We often find ourselves stuck in a problem when there are guests coming over, but you do not have enough rooms, or beds to accommodate them at your place. In situations like these, floor mattress are the best problem to tackle the problem gracefully. As the name suggests, floor mattresses are mattresses which do not require a bed structure for it to be usable. These mattresses are easy to carry, hence portable, foldable, and after purchasing them, you do not have to go through a financial crisis. The mentioned features, therefore, make floor mattresses a perfect alternative for guest bedrooms.

List of 12 Best Floor Beds for 2020

1. Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress
2. Milliard Floor Mat/ Sofa bed
3. Best Price Tri-floor Mattress
4. Milliard 6 inch Floor Mattresses
5. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Floor Mattress
6. Simmons BeautySleep Floor Mat
7. Cushy Foam Floor Mat
8. LUCID 4 Inch Floor Mattress
9. Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Floor Mattress
10. Olee Sleep 4 Inch Floor Mattress
11. Best Choice Products Floor Mattress
12. Merax Floor Sofa Bed
What are Best Floor Mattress?
Why use Floor Mattresses?
Types of Floor Mattresses


Top 12 best FLOOR mattress for sleeping

1. Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress

floor sleeping mat

Why is a Better Habitat Floor Mattress?

The topper of this memory mattress is filled with high density 4 inch foam that molds your body and provides ultimate comfort and gives relaxation to your body throughout the night.

Setting Up the Better Habitat Floor Mattress

This mattress is easy to setup with tri-fold design with 2 handles which is suitable to carry on your surprise family visit, camping and other activities, also Best Product offer a Free Carry case to its users. With the washable cover and dry friendly enhance its life, as other this mattress also certified from CertiPUR-US which is safe for you and your family


This mattress is available in 3 sizes twin(75 x 39 x 4 inches), full(75 x 54 x 4 inches), queen(80 x 60 x 4 inches), which comes up in tri-fold design that can be used as a floor sofa. It is easy foldable, can be used as a guest bed, outdoor activities and compact storage.


  • High density foam
  • Free carry case bag
  • Tri-fold design
  • Can be use as a guest bed or sofa
  • Dryer friendly cover


  • Some user claim after few months it started molding.

2. Milliard Floor Bed

japanese floor mattress

What is a Milliard Floor Sofa Bed?

Milliard Floor Mat/Sofa Beds are a portable bed, or sofa come beds which can be folded, hence can be carried around anywhere. These mattresses are best suited for college students residing on campus residence, travelling, vacation etc. The mattress is suitable to be placed in different rooms of the house i.e. TV room, gaming room, bedroom. The size available for Milliard Floor Mat/Sofa Bed is Twin XL.

Why Milliard Floor Mat?

The Milliard Floor Mats or Sofa Beds come in a simple style, and can be used when a normal sized bed is not available. They do not take up much space, and do not compromise of the comfort level, either. Video gamers have reported to have said that these sofa beds are best for playing video games on TV or your computer, and they can not only have sleeping or camping purposes. Furthermore, they also provide a comfortable space if you are not in a mood to do anything but to just cozy up and read a book. The milliard floor mat is made up of high density foam, to ensure that your sofa bed does not slump. The high density foam used in the making of this floor mat also makes it portable and light, therefore it can be used for travelling easily. It also comes with a removable, easy to wash cover. The mattress is certified by the CertiPUR-US.

Dimensions of the Milliard Floor Mat/Sofa Bed:

The Milliard Floor Mat comes in a Twin XL size and has the dimensions 78 inches’ x 38 inches’ x 4 inches (L x W x H). It can be folded, however, so it becomes easy to place and store the mattresses and small places, or in rooms or cupboards where space is an issue.


  • Dual function
  • Most Durable
  • So Comfy
  • Best for video games


  • Some user claims about his thickness

Best floor bed for adults

3. Best Price twin floor bed

mattress floor

What is Tri-Floor Mattress?

The Best Price Tri-Floor Memory Foam Mattress is made of a thick layer of memory foam with a decent look and very light weight.  It is extremely portable and versatile.

Why Best Price?

