Top 11 Best Futon Mattresses In 2020

If you are planning to buy a Futon Mattress of good quality which is manufactured using latest technology and which is cost-effective too, you are at the right place. Selecting the best futon bed is a difficult task which needs a lot of research. If you want to make the best purchase without wasting your time, read this article till the end. We have compiled a list of eleven best futon mattresses for 2020.

The word “futon” has Japanese origin, which means “bed”. As the name says, Futon beds were first used by Japanese people.

Best Futon Mattresses

Here is the list of Top Eleven Best Futon Mattresses in 2020 with their features, pros & Cos.

List Of Top Eleven Best Futon Mattresses

1. DHP 8 Inch Encased Coil Futon Mattress
2. Au Natural 8" Cotton-Filled Futon Mattress
3. Classic Brands 8-Inch Futon Mattress
4. Serta Double Sided Futon Mattress
5. Moziac 6 inch cotton twill Futon Mattress
6. Mozaic 8 Futon Full Size Mattress
7. Serta Cypress InnerSpring Full Futon Mattresses
8. Artiva 8 inch Futon Sofa Mattress
9. DHP 6-inch MicroFiber Futon Mattress
10. Epic Furnishing 8 Inch Innersprings Futon Mattress
11. Blazing Needles 9 Inch Microsuede Futon Mattress
What is a Futon?
What is the Best Type of Futon Mattresses?
What a Futon Mattresses is made of? 
What is the most comfortable futon mattress?
Why People Prefer Futon Mattresses?
Four Important things to consider before buying a Best Futon Mattress

Best Futon Mattresses – Tabular Comparasion

dhp 8 inch independently encased coil premium futon mattress·15-gauge independently-encased coils4.3
Natural 8 inch Cotton Fiber Futons mattresses·  Microfiber mattress cover4.5
Classic 8 inch Thick Futon Mattress· 100-percent cotton futon matress4.3
SertaFuton Sofa Bed· Hand-wrapped edges4.4
Mozaic Twin Size Futon Mattresses·7" Wrapped coil innerspring system4.5
Mozaic 8 Inch Full Futon Mattress · Microfiber polyester cover3.8
Serta Perfect Sleeper Matress· Cottonique and CertiPUR foam4.2
DHP 6 Inch Futon Mattress•Micro Fiber cover
• Low Maintainance requried
EPIC 8INCH INNERSPRINGS FUTON MATTRESS• can be used on floor or as sofa
• Soft just like Firm
• Can be fold to 90 degree

Top Rated Futon Mattress Reviews


1.DHP 8-inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress Full Size

DHP Futon Mattresses

This DHP 8 Futon mattresses ensures a high level of comfort. The mattress is made of 15-gauge steel, independently encased pocket coil futon mattress. It is a good fit for any kind of full futons. It offers flexibility to be used as a bed or a couch. The mattress is not affected by weather changes. DHP futon mattress is a good fit for any futon  which promises a dreamy sleeping experience that you can never experience with a sofa-cum-bed.

The Thickness:

DHP 8-Inch independently encased coil mattress futons, as its name says, comes with eight inches of thickness, in combination with 15-gauge independently encased coils.

DHP 8 inch futon

The Material:

The mattress comprises of quality foam and polyester layering between the coils and the cover; the material used is 100% polyester. The 8 inch futons mattresses cover is made of microfiber, and the foam is free from toxics such as Mercury, lead, PBDs, TCEP Flame retardants, heavy metals and ozone depleting agents. This foam is certified by CertiPUR-US which guarantees that it is low in VOC emissions for indoor air quality.

futon mattress sizes:

This is a good fit for any full-size dhp futon frame. Its depth is 54 inches, width is 75 inches, height is 8 inches. Its weight is 69.5 lbs.


