Top 10 Best Feather Pillows In 2020

What are Feather Pillows?

We have all grown up watching people in cartoons, movies and TV shows having a pillow fight, and ending up in a lot of soft feathers as a result, and a question has always risen in our minds that what are these feather pillows made up of. Hopefully, by the end of reading this article, most of your childhood questions will be answered. Getting back to answer the main question, feather pillows, as the name suggests, are pillows filled with feathers. But where do these feathers come from? The feather filled pillows are made up of materials that are taken from wings of birds, or the back of animals. More often than not, feather filled pillows are mixed with other materials to make the pillows softer. The rationale behind mixing other material with feather is that pure feather pillows are quite slim and sleek in height, which puts them at the risk of flattening sooner than expected. As most of us know, feathers have quills attached to them, so with the passage of time, those quills may poke throw your feather filled cushion, or feather filled pillow, hence destroying them. However, this issue can be catered by using a protector or a thick feather pillow case to protect not only the pillow but also the user of the feather cushion or feather pillow.


1. Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillows
2. Continental Bedding LUXURY FEATHER PILLOW
3. L LOVSOUL Feather Bed Pillows
4. WENERSI Best Feather Pillow
5. Downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow
6. 100% Cotton Down Plllow
7. AIKOFUL White Goose Down Bed Pillow
8. Homelike Moment Feather Pillows for sleeping
9. PEACE NEST Feather Pillows
10. JA COMFORTS Duck Feather and Down Bed Pillows


Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather PillowsDry clean4.2/5
Continental Bedding Luxury Feather PillowDry Clean4.2/5
L LOVSOUL Goose Down and Feather PillowDry Clean4.1/5
WENERSI Feather PillowDry Clean4.2/5
Downluxe Goose Feather Down PillowMachine Wash4.2/5
Down & Feather Co. 100% Cotton PillowN/A4.2/5
AIKOFUL White Goose Down Bed PillowN/A4.2/5
Homelike Moment Feather Pillows for SleepingMachine Wash4.3/5
PEACE NEST Feather PillowsMachine Wash4.1/5
JA COMFORTS Duck Feather and Down Bed PillowsMachine Wash4.3/5

Top 10 Best Cheap Feather Pillows – Reviews


1. pure goose down pillows

best feather pillows

The shells of Puredown Natural king size goose down pillows are made up of 100% pure cotton, consists of 95% grey goose stuffing and 5% grey goose down. These pillows are of top quality as they consist of 95% grey goose stuffing and 5% grey goose down, and is the perfect option for people looking for a medium to premium quality down pillow to support their neck, and to relieve neck pain. These down pillows are not only known to curb neck pain, but also suit best to people who are suffering from pain in their shoulders. These down pillows are recyclable and are friendly to the environment. Puredown natural goose down feather pillow come in a set of two, are thick, yet highly comfortable at the same time. The dimensions of the down pillow are 18 x 34 x 2 inches and to ensure efficiency, the down pillows come in a vacuum pack, which is further rolled in a PE bag. It is recommended that while taking the down pillows out of their packaging the first time, the pillow must be patted in order for it to go to its original shape, and it should be given a few hours for optimum results. Moreover, the manufacturers recommend that the down pillows should be dried in the sun for two to three hours frequently if the user wishes to make their pillows work for a long time. The stuffing used inside these down pillows is selected by experts which is then carefully cleaned. The down and feather chosen to make these pillows is hence light in weight and do not release any foul smells or odours. Lastly, the producers of these down pillows promise that they follow the Responsible Down Standard and are certified by OXIPOWER, TWICE AS NICE.


2. Continental Bedding Luxury Pillow Feather


The continental bedding luxury feather pillow consists of 100% Egyptian cotton (400 thread count), and is made in the USA. The feather pillow’s stuffing is of premium quality which comprises of 100% white goose down. There are different variants of continental bedding luxury feather pillow available in the market, including firm and soft mainly but also available in different sizes like King, Queen and Standard. Moreover, these feather pillows have 550 fill power of white goose, which help the user in getting a comfortable good night’s sleep. Because of the large size of the pillow, these feather pillows work best for people who sleep on their stomach. Fortunately, the continental bedding firm feather pillow is made up of hypoallergenic material, which means it can be used by people who are sensitive to various materials without the fear of having to trigger an allergic reaction. Since they are high-quality feather pillows, they last for a long time. The feather pillows can be fluffed in the dryer to catalyze a faster fluff process.