This mattress has two layers of foam. The top layer is 1.5-inch memory foam, whereas, the bottom layer is a 2.5-inch high-density foam. The combination of these two layers make the mattress sturdy and gives you a restful sleeping experience.

The Best Price Mattress Tri fold foldable mattress has a Poly-Jacquard cover with an anti-slip bottom and zippers attached.  The zippered cover is spot clean. The top layer of 1.5-inch memory foam and the bottom layer of a 2.5-inch high-density foam combines to form a 4-inches thick mattress.  This feature makes the Best Price Mattress Tri-fold foldable mattress ideal for kids and adults with heavy weight.


This foldable mattress is available in only one size (narrower than Twin size). The mattress measures 75 x 33 x 4 inches (length x width x height) when laid on the floor and 25 x 33 x 12 inches (length x width x height) when folded.


The Best Price Mattress Tri floor mattress offers a perfect blend of luxury and portability. This mattress weighs 12 pounds only.  The mattress comes with an Oxford carry bag that offers great convenience to store the mattress and to carry it around.


  • Poly-Jacquard removable cover with zippers
  • Top layer of memory foam
  • Anti-Slip bottom
  • Light weight


  • Available in Twin size only
  • Cannot be washed in machine

4. Milliard 6 inch Twin Floor Mattress

floor mattresses

  • What is Milliard 6 inch Floor Mattress?

This foldable mattress is Milliard’s top rated floor mattress available in the market. The Milliard Tri-fold Floor Mattress is made of pure high-density memory foam that ensures optimal comfort for sleeping.  This mattress is specially designed to keep you cool throughout the night. This is a feature that many mattresses lack, and it really sets the Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Tri Floor Mattress apart from other folding sleeping mattresses. Overall, the Milliard Tri-fold  mattress is a complete package of comfort, durability, and portability to outshine other  mattresses available in the market.

  • Why is Milliard 6 inch Floor Mattresses?

This floor mattress has a 4.5-inch internal layer of high-density polyurethane foam with 1.5 inches of pure memory foam on the top for an incredible sleeping experience. It gives firm support to heavy weight, making it the ideal choice for bulky users. This foam is CertiPUR-US certified which guarantees that it is safe for human health.

The Milliard 6 Inch Floor Memory Foam Mattress comes with a removable jacquard bamboo cover so, it can be washed when needed. The bamboo cover has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which makes it a great option for people sensitive to allergies. This odorless sleeping mattress cover ensures clean and chemical-free air.

  • Dimensions

Milliard 6 Inch Tri Floor mattresses is available in three sizes: Twin, Full and Queen Size. However, these sizes are slightly different from the standard sizes available in the market.

  • Their Twin-size measures 78x38x6 inches (length x width x height)
  • Their Full-size measures 73x52x6 inches (length x width x height)
  • Their Queen-size measures 78x58x6 inches (length x width x height)


The Milliard 6-inch tri-folding memory foam mattress is Ideal for use in different environments.  You can not only use them in your bedroom, but also on your short trips or picnics. Moreover, it is comfortable to assure a good night sleep.


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Robust layer of memory foam top on polyurethane foam base with air inlets between them
  • Removable and washable jacquard bamboo cover
  • Can be used as an ottoman
  • Free of heavy metals
  • No ozone depleters or fire retardants used
  • Tested for low VOC (Volatile Chemical Compounds) emissions, formaldehyde, and prohibited phthalates
  • Folds and unfolds quickly


  • Weighing 27.5 pounds; heavier than other counterparts
  • Needs rotating occasionally
  • Doesn’t wear down evenly

 5. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Floor Mattress


What is Cozzi Foam Mattress?

If you expect a guest at your place, or looking for a new best floor bed for your sleepover, this Cozzzi Trifold Foam mattress is perfect for you. The mattress is made from high-density foam that gives you firm support and extremely comfortable sleeping experience. When not being used for sleep, you can easily fold it into a couch position, keep it into your closet or squeeze it into your car for road trips.  This mattress is ideal for using as a spare bed, an exercise mat, or a playing mat for children.