  • High level of comfort
  • High quality springs
  • Thicker than many other mattresses
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can be vacuumed easily
  • Affordable




2.Au Natural 8″ Futon Mattress Cotton-Filled

best futon mattress

Au Natural 8 inch futon mattress is hand-stuffed with 100% cotton batting and it is ideal for individuals who are looking for a mattress firm futons with great comfort level.  The mattress is perfect for people who prefer firm matress with great comfortability. The non-removable casing comes in variety of colors.

The Thickness:

The mattress is 8-inches thick and offers great comfort.

The Material:

Au Natural is famous for its heavy and durable cotton/ poly twill outer shell.  Its tuft holes retain their original shape and the seams do not split. This futon matress gives flawless details which guarantee smooth layers without tears or irregular lumps.  Its edges are sheathed by hands.  This makes sure that its edges are smooth.  To make sure that the mattress is comfortable as well as attractive, this futon cover with zipper. The layers are stitched together with twenty-three robust nylon tufts to make sure that the layers are intact.


Its length is 75 inches and width is 54 inches. Its weight is 57 pounds.


  • Robust and smooth fiber cotton batting
  • It is portable. It can be compressed and kept in a box
  • best tri fold futon mattresses.
  • It is hand-tufted futon
  • Cotton futon mattresses


  • The cotton filling might get shifted with time


3.Classic Brands Classic Black 8-Inch Futon Mattress

good futon mattress

Classic Brands offers a variety of bedding mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows, adjustable beds, toppers, and futon bed frames.   This Classic Brands classic black 8-inch futon mattress is made to perfection. Layers of coil-wrapped inner spring unit, a sturdy microfiber cover and supportive foam, gives you a comfortable sleeping experience. The mattress is encased in beautiful quilted cover.

The Thickness: 

The Classic Brands Classic black futon mattress is 8-inch thick. It is one of the best full size futon mattresses which has higher demand compared to the other futon mattresses in the market.

The Material:

The mattress has 6-inches middle layer of innerspring coils wrapped inside layers of foam. The outer layer is a high-quality microfiber cover which gives you a nice feel.

classic futon

Classic Futon Size: 

Its length is 75 inches, height is 8 inches and width is 54 inches. Its weight is 63 pounds.


  • Low-maintenance; it can be cleaned and wiped by using a damp cloth easily
  • Versatile – can be used in dormitories as well as houses
  • Space-efficient – Can be use as a foldable futon mattress and kept in small space easily
  • Comes with quality assurance
  • Robust technology
  • Can fit any standard full futon frame


  • None


4.Serta Chestnut Double Sided Cotton Filled Futon Mattress

serta chestnut futon mattress

If you are looking for a two-in-one mattress for your family and guests, Serta chestnut double sided foam and cotton full futon mattress is the best choice. Serta futons are manufactured by Wolf Corp, which has its own manufacturing unit for fiber to make different fiber products used in the mattress.  Serta futon mattresses are made of Wolf’s own cotton products: Cottonique and CertiPUR foam and this is best wolf mattress full-size mattresses

The Thickness:

It is 8-inches thick to ensure optimal sleep and comfort.

The Material:

Serta futon mattress contains Cottonique,  combines cotton and polyester fibers to create strong, durable and light weight fiber products. Cottonique outlasts and outperforms traditional cotton batting. This matress comes with 1,2” foam core and 1,2” storm. Wolf’s bonded fiber pad is wrapped by layers of Wolf’s cotton blend, tufted by using machine.


The serta futon sofa has a length of 75 inches and width of 53 inches. Its weight is 44.9 pounds.


  • Manufacturer’s five-year warranty
  • It can be compressed, wrapped and boxed easily
  • 18 machine polyester and nylon tufts for stability
  • Robust technology


  • Sagging issue

BEST japanese sofa bed FUTON MATTRESS

5. Mozaic twin futon mattress

full futon mattress

Mosaic twin size 6-inch cotton twill futon mattress comes in variety of colors. The mattress is soft and comfy. A fabric is lace-tufted on to the futon matress to give it look similar to sofa, The mattress is designed in such a way that it can be folded to be used as a sofa or a bed.

