The Best Memory Foam Pillows For Restful Sleep in 2020

What are Memory Foam Pillows?

When people face issues with back pain, shoulder pain, sore neck, their peers often suggest them to choose a different mattress than the one they already have. Even doctors and therapists, most of the time, recommend their patients who have struggle sleeping at night to change their mattress and hope for better results. Even though beds do play a significant role in providing you with a comfortable, good night’s sleep, pillows also play a substantial part in that. With increasing awareness, research, and ease of access, people are now not only interested in knowing about the details of their mattresses but are also eager to learn about the kind of pillow they are using for sleeping. Therefore, in this article, we aim to provide you with information regarding best memory foam pillows.

Particular pillows benefit its user in its way. In this article, we will be discussing the importance and types of best memory foam pillows, in the hope that at the end, you can make an informed decision about your pillow purchase. So the question arises that “what are best memory foam pillows, after all?”. To answer this, memory foam pillows mainly comprise polyurethane as well as additional chemicals that increase its viscosity and density. It is, more commonly, referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, or low resilience polyurethane foam (LRPu). 

Memory foam is a synthetic material, which was initially made for NASA in 1966 to improve sleeping conditions in space shuttles. Memory foam products are safe, non-toxic. They are naturally hypoallergenic, which discourages the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites.

Top 10 Best Memory foam Pillows

1. Beckham Hotel Gel PIllows
2. COOP Home Goods Mattress Firm Pillows
3. Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow
4. Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow
5. Classic Brands contour pillows
6. Xtreme Comforts cooling memory foam pillow
7. Perfect Memorycloud pillow
8. Foamily Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow
9. PharMeDoc cool gel pillow
10. Orthopedic Foam Pillow
* What are types of Memory Foam Pillows
* Benefits Of Foam Pillows
* Disadvantages of Gel Foam Pillows
* Conclusion

10 highest Rated Best Memory Foam Pillows Reviews

NameCertified FoamReview
Beckham Hotel Collection Gel PillowYes4.6/5
Coop Best Memory Foam PillowsYes4.4/5
WEEKENDER Ventilated Best Foam PillowNo4.3/5
Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam PillowNo4.3/5
Classic Brands Memory Foam Contour PillowYes4.1/5
Xtreme Comforts Cool Memory Foam PillowYes2020-04-05 00:00:00
Perfect Memorycloud PillowsNo4.2/5
Foamily Premium Gel PillowNo4.4/5
PharMeDoc Memory Foam PillowNo3.6/5
Iso-Pedic Orthopedic Memory Foam PillowNo3.6/5

1. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows

gel pillow

The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-Filled Fiber Foam Pillows are crafted in super plush gel fiber that puts all other standard pillows to shame. These gel foam pillows are expertly tailored to ensure maximum comfort for any and all sleeping positions. With their no-shift construction, these gel foam pillows are a fantastic place to rest your head. They are stylish, luxurious, and incredibly comfortable. You will fall asleep fast and stay asleep for a long time.

Moreover, these gel foam pillows are dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant! Additionally, they are completely allergen and chemical-free. They are the perfect choice for those who have asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-Filled Fiber Pillows are fade-resistant and stain-resistant, so you’ll never have to worry. The gel foam pillows are machine washable, and will always feel and look like new.


The manufacturers provide a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your gel foam pillow, you can simply contact the seller and get a full refund without any hassle.


  • The gel foam pillow is hypoallergenic and repels dust mites too
  • The gel foam pillow is made using a no-shift construction design technology
  • The gel foam pillow is stain and fade resistant


  • Only available in three sizes

2. Coop Best Memory Foam Pillows

Wash Memory Foam Pillow

The best adaptable pillow of the world, made from the mixture of memory foam and microfiber in our medium firm. For the most restful sleep you’ll ever experience, it offers the correct balance between help and peace of mind. Thanks to our unique flexible design, you can access the memory foam fill that can be inserted or removed to your height, shape, and sleep location—comfortable sleep and fully coordinated. Fit entirely, and you are in control. It gives you luxury experience since it is being manufactured from a piece of luxury fabric. Access your pillow’s fill by unzipping the inner liner. It’s made with a stretchy, lightweight fabric that allows you to shape the pillow to support different sleep positions. The case is made of Lulltra, a bamboo-viscose and polyester mix that provides ventilation and softness. You will finally wake up refreshed. It is Hypoallergenic and also is dust mite resistant. It was produced in America. Strict laboratory testing of our pillows is carried out and approved for health and consistency by CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold. No toxic chemicals are being used here.