Why Cozzi Floor Mattress

Cozzzi puts in efforts to manufacture this mattress which uses high-density foam. The foam give you all-around support on every dimension. The mattress offers therapeutic benefits to those who are experiencing any muscle aches. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Folding mattress comes with dark grey zippered cover which can be removed and washed in washing machine easily.  It is dryer safe as well. The upper side and underside of the cover are made of different materials. The underside of the cover is a slightly thicker material. It comes with a 4 inch thick foam. 


This folding bed is only available in three sizes: 75 x 25 inches, 75 x 31 inches, 75 x 39 inches.


This floor mattress gives you great convenience when you need a yoga mat, a play mat, or a preschool nap mat.  This is lightweight and portable, hence easy to transport. It weighs 10 pounds only. It easily fits into congested spaces and conveniently folds into different styles to fit like a chair or a couch into a tent.


  • High-density foam
  • Weighs 10 pounds only
  • Can be made as a chair or a couch
  • Removable cover
  • Versatile


  • Dark grey cover cannot be bleached
  • Limited sizes
  • The material on the underside of the cover fray after only a few uses

6. Simmons Beauty floor sleeping mat


What is Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat?

Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat is a light in weight mattress which can be folded and/or rolled up, hence can be carried around anywhere. These mattresses are best suited for when guests come over, and you do not have enough space to accommodate them. The mattress can be placed anywhere; your TV lounge, bedroom, guest room etc. They come in 3-inches single size folding.

Size and Dimensions of Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat:

The available sizes of Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat are single sized, and the dimensions are 75-inch x 31 inch (L x W). When folded, it can be rolled up to a 12-inch diameter. It is a great space saver and is used as an alternative to traditional cots, foldaway beds and futons, which in comparison takes away more space, therefore becomes problematic when space is an issue in the customer’s house.

Why Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat?

The Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat is a lightweight mattress, as discussed above, and can provide a comfortable surface for sleeping, or a lounging solution, as it can provide an extra seating in the living room. It consists of a thick plush memory foam (3 inches thick), which is comprises of both memory foam and comfort foam. When the Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat is not being used, it can be rolled up, so it makes it convenient to carry around, travel, without getting into much trouble. The mattress also includes a removable cover, which is easy to wash in the washing machine. Moreover, it comes with a carry bag one arm strap. Best use of Simmons Beauty Sleep Floor Mat is for camping, college students’ dorm rooms, guest beds, as well as mattress toppers.


  • Lightweight
  • Best for camping, sleepovers, dorm rooms
  • 3 inch plush memory foam
  • Ultra-plush removable ,washable cover


  • Some user claims it is not 3 inch memory foam

7. Cushy Foam Floor Mattress

mat floor

What is a Cushy Foam Floor Mattress?

A Cushy Foam Floor Mattress is a floor mattress which can be folded three times, making it compact. It ensures comfort to a great extent, and is an alternative of air mattresses. The Cushy Foam Mattress is also flexible in design. It can easily be folded and unfolded, and is perfect for travelling, camping, guest bed, makeshift sofa seat – the cushy foam mattress can be adjusted to your desired need anytime, anywhere.

Why a Cushy Foam Floor Mattress?

The Cushy Foam Floor Mattress is made up of first class materials; a firm cushion padding makes sure one can sleep with comfort at night, the plush and breathable quality of the mattress is therapeutic to the user, as it provides major support for your back and neck. Moreover, the mattress comes with a removable, good quality cover, which makes it easy to clean, so hygiene is not an issue with this floor mattress. The Cushy Foam Mattress also comes along with a carry and storage bag, completely free for the customer. It helps in storing the floor mattress with ease, as it can be folded and placed in the carry bag. With easy storing, the mattress can be carried anywhere and used for travelling, camping, gym etc.

Final Verdict of the Cushy Foam Mattress:

The Cushy Foam Mattresses provides a good value for money, and it is extremely unlikely, that the user will not be satisfied with their purchase. It is not only made for personal use, but can also be used as a gift for Mother’s Day, Labor Day, Christmas etc. The dimensions of the Cushy Foam Mattresses are 75-inch x 31-inch x 4 inch (L x W x H).