The Thickness:

The mattress is 6-inches thick.

The Material:

The central layer of foam is wrapped by a blend of different grades of cotton, encased in a cover made of poly-cotton blend. 


Its length is 75 inches, width is 39 inches. Its weight is 30 pounds.


  • Manufacturer’s five-year warranty
  • Conforms to the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633
  • Can be used as a foldable futon.
  • Durable and reversible
  • Versatile – Can be used in futon frames as well as platform beds
  • Equalizes wear and tear


  • The outer fabric is of average quality, due to this reason patching can be difficult


6. MoZaic Full Size 8-Inch Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress

cheap futon mattress

Mosaic 8 inch full futon mattress  can be a nice addition to your home décor because it offers variety of colors to choose from. The outer fabric is lace-tufted on to the mattress which gives it an appearance like a sofa. It can be folded to make a sofa as well as bed.

The Thickness:

Mosaic Full Size 8-Inch Futon Mattress memory foam comes with 8-inches of thickness, equipped with cotton twill.

 The Material:

It is composed of visco memory foam combined with polyurethane foam, wrapped in a cotton mix blend, which guarantees the durability and comfortability of mattress. The mattress is dual-sided and reversible and composed of high quality gel memory foam that guarantees straight posture and comfortable sleep.

Mosaic 8-Inch Futon Mattress


Its length is 75 inches, height is 8 inches and width is 54 inches. Its weight is 76 pounds.


  •  Versatile – it can be used for platform beds as well as best futon frames.
  • Conforms to the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633.
  • Smooth layers without lumps.
  • Durable- uses reversible memory gel foam.
  • fold up futons.


This mattress comes in a vacuum-packed bagging inside a box, for this reason it takes several days for the mattress to acquire its full loft shape and wrinkle-free appearance.


7. Serta Cypress Double Sided InnerSpring Futon Mattresses

Serta Cypress Double Futton Mattress is a high quality full size innerspring futon mattress available in reasonable price. It is comprised of an innerspring unit, Wolf Corporation’s Cottonique fiber and CertiPUR foam. Cottonique combines selected high-quality grades of cotton with polyester fibers which give a high level of comfort. Serta Cypress mattresses are durable and lightweight.  The mattress feels bouncy because of the 4-inch spring unit. The innerspring unit along with the foam is layered by three layers of heavy weight cotton fiber blend. It is machine lace-tufted and encased in a box.

high quality futon mattress

The Thickness:

Serta Cypress Double Futon Mattresses comes with eight inches of thickness, in combination with 255-innerspring unit.

The Material:

The material of the mattress is free from ozone depleters, heavy metals, and flame retardants.  There is a high-quality innerspring unit which is wrapped by 1-2 inch layers of CertiPUR foam. CertiPUR foam is free from phthalates or formaldehydes. The foam is good for indoor air because it has low emission of volatile organic compounds. The foam is further wrapped in a layer of Cottonique to give an amazing sleeping experience to the users.


A khaki duck fabric is used to cover the mattress. Its length is 75 inches, width is 54 inches.


  • The fluff improves its durability and comfortability
  • High quality innersprings guarantee great support
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can be vacuumed easily
  • Cheap futon mattress




8. Artiva  8-Inch Futon Mattress with Inner Spring

Artiva USA has been a pioneer in manufacturing futon mattresses since last fifteen years.  Artiva home deluxe 8-Inch futon sofa mattress with inner spring can be a good addition to your overall home décor. The mattress can be used as a sofa mattress, a bed mattress, or a guest bed mattress. You can lay it on the floor or roll it as per your need.memory foam futon mattress

The Thickness:

The Artiva home deluxe 8-Inch futon sofa mattress with inner spring comes with 8 inches of innerspring wrapped by high quality cotton.

The Material:

The mattress is composed of three layers of polyester fiber batting.  There are two layers of cotton batting and a poly cotton cover with 23 lace-tufts.