3. L LOVSOUL Best Feather Bed Pillows


The L LOVSOUL feather bed pillow is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton. The Queen size available in this feather pillow has the dimensions 20 x 8 inches. The best part about this product is that the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty of the pillow; if the customer is not completely satisfied with the quality of the pillow, he or she can return the pillow back and get full payment without any trouble from the supplier’s side. The feather pillow has a three-chamber design which gives the user of this pillow the ultimate comfort. The outer chamber is made up of 100% goose down, and the inner chamber has a filling of 90% goose feather and 10% goose down. The manufacturers of this feather pillow recommend that in case your pillow gets dirty and needs to be washed, it should be dry cleaned. However, if you want your feather pillow to be long-lasting and durable, then you should avoid bleaching and ironing it. In addition, the manufacturers of L LOVSOUL Feather Bed Pillows claim that their feather pillow suits all kind of sleepers; be it side sleepers, back sleepers or people who sleep on their stomachs. Lastly, what makes this feather pillow the best of its kind in that it is made up of breathable, soft fabric and is made up of a unique design with dense alignment.



4.  WENERSI Best Feather Pillow

down pillows

WENERSI feather pillows are available in multiple sizes and are made up of 100% cotton. These feather pillows come in a pack of two and comprise 85% goose feather and 15% white goose down. The feathers are carefully extracted in such a way that no crunch feathers make it to the pillow filling. The shell of this feather pillow is of medium density with a distinctive silver piped edge. This silver pipe is completely handmade, which makes it a high-quality product. The two pillows that come in the package are vacuum sealed. Upon receiving the pillows, the manufacturers suggest that the customer pats them gently and air dries them for several hours so the feather pillows can attain their original shape. The feather filled pillow is perfect for people with various pains in their necks and shoulders. It ensures a comfortable sleep at night and can be used by stomach sleepers, side sleepers, as well as back sleepers. Last but not least, these down pillows offer different filling levels, as desired by the customer.


5. Downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow


Downluxe Goose Down pillow is made up of pure, 100 pc cotton. There are two sizes available in this pillow, and the filling inside these feather pillows is of high quality. The feather filled pillows come in a set of two in one pack. The stitching of these feather filled pillow is neat with reinforced seams. Manufacturers of Downluxe Goose Feather Down pillow claim that their feather filled pillows are best for people who sleep on their stomachs, back, and side. The goose feather pillows are extremely soft and comfortable to touch with jacquard quality, and they come with a pure cotton cover. The design of the goose feather pillow is such that it is finished with a fancy decorative piped edge which makes it aesthetically pleasing. The unique double-layered fabric design of the feather filled pillow is to avoid poking by the feather quills. Upon ordering the goose feather pillows, they are shipped and delivered at your doorstep in a compressed packaging. After receiving them, the customer is advised to pat the feather pillow gently, and sundry them for a good amount of hours so the feather pillow can achieve its original shape and optimum softness. Last but not least, the goose feather pillows are very easy to take care of. When the user finds that the pillows have gotten dirty and they need to be cleaned, they can easily put them in the washing machine and wash it with cold water with a gentle cycle. Later on, they can either be sundried or tumble dry on low when deemed necessary by the customer.


6. Down & Feather Pillow


The Down & Feather Co. 10 pc cotton pillow is a standard-sized feather filled pillow with 18 oz. of top-notch quality. In the making of this feather pillow, hungarian goose down bedding is used which is wrapped in an old fashioned 220 thread count of blue and white striped. The shell of the pillow is made up of pure cotton, and it is sealed using original knife edge stitching. The pillow is an all feather pillow. The manufacturers of Down and Feather Co. 10 pc cotton pillow claim that it can be used by all kinds of sleepers, i.e. people who sleep on their backs, people who sleep on their stomachs and people who sleep on their sides.

When the pillow with correct density is chosen, it helps keep your spine as straight as possible when lying on your side. Ultimately, the end result is the user of this feather pillow ends up with a comfortable good night’s sleep, and feels well-rested. The original feather pillow can be mashed, folded and shaped into the size of what the customer wants. It provides perfect support whenever the user needs it. Furthermore, the pillow is made up of hypoallergenic materials, and it is made in the USA. Lastly, the manufacturers offer an exclusive perfect pillow policy which means your feather pillow can be adjusted for one year, starting from the date of purchase, completely out of cost. The company also provides a 30-night comfort guarantee and a ten year guarantee of the product.