  • Easy to clean
  • Free Carry & storage bag
  • Alternative to air mattress
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • User’s claiming about batting on the outside

8. LUCID 4 Inch Floor Mattress

guest mattress

If you are looking for a two-in-one mattress that is both unique and versatile, then  lucid memory foam mattress is a great option for you. The LUCID 4-inch floor mattress can be used as a comfortable sofaas well as a mattress.

Why LUCID 4 inch Floor Mattress?

You can use it as a sofa in your drawing room, add it to your small dorm room or use it as a comfortable sofa, then unfold it to make a bed to sleep on. The Lucid 4-inch mattress contains layers of supportive foam. The top layer is a 0.5-inch memory foam and the underneath layer is a 3.5-inch high-density foam. This allows the dense foam used in this foldable mattress to adjust itself as per user’s body weight.

Lucid offers mattress cover with zipper which makes it convenient to remove when needed. The cover can be washed in washing machine easily. It does not shrink after washing. The Lucid 4-inch floor mattress has a 4-inch dual -layered foam which supports your weight without sagging.


  • Queen-size measures 60” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 60” x 28” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded to make a sofa
  • Full-size measures 54” x 75” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 54” x 26.75” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded
  • Full Extra-Large size measures 54” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 54” x 28” x 12” when folded
  • Twin size measures 39” x 75” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 39” x 26.75” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded
  • Twin Extra-Large size measures 39” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 39” x 28” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded.


The Lucid 4-inch floor mattresses is highly portable because of its compact design and light weight. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.  The most convenient feature of this foldable mattress is that one panel is larger than the other two panels.  So, you can fold the smaller panels to make it a sofa any time. Its weight is just 17 pounds.


  • 4-inch mattress
  • Highly portable
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Can be converted into a sofa easily


Uncomfortable built

best Roll up Bed

9. Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Floor Mattress

Leewadee Roll Up Floor Mattress is a floor mattress from culture of Thailand. It can not only be used as a guest bed, but can also serve the purpose of a floor mat, or more commonly a yoga mat. It is made up of organic material, hence it is all natural, and friendly to the environment.

Specifications of Leewadee Roll Up Floor Mattress:

The Thai floor mattresses do not compromise on comfort. Due to the use of organic plants in their design, the mattresses are breathable and steady. They can be used as an extra seating arrangement in the TV lounge, as a guest bed, used for reading, watching TV, for camping, and to perform yoga on. The Leewadee Roll Up Thai Floor Mattress can be rolled easily, and transported to your favorite destination. The plant used in Asian floor pillows, as well as Leewadee Thai Floor mattress is made up of untreated kapok, which is a fiber of plant extracted from the fruits grown on tropical trees. The mattresses have a firm, but a comfortable padding material infused in them. The size of this roll out mattress is 79 inches’ x 30 inches’ x 2 inches (L x W x H), and the primary material used in the making is kapok.


The Leewadee futon is made up of exceptional quality. It is resilient and can be used for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a Thai design cover of high quality. These beds are prepared faster than air beds and are more pleasing to the eye than a roll away bed. These mattresses are handmade, ensuring responsibility and sustainability to a local Thai project.

10. Olee Sleep 4 Inch Floor Mattress

If we talk about mattresses which are durable, comfortable, portable, elegance removable cover and fall within your budget then Olee Sleep Tri Floor mattress will not be a bad choice for you.

Why Olee Sleep Mattress?

Olee Sleep with the combination of high density Memory foam that offers supportive soothing experience to its users. The foam is equipped with durable and compact 4 inches that keeps your body relax, comfortable and no pain in back or neck when you sleep on it.

Olee Sleep mattress comes in royal blue & grey color with 100% polyester removable cover which gives you extra protection and always remains neat & clean. Olee sleep tri-folding memory mattress available in 4 inch thickness with 1.5 inch dura i-gel plus 2.5 dura had support foam.

The folding feature makes it handy for your outdoor activities, camping, surprise guests visits and easy to storage in low space area. This mattress is certified from CertaPUR-US which gives you confidence that it will be hassle free from non-toxic chemical, materials.


This folding floor mattress only available in one size : 75 x 25 x 4 inches.


