tents sound proof?

No, the bed tents are not sound proof.

Can bed tents be used for travelling or camping purposes?

The bed tents can be carried along. However, they will need a bed to attach themselves to, hence cannot be used for camping, unless you are carrying a floor/air mattress with yourself as well to attach the tent.

What is the length of a Twin Bed Tent?

80 inches long and 43 inches wide.

How can bed tents be cleaned?

The inside of the tent can be vacuumed, and the exterior can be wiped with a normal towel or a paper towel.

Can one sit up straight in a bed tent?

Yes, the tent provides enough room for an adult to sit in.

How does the mattress go inside the tent, if the opening is smaller?

The bed tents are designed in a way that they are flexible, so it is easy to remove and insert a mattress in it.

How to attach bed tents to bed?

A full size mattress can either be placed inside the bed tent, or the tent itself can be placed above the mattress.

What is the difference between a twin and a twin bunk bed tent?

Twin bunk bed tent is wider in size than a twin.

Is it easy to set up a bed tent?


Are bed tents waterproof?

Tent beds are resistant to some water, and are not completely waterproof.

How can I carry a bed tent if I am travelling?

Tent beds usually come with a storage carry bag for you to store it in – makes it easy while travelling.

Do bed tents come with a frame?

No, tent beds have to be attached to an existing bed frame.

Do bed tents have a glory hole?

Yes, bed tents have a glory hole, if you want to pass through cables.

Is there a zipper on the top of the bed tent?

Tent beds have zippers on their sides, but not on the top.


To summarize all of what is written above, it is safe to assume that tents, especially bed tents are the solution for your privacy and comfort needs. If you have children who keep you running around all day, there are also play tents available in the market which can keep your children busy for a long time, once they get inside those tents. There are various tents which come with different features, but what is common in them is that they all provide next level privacy and comfort. Hence, it is highly recommended that you invest in these tents, and you will not be disappointed.

Best Bed Tents For Kids & Privacy in 2020

The article describes what Bed Tents are? what are the best tents for kids & Privacy?Their Buying Guide, FAQs and comparasion regarding the beds tents.


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