7. AIKOFUL white goose down pillows


The AIKOFUL White Goose Down Bed pillow is available in two different sizes, i.e. King size and Queen size. The feather pillow has an 85% filling of white goose feather and 15% filling of white goose down. The pillow, as reviewed by the customers, wraps your head and neck around gently while sleeping. Secondly, the feel of the feather filled pillow is quite soft and comfortable, which is due to the light and soft down clusters and feathers of the birds used in making this feather filled pillow. As there are two sizes available in this pillow, there are also two different loft levels that they meet the need of the customers. The cotton used in the feather pillow is extremely soft and breathable, which is treated with certificated Ultra-Fresh protection, as it makes the feather filled pillow healthier to use at home. The fine needle stitching of the pillow enhances durability, and the grey piping attached to the pillow gives the feather filled pillow a beautiful pillow, and it also prevents down and a feather from shredding. Lastly, the feather pillow comes in a set of two in vacuum packing, and 30-day money-back guarantee is offered upon purchase.


8. Homelike Moment Feather Pillows for Sleeping


The Homelike Moment Feather Pillow is made up of 100 pc hypoallergenic materials. It consists of a pure cotton cover and has a feather down filling. The feather filled pillow is made in the United States of America. The down pillows standards are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificated, which is tested for any harmful substances or toxins. The inner chamber of the down feather filled pillows has a filling of 95 pc feather and five pc down for increased softness and support offered by the pillow. The outer chamber of the bed pillows has a standard filling of down like microfiber to avoid prick feel of feathers. The shell of the standard feather pillow is made up of 100 pc cotton, and it is double layered so as to keep the pillow down proof and resistant to allergies. The feather filled pillow is very comfortable to use and provides utmost support to the user. The feather pillow comes in a set of two with the perfect combination of comfort and softness. The real feather pillow is best suited for people who sleep on their side as well as for people who sleep on their backs. A total of three sizes are available in the market for this feather pillow, i.e. standard, queen and king. There is also a satisfaction guarantee provided upon the purchase of the feather pillow. The company accepts returns if the customer is not happy with their purchase. The best thing about this pillow is that when it gets dirty, the customer can wash it in a washing machine easily. Moreover, if the customer feels that the feather pillow has flattened, all they have to do it pop their pillow in the dryer for approximately three minutes and they will be fluffy again.

BEST king size feather pillows

9. PEACE NEST Feather Pillows


The PeaceKING FEATHER PILLOWS Nest Feather Pillow is available in King size only. The outer shell of the pillow is comprised of 100 pc pure cotton cover. It comes in a set of two and is vacuum packed. Customer is suggested that after taking out the pillow from the vacuum seal, he or she give the pillow a gentle tap and let it air dry for a few hours, so the feather takes its original shape, and fluffiness. The filling is 49oz and is perfect for people who sleep on their back and side. There is also no live-plucking involved in the filling process of the feather filled pillow, and it has been certified by RDS. Moreover, the design is a delicate dark blue satin edging the feather pillow. It is made up of high-quality materials which makes the feather pillow cosy and breathable, giving its user the highest level of comfort, ensuring their perfect sleep at night. The peace nest feather pillow can be washed in a washing machine, whenever deemed dirty by the customer. The pillow can be fluffed manually (customers are recommended to do this frequently) and can be put in the dryer for two to three minutes, as well.


10. JA Comforts Duck Feathered Pillows


The JA Comforts Duck Feather and Down Bed pillow go through a high-quality process to produce a top of the market product in the market of feather filled pillows. The double line technology can prevent the feather from running out of the fabric, making it more comfortable and giving a better down-proof effect The 3 cm 10 needle is far more than the international standard of 3 cm 10 needles, which ensures more comfort. Moving on, the filling inside the feather filled pillow is also of A-one quality as it consists of 95% grey duck feather and 5% grey duck down. The filler or the feathers used to make the filling of this pillow is captured naturally. The feathers of the duck have the capacity to absorb moisture; it makes the pillow more breathable and fluffy, protects cervical vertebra, hence improves the overall sleeping experience of the user. The pillow is appropriate to be used in all four seasons, i.e. summers, winters, autumn and spring. The fabric used in this pillow is also a high-quality fabric. The down feather pillows have four layers of advanced fabric technology, and out of those four, two layers of fabric, which are in close contact with the skin, are made up of 100 pc cotton. Inside the two layers are 100 pc polyester fabrics, which are down proof. These four layers of fabric used in this feather filled pillow avoid tingling sensation. In addition, it is advised that when you take the feather pillow out of the vacuum seal for the first time, you can clap your feather pillow with your hand to make it quickly return to the original shape, and wait 30 minutes for better results. Then, when the pillow appears concave, the same method as before is to be repeated. It is also suggested that the customers give the feather filled pillows 2-3 hours of sunbathing regularly, for healthier use. The exciting part of purchasing this feather pillow or down pillow is that it supports machine washing, drying, and is reversible, which will help you save more and more money and time. Lastly, the company manufacturing these feather pillows give their customers a 30-day trial period, and if the user is not satisfied with what they have bought, the pillow can be returned back to the seller with a full refund without any hassle.