  • Ideal for sleepovers, visitors, camping, picnic
  • Cover can be removed for laundering
  • Available in (blue, grey) colors
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Affordable for everyone


  • Not best for heavy people
  • Thickness may not enough for some sleepers

Cheap Floor mattress

11. Best Choice Products Floor Mattress

Best Choice Products Floor Mattress is a portable mattress which can be folded, hence can be carried around anywhere. These mattresses are best suited for when guests come over, and you do not have enough space to accommodate them. The mattress can be placed anywhere; your TV lounge, bedroom, guest room etc. They come in 3-inches Queen size tri-folding, as well as in 4-inches thick folding, in full size.

Why Best Choice Floor Mattress?

First of all, Best Choice Products Floor Mattress are very comfortable, and can be used for a long time, meaning they are long-lasting, and resilient. They are made up of super comfortable gel infused and high density memory form. Moreover, along with a mattress, a cover comes along which is removable and can be washed in a washing machine, making it easy to clean. Secondly, the mattress comes in a flexible design, which makes it suitable as a guest bed, camping bed, or just as an extra sitting arrangement for a movie night at home, for example. Thirdly, the mattress is portable, as written above, and you can carry it around anywhere you want. The quality of the foam used meets the standards set by the CertiPUR-US.

Setting up the Best Choice Products Floor Mattress:

It is recommended that the package in which the mattress comes is opened in an open space, which is well ventilated, so as to release any awful smell that may come along with the package. A 72-hour maximum time is best suited in order for the mattress to reach its full expansion. The mattress has generally a flat shape and has the dimensions 75 inches’ x 38 inches’ x 3 inches (L x W x H).


  • Posture support
  • Pressure relief
  • Built-in 2 handles
  • Three times folds


  • Some user claims it colapses easily

12. Merax Floor Sofa Beds

What is a Merax Floor Sofa Bed?

A Merax Floor Sofa Bed is a futon sofa bed made up of leather which can be folded. It can be positioned in a lounge setting as a bed floor mattress, a folding sofa or a floor couch. The Merax Floor Sofa Bed comes with two pillows as well.

Why go for a Merax Floor Sofa Bed?

The folding sofa bed consists of stylish and modern design. The design also includes two pillows, which further adds comfort to the floor sofa bed, and enhances relaxation experience of the customer. Comfortable surface provides an easy space for lounging, reading, mediating, playing video games, or just watching TV. The surface of the Merax Floor Sofa Bed is covered with PU leather which is highly resistant to tear. The floor bed sofa also has an internal steel structure which is filled with a high density foam. The high density foam ensures that the floor sofa bed is firm, and can be used for a long time without getting damaged. Due to the long lasting steel frame inside the floor sofa bed, the back of it can be adjusted with ease from 90 to 180 degree, from flat to upright, with five different positions. Furthermore, the floor bed sofa is light in weight, flexible, which means it can be easily transported from one place to another, as well as carried inside the house easily, to any surface; dry or wet. The sofa can be used for reading, lounging, sleeping. Lastly, the PU surface of the floor sofa bed can be cleaned easily, as it has a waterproof surface. The sofa can be joined together easily, and instructions are provided for that with the packaging.


The overall size of the floor sofa bed is 90.55-inch x 43.3 inch (L x W).


  • 2 leather pillows included
  • Back can easily be adjusted from 90 to 180 degree
  • Water proof PU surface
  • Best for Balcony window


  • Not equivalent to full size bed when laid down

What is a Floor Mattress?

Contrary to popular belief, floor mattress are not some ordinary mattresses that can be laid on the floor, whenever you please. In fact, these are mattresses that are designed in such a way that they can only be laid on the floor, and cannot fit into the frame of bed. We all have at some stage faced situations where we have guests staying over, but we do not have enough accommodation to ensure our guests’ comfortable sleep at night, during the stay. Regrettably, floors are not considered as an appealing space for sleeping. In circumstances like this, floor mattresses are your best friend. Regular mattresses can also be thrown down to sleep, but since they are not specifically designed to serve as floor mattresses, there are high chances that they will not be as comfortable as floor mattresses. Moreover, regular mattresses are made to be used on beds, hence when used as an alternative for floor mattresses, it can cause mold and mildew to grow on the side of the mattress that is facing the floor, as they need to be aired on a regular basis, especially if they are made of foam.