ARTIVA futon dimensions

It can be suitable for any full size futons mattresses frame.  Its length is 74 inches, width is 54 inches, and height is 8 inches. Its weight is 54 pounds.


  • Space efficient – Can be laid flat or rolled out.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be easily vacuumed.
  • Affordable price.
  • Roll up futon mattress


  • The springs might punch upwards upon usage.


9.DHP Value 6-Inch Polyester Futon Mattress

DHP 6-Inch  Futon Mattress is suitable for almost any place. Be it your bedroom, kids room, or guest room, it does not fail to give a good sleeping experience.  It is the best choice for your common room because of its robust yet elegant microfiber cover. The mattress is certified by Greenguard Futon Mattresses

The Thickness:

The thickness of the mattress is 6-inches.

The Material:

The material of the microfiber cover is 100% polyester fiber pad filling. The cover is low maintenance and is cleaned with a damp cloth effortlessly.

full size futon dimensions:

The full size futon mattress has a size of 54 inches by 75 inches. Its height is 6 inches. Its weight is 17 pounds.


  • High quality material.
  • A good heavy duty futon.
  • Better than traditional cotton batting.
  • Low-maintenance- Can be wiped off using a damp cloth only.


  • Sagging issue.
  • Not a good fit for smaller frames.


10 Epic Furnishing 8-Inch Innersprings Futon Mattress

Traditional Japanese futon bed can be used on floor, bed frame or as a sofa. This is well known for their cooling and breathable properties. If you feel comfort to sleep over more traditional mattress that innerspring futons mattress is best choice for you. Metal and wood both are the best option to use as a frame in it. Best innerspring futon mattress can easily be fit any standard size futon frame or bedframe. Futon frame and mattress comes single while the futon frame buys separately. Fold over and comes in pretty box  at your doorstep.

Material and Cover 

Most comfortable futon mattresses have inner spring. However, it is soft as well as firm that provide comfort and relaxation to your body and gives you a prolong peaceful night.  For this Springaire futon mattress on our frame the seat depth is about 24 inches. Microfiber Suede fabric provides stylish and decent looks to mattress. This makes mattress breathable and fresh.

epic futon mattress dimensions

You can purchase futon mattress in two different size that’s include full and queen having 8-inch thickness. It can easily fit on sofa frame and gives pleasant feeling. It can be fold over and fit on sofa by a single person.


Appearance and smart colors give pleasant environment to your room. 8-inch loft inner spring futon mattress comes in eight different colors including Cardinal Red, Dark Blue, Ebony Black, Olive Green, sand, twill Black, Twill Khaki, Twill Navy.


11. Blazing Needles 9″ Microsuede Futon Mattress

If you are searching for medium firm futon mattress, be relax, now your searching is over. This futon mattress must grip your attention. Japanese 9-inch full size futon can be used on floor for sleeping and also perfectly fit on Sofa frame. Blazing needles futon mattress can be fold to a 90 degree. This mattress is made in USA, Fort Worth, TX. It is only mattress without frame. Cover is attached in it but you can purchase removable cover.

Foam layer and comfort

Futon mattress has no coil support system. Full futon bed has three-layer foam, stiffer foam center surrounded by cotton batting material. High quality material is used that provides comfort and support. Microsuede Futon mattress is made of 100% polyester fabric that is fire retardant while natural suede promotes soft feeling touch. Even if you sleep on floor, it gives superior comfort. Prevent from body ache and you wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.


If you want high quality Futon mattress in one solid color then you have various stylish colors options that’s include Aqua blue, berry, black, camel, cardinal red, chocolate, emerald green futon , hunter green, indigo futon mattress, java, lemon, mojito lime, red wine, saddle brown, sage green, spice, steel grey, tangerine dream. All colors are smart enough and make your room environment fresh and elegant.

What is a Futon Mattress?

The word “futon” has Japanese origin, which means “bed”. As the name says, Futon beds were first used by Japanese people.

What Is the Best Types of  Futons Mattress?