Are Feather Pillows Good for Your Neck?

People who go through neck pains are especially particular about the kind of pillow they want to purchase so that it does not aggravate the pain they experience, if not relieve it. According to a piece of advice from a physician in 2020, the reason for your neck pain is not only the posture you sleep in but also the kind of pillow you are using while you are sleeping. Having said that, the physician has recommended that feather filled pillows are great for relieving neck pain, as they are soft feather pillows, and hence provide great comfort to the head. Therefore, if you are looking for a feather filled pillow, but are afraid that it might not be a good choice for your neck, you have nothing to worry about, as the physicians recommend it for relieving pain in the neck while sleeping.

Sizes of Feather Pillows

Before making a purchase, especially if it is regarding your pillow, mattress or bed, it can be quite stressful as there are a range of options available, which may lead the potential customer to a lot of confusion. Fortunately, as daunting as it may sound, there is a method to measure the size of the pillows that you want, according to your personal preferences, so that you can be accommodated to the best of the seller’s ability. The comfort provided by the pillows majorly depends upon its size as filling of the pillow is a major factor when it comes to softness and comfort. Feather pillows also vary to fit different sized beds and pillow covers. All of this may seem that the process to choose the perfect feather filled pillow may be very complicated, difficult and complex. However, this is not the case, and there are only a few things that a person needs to consider before investing in their feather filled pillows:

  1. Know your bed pillow sizes in order to create a comfortable sleeping space for you. Feather pillows are available in many sizes, so they can match the size of your bed. The most common sizes of feather pillows are:
  • Standard feather pillow = 20 x 26 inches
  • Queen feather pillow = 20 x 28 inches
  • King feather pillow = 20 x 36 inches


  1. It is essential that the feather pillow you are purchasing is aligned with the size of the bed you already own. It might sound pretty straight forward that it only makes sense to buy a king pillow for a king bed but in fact you can use any or all sized of feather pillows on a king sized bed. There are plenty of feather pillow size combinations that you can choose from, to get more creative with your bed setting. For example, for a twin sized bed, you can get one standard and one queen sized feather filled pillow and so on and so forth.


  1. The sizes of pillow cases available is also an important consideration. There are two sizes of pillow cases i.e. standard and king. Standard sized pillow case is suitable for standard and queen sized feather filled pillows, and king sized pillow case is best for king sized feather pillows. The size range of these two pillow cases is as follows:
  • Standard Pillow Case Size Range = 20-21 inches (Length), 30-32 inches (Width)
  • King Pillow Case Size Range = 20-21 inches (Length), 36-41 inches (Width)


  1. Conformance should be considered for better comfort. Most of the time, people who sleep on their side or on their stomach, tend to squish and mold their pillow in such a way that it gets soft around their head. For such sleepers, queen and king sized feather filled pillows are the perfect choice. On the other hand, some people use their feather pillows to block light and noises and for those the best option is to go for a smaller size i.e. a standard sized feather filled pillow.


  1. Other sizes of the feather pillows can be mixed together to get ultimate comfort from feather pillows. Standard feather pillows are best for sleeping and are recommended the most by experts. It is a less expensive option and a more comfortable one. Queen sized feather pillows are a good option for people who toss and turn a lot while sleeping, giving them more room for their head to move around. King sized feather pillows work excellent on king sized beds and for sleepers who also move around a lot at night while sleeping. These pillows are also great for providing back support, reading or working on a laptop in bed.

Difference Between Down vs. Feather Pillows

Down pillows and feather pillows are the two terms that are almost always used together; hence people may think that they can be used interchangeably, as they might have the same meaning. However, that is not the case. Down pillows, and feather filled pillows are actually pretty different from one another. Not only the materials used in both these pillows ae different (they come from different parts of the animal), but the structure of building down pillows and feather pillows is also different. The article will discuss the differences between feather filled pillows and down pillows in terms of a few factors, but if we have to summarize it then in short down pillows comprise of quill-less feather bunches of the chest and underbelly of geese and ducks, On the other hand, feather filled cushions are made up of soft, quill containing feathers from the wings and backs of the birds. Both the cushions, feather filled and down, are different from each other in the following manner:

Fill Power

The term “fill power” is associated with the amount of fluffiness and or height of the pillow. This measurement is only applicable to down pillows, and they can have a maximum fill power number of 850. Down pillows with 850 are the highest quality of down pillows, available in the market.