Why use Floor Mattresses?

Floor mattresses help you provide a comfortable space for you or your guests, and do not require a large space to fit in. The issues described above of using regular mattresses as floor mattresses can be catered by using comfortable surfaces that are made to address this particular problem of a comfortable sleep. The sides of floor mattresses are made in such a way that it prevents the growth of mildew and moisture, as efficient ventilation systems are in place. This keeps your floor mattress from damaging. Furthermore, floor mattresses can be folded, stored in cupboards, closets, or even in cars while travelling.

Types of Floor Mattresses

Roll-up Mattress:

Roll up mattresses do not weigh much, so they are easy to carry around. They consist of a 3-inch-thick plush memory foam (including memory foam and comfort foam). It comes in a single size mattress, and can be rolled up to 12 inches (diameter), when it is not being used. Moreover, it also consists of a removable ultra-plush, cover that can be machine washed, and a good quality travel bag with an arm strap. This type of mattress is normally used for camping purposes, and can be used as guest beds, playrooms, dorm-rooms etc.

American Futon Mattress:

American Futon Mattresses are a type of sofa come beds, where a sofa can be unfolded to use as a guest bed. Commonly, it is made up of multiple layers of compressed material which can be organic, cotton, wool and latex. Futon mattresses mostly come in single bed sizes which are 3 inches thick, 27 inches wide and 80 inches long. The filling inside these mattresses is of cotton in white color, a fiber batting, and lastly a layer made up of foam at the center of cotton. The cover material of the mattress is made up of 100% polyester. Moreover, the colors available in this mattresses are solid such as yellow, blue, red, white, green, purple, orange etc.

japanese floor mattress

Japanese Futon Mattresses are sleeker in style, as compared to American Futon Mattresses. These mattresses are slim, come in the shape of a rectangle, and are cushion-like objects that can be folded or rolled. These cushions provide a comfortable surface, and consist of a cotton filling. The height of Japanese futon mattresses only ranges about 3 to 4 inches, which makes them thinner than ordinary futon cushions which have a filling of foam inside of them. The size of these mattresses is a Full XL, meaning they have the dimensions 55 inches’ x 83 inches’ x 2-1/2 inches’. The weight of these mattresses is about 15 lbs. Furthermore, the fabric of this Japanese mattress is made up of pure 100% cotton, and has a filling of 100% polyester. These mattresses are special in the sense that they can fast dry sweat, and consists of volume of three layers. They are most of the time, made by craftsmen from Japan, and are high-quality mattresses, and come in a compact packing.

Folding Floor Mattresses (Foam or Memory Foam Base):

Before getting a folding mattress, the customer gets a choice between a foam mattress or a memory foam mattress. Even though, the customer reviews are better for memory foam mattresses, foam mattresses work just good enough as well. Foldable floor mattresses are light in weight, because of the material they are made up of, and this feature is what makes them the most desirable. As the base of the mattress is made up of foam, it makes the mattress very light in weight, and hence it is easy to carry and move around. This is the main reason why people often carry these mattresses with them for picnics and camping purposes. Moving further, these mattresses are portable, which means that they can become compact, taking up little space, and can be kept aside, however the customer wishes, wherever the customer wishes to put it. Sometimes, these mattresses are also used as sofa mattresses, or chair beds and kept in kids’ rooms or dorm-rooms. These mattresses come with a removable cover which makes it easy to wash and dry, making the sitting surface clean and hygiene to use. Folding mattresses also have a non-slip bottom. Often people are hesitant before purchasing folding mattresses with the fear that they might slip on the floor, making it uncomfortable for the user to sleep. However, that is not the case as the modern models of this mattresses have a strong grip which makes them immovable, Lastly, the most attracting feature of the folding mattresses is that it is very light on the pocket, taking off the financial burden from the customer. It is a very economic product, which can be used for multiple purposes for a small price.