Best Japanese Futon Mattress

It usually consists of a thin, foldable mattress that can be laid out on the floor easily. Mattresses are sleeker in style, as compared to American Futon Mattresses. These mattresses are slim, come in the shape of a rectangle, and are cushion-like objects that can be folded or rolled. These japanese couches provide a comfortable surface, and consist of a cotton filling. The height of Japanese futon mattresses only ranges about 3 to 4 inches, which makes them thinner than ordinary futon cushions which have a filling of foam inside of them. The size of these mattresses is a Full XL, meaning they have the dimensions 55 inches’ x 83 inches’ x 2-1/2 inches’. The weight of these mattresses is about 15 lbs. Furthermore, the fabric of this traditional japanese bed futon is made up of pure 100% cotton, and has a filling of 100% polyester. These mattresses are special in the sense that they can fast dry sweat, and consists of volume of three layers. They are most of the time, made by craftsmen from Japan, and are high-quality mattresses, and come in a compact packing.

American Futon

American version of futons mattresses is slightly thicker as compared to japan sofa bed. Manufacturers can use springs, foam, or cotton to manufacture it. It is easy to lay on such type of folding futon mattress on the floor as a foundation. Alternatively, one can place it in a frame to improve its functionality. Framed futon can be used as a sofa cum bed which provides flexibility and support, and guarantees comfortable sleep.

What a Futon Mattresses is made of? 

A futon is made of three layers. The first layer consists of a mattress, second layer consists of a frame, and third layer is composed of cover. The cost of this mattress is determined by the quality of the materials used in making all three layers.  Bear in mind that the expensive futon mattress doesn’t guarantee a comfortable sleep. It is quite possible that you buy a good futon in reasonable price.

are futons comfortable?

Normally, people define a futon mattress as a flexible couch with bounty thick futon cushion, which can be transformed into a bed effortlessly. This is true for most folding futon mattress designs but not true for all the designs available in the market. Several futons do not come with futon pads on the frame.

Why People Prefer Futons Mattress?

Before we discuss about the end users’ feedback, let’s discuss the reason why one would prefer futon mattress over any ordinary mattress available in the market. The most common reason of buying this mattress is that it offers space efficiency and flexibility of transportation to its users.  Its effortless conversion from sofa to bed makes it a cost-effective and easy solution for bedrooms. This is particularly beneficial for small apartments and houses. You free much more space in your house if you buy a futons mattress instead of a permanent bed and a sofa separately. Even when you have guests staying at your place, it comes in handy.

4 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Cheap Futon Mattresses For Sleeping

How to select the best futon mattress? There are various features to consider before buying a futon.

How thick should a futon mattress be?

The thickness of a mattress is determined by its type, structure and the material it is made of. In other words, there is a wide range of futons mattresses available in the market based on thickness.

A thin and sleek futons  can add great aesthetic flavor to your home décor but one would prefer a thicker futon  if the bed or sofa-cum-bed is made up of hard material. Also, the usage preferences and the weight of the user will determine the suitable thickness of the mattress.

For example – a futons with thickness of 8 inches is more comfortable futon bed than a thin futons.

The Material:

An important factor that you should consider in a best futons mattress is the material. In case you plan to buy an extra long futon mattress for your guests, you can consider buying a less expensive material such as cotton. On the contrary, if you are buying a best futons mattress for regular use, you should consider buying high-quality, coil-foiled mattresses. Always keep in mind that a poor-quality mattress can affect your health, your posture and sleep quality.

Are Futons Better Than Mattresses?

One of the most important features of a futons mattresses is the comfort it provides to the buyer. A good quality comfortable futons mattress will ensure good posture while sitting or sleeping. Since futons mattresses are not being used just for sleeping, they should offer comfort if they are being used for sitting.  The comfort level of the mattress will depend upon its material and design.

what size is a futon mattress

The size of the futon depends upon the size of the frame such as: twin futon mattress, king futon. Always make sure that the mattress is a proper fit for the frame.

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