Features of Coop Wash Memory Foam Pillow

The cover is 60% Polyester, 40% Rayon Derived from Bamboo.

That pillow comes with an additional 1/2 lb. The filling bag which you can attach to the pillow if the top loft is needed. It weighs around 3.05 pounds. It is a total cruelty-free and 100% vegan product. Comes in both King and Queen type of sizes. If you don’t fall in love within 100 nights (though we’re sure you will), please contact us directly to return your pillow for a full refund, no questions asked. Each pillow comes with a 5- year warranty as well.


  • Pillow type and size variation available.
  • Offers full adjustability 


  • A little too soft for some users.
  • Expensive

3. WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

bed bath and beyond pillows

This memory foam pillow provides superior pressure, relief, and comfort. This memory foam gel pillow is perfect for your back, belly, and side sleepers with three different sizes and a supportive central loft shape. The type of this pillow is a gel-infused memory foam along with a polyester pillow cover. The gel-infused technology comes to play when the user is in a deep sleep, and it keeps itself cool and dry during the night. The ventilated design is the main feature. Pincore technology produces a ventilated system that optimizes air circulation and temperature regulation for prime airflow. It is also hypoallergenic as it helps resist the dust mites and all other kinds of allergens. The main feature that is responsible for the perfect level of comfort is the airflow through the gel-infused ducts. The highly breathable product lets airflow and does not allow the user to be bothered. After a deep rest caused by technology, you feel terrific waking up and fully rejuvenated and refreshed. The pillow also provides pressure relief to the user.

Features of ventilated Gel Pillow

This item weighs around 2 pounds. Firmer than traditional down or down alternative; 3-year warranty. The standard style, mid loft pillow measures 16 cm inches per 25 cm, with a five-inch loft is ideal for washing machines.


  • Highly breathable due to gel-infused technology.
  • Cold and dry throughout the night
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Available in 3 sizes but not in Euro or Body Pillow.
  • Expensive

best memory foam neck support pillow

4. Snuggle-Pedic shredded memory foam pillow


shredded memory foam pillow

What is a therapedic pillow Memory Foam Pillow?

It must be difficult to part from the daily down pillow that you have been using all this time. Although the Down pillows are comfortable and conforming, they still need to be fluffed and not keep their shape all night long. They are also a problem for those who have feather allergies. Durable quality shredded memory foam fixes this issue with its ability to adapt, but it can make a pillow too heavy for specific users. The Snuggle- Pedic uses a patented combination of our very unique hypoallergenic and very low VOC, which is laboratory tested foam. The very tiny bits are incredibly soft and comfortable, making our pillow lighter and more durable than the standard shredded memory foam pillows on the market. Although the Snuggle-Pedic conforms to your neck and head for proper orthopedic support, the soft and sturdy mix of foam used in our Snuggle-Pedic pillows changes to each position you sleep in; making it great for patients and pregnant women.

The high-density proprietary shredded foam mixture that we use is naturally resistant to dust, without the need to incorporate toxic chemicals like other products. This exclusive mix of foams come directly from our very high-end, all USA produced mattresses made right in our Agoura Hills, CA factory.

They also now offer the option to adjust the filling to suit your unique needs. In certain instances, the pillow should work well from the outset, as you can collect or spread it to suit your positional needs.

Features of shredded memory foam pillow

Our Ultra-Luxurious Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, along with our soft and fluffy interlocking foam parts, offer unparalleled breathability that allows air to circulate through the pillow. Comes in three different sizes;

Standard size – 26 x 19 in. Cut Size

Queen Size: 28 x 20 in. Cut Size

King Size: Cut to 35 x 20 in. Cut Size


  • The 20-year warranty and 90-day sleep trial are more impressive than others.
  • Kool-Flow tech lessens heat retention.
  • Bamboo materials maintain a freshness pillow over the years.