In terms of softness, the material used in down pillows makes them the softest, and the pillow is expected to compress when weight is put on it. This extra softness of the down pillow makes them quite light and airy. On the other hand, when it comes to feather pillows, they are not as soft as down pillows since the feathers used in them contain quills. Some feather filled pillows have more filling of feathers in them than others, so they can still be considered soft and fluffy, but they may require fluffing during the night or in the morning by the user.


The structure of down pillows is clustered in the sense of the feathers taken from birds. Finest material is taken from birds which are older in age and which reside in a colder climate, which makes the structure of the down pillow more softer and flexible than clusters which are taken from younger birds residing in warmer climates. Due to this structure, down pillows also compress more than pillows which have a feather filling inside them.




Feather filled pillows have a longer durability than synthetic pillows, as they tend to stay in almost perfect condition for at least ten years.


Feather filled pillows weigh very less, which means that they easily be carried around for travel purposes without adding extra weight in the luggage.


Taking care of feather pillows is quite easy, and hassle free. They can be either dry cleaned, or washed in a washing machine. (Carefully read instructions for washing process though)

Best For Stomach Sleepers

Pillows that have a feather filling are normally extremely soft and they easily take the shape of the user’s neck and head. This characteristic of the feather pillows makes them perfect for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.



  • Many people have reported that they have allergies from feather and down pillows caused be the kind of material used for the filling, which causes them trouble while sleeping. If you have this allergy, consider buying a hypoallergenic cover along with the feather filled pillow to get a good night’s sleep.
  • In comparison to synthetic pillow, feather filled pillows can be a little heavy on the pocket. On the other hand, they do last for a long time, so maybe investing in feather filled pillow is not all bad.
  • Some customers of feather filled pillows have reported that feather filled pillows have a stinky odor in them. This faint smell may be caused by chemical processing used which is used to sanitize the feather pillows or even to sanitize the feathers
  • When feather pillows are squeezed, some people have noticed that the hard parts of the feather can be felt. Sometimes, these quills of the feather can also poke through the casing of the pillow, provided that the feather pillows are made up of low quality.

Three Enemies of Feather Pillows & Down Pillow

Just like any other product, feather filled pillows to tend to wear out after a while of using them. Some of the major reasons why feather filled pillows wear out are:


Making sure that your feather filled pillow stays away from moisture should be the customer’s number one priority, if they want their pillow to be durable. Feather filled pillows cannot get wet, or else they will start wearing out. Therefore, in case your feather pillow needs cleaning, it is safe that they are taken to dry cleaners. Moreover, the user should protect it from water or any liquids that may harm the pillow. If the customer has taken a shower before going to bed, then they need to ensure that their hair is not wet. If they are, then it is highly recommended that they wrap their head in a towel or a scarf to avoid getting their feather pillow wet.


It is not just water or moisture of any kind, but oil can also damage your feather pillow. This oil can be from your skin or any facial products that are being used, which can cause damage to your bedding. Whenever it is possible, the user of feather filled pillow is advised that they do not moisturize themselves before going to bed, or before using the feather pillow at any time of the day. With the passage of time, oils from your skin or beauty products can cause the surface of your feather filled pillow to turn yellow, and cause it to release unpleasant smells.


Since the feathers inside feather filled pillows come from natural sources, they are prone to breaking down over time, which is highly unlikely in the case of memory foam pillows. Hence, in order to ensure that your feather filled pillow retains its shape, it is recommended that high-quality feather pillows are bought which can retain their shape and can be used for ten to twenty years. Another way of making sure your feather filled pillow does not lose its shape is by frequent fluffing of them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are feather filled pillows good for neck pain?

Yes, feather filled pillows can help relieve neck pain and are also recommended by qualified physicians.

Can feather filled pillows be used by patients who suffer from asthma?

Asthma patients worry that feather-filled pillows may not be good for them, or might trigger some allergies, especially if the person is sensitive to ducks and geese. However, they do not need to worry about these as the parts of birds used in the manufacture of feather filled pillows is not responsible for causing allergies. What does cause allergies though in the dust mites inside the cushions, and to have protection from them, people can use dust mite-proof protector, to stay healthy throughout your sleep and otherwise?

Are feather filled cushions good for side sleepers?

Pillows with high feather filling are good for side sleepers.


Sleeping is an important part of the day for any individual, and it is essential that after a long day, you get to sleep on a comfortable surface. People often shy away from buying feather filled pillows, but as we have seen, these pillows are worth the price tag as they relieve pains in the neck, back and shoulders, and are also very soft and made up of high quality. Therefore, it is advised that you invest in these pillows if you are looking forward to a cosy and comfortable sleep at night.

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