  • Few reviews that the memory pillows might be firm.
  • Expensive

best memory foam contour pillows

5. Classic Brands Conform memory foam body pillow

memory pillow

It’s necessary to choose the right pillow. Approximately 20% of your sleeping surface

is made up of your mattress. You may not be sure of the right pillow, but you’ll certainly know when you’ve got the wrong one. Classic Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow is sensitive to your shape, temperature, and pressure, providing the ideal cushion for your back, neck, and shoulders. Ideal for side and back sleepers, this pillow is suitable for every kind of sleeping position. Ventilated memory foam encourages airflow in the pillow and has cooling properties to control the temperature, making you more relaxed when you sleep. Open-cell memory foam structure provides superior pressure relief and improved airflow. The premium velvet cover is formed to work with memory foam to maximize its contouring properties, so you can never want to sleep on a down pillow again. Ventilation in foam has cooling features that allow air to circulate to dissipate heat. This is a medium-firm pillow.

The thickness is 5 inches makes it the best kind of pillow for all the sleepers. This pillow guarantees proper spinal alignment all night long. The latest iteration of memory foam is more porous or transparent than traditional foam, meaning that cells are interconnected as opposed to closed cell foam, making it more breathable and comfortable than higher density visco-elastic foam. Memory foam is inherently hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, molds, bacteria, and dust mites. Allergy sufferers love our memory foam pillows because they are naturally hypoallergenic.

Features Of classic Memory Pillow

This pillow is equipped with a removable zip-off machine washable cover. Class Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow is backed with a three-year worry-free warranty. Weighing around 5.25 pounds, this pillow comes in two different sizes: Kind and Queen. Lastly, the memory foam pillow has a medium plush feel to it.


  • Very affordable considerably.
  • Cooling Thermal Regulation Technology reduces retention.
  • Sturdy and promising with a 3-year warranty.


  • No mention of a certificated foam

6. Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Bed Pillow

What is an Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow?

The Xtreme Comforts has a medium loft, and you can mold or change the filling to make it comfortable for a range of body types and sleeping positions (even some of the stomach-sleepers liked this pillow). Many pillows cause inappropriate head and neck positioning that can lead to impaired blood circulation, pinched nerves, tight muscles, and other major orthopedic problems—the pillow offers adjustable thickness.

It only opens up, and you can remove foam to your liking and comfort. The adjustable thickness facilitates optimum match and alignment for you. If you want it fluffy, flat, or in the center, just open the zipper and remove some fill to make it your way. Fall asleep fast and sleep better than you have ever had before.

Ultra-Deluxe Premium quality shredded memory foam does not get lumpy or smooth. It stays consistent in length, conforming to your head and neck contour for a good night’s sleep, and then it returns to shape, night after night. Because foam is shredded, you can maneuver and mold your pillow to make it comfortable for back stomach and side sleepers.

The Certified Deluxe Memory Foam CertiPUR-US is ideally suited to your alignment and support, which indirectly helps in decreasing Pressure Points, Facilitating Optimal Blood Flow, Providing Muscle Relaxation, and Improving Overall Spine Health. Nano-vented Kool-Flow Tech is soft as a cloud and offers superior air

circulation and breathability while maintaining temperature to keep the pillow surface fresh. These pillows have no ozone depleters, TCEP flame retardants, TDCPP, PBDEs, lead, mercury, and heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs.


Our pillows are entirely machine washable, and you can have a clean pillow all the way through. For simple, regular, convenient cleaning, simply wash the Removable zippered cover and put it in the dry cleaner. It comes in standard, queen, and king sizes. The pillow is made up of 56.4 pc polyester, 0.6 pc lycra (spandex), and weighs around 4.05 pounds.


  • A vast range of sizes and added items.
  • WIRECUTTER’s Top Picks since 3 Years; an independent review organization
  • Very serious about their carbon footprint. 


  • Can be a little heavy on the pocket

7. Perfect memory cloud pillows

best memory foam pillow

Sleep is a must. A good night’s sleep restores, rejuvenates, and makes you ready to face whatever the new day brings you. Why would you have to pay so much for something so essential, so necessary? We don’t think it’s fair. You are not meant to lose your sleep because of the hassle of trying to get a decent night. This pillow has a double airflow, and the dual airflow is through ventilated Visco foam and mesh trim ensure a constant flow of air that provides a warmer and more relaxing night’s sleep. A lot of work has gone into developing this pillow with the right height and density to be perfect for side sleepers. Not too rigid, not too soft! Giving you just the right amount of encouragement to help relieve the nervous discomfort caused by typical head, neck, and shoulder pain. It provides a good night’s sleep that will make you wake up feeling refreshed. Customers regularly say, “I feel like I’m lying on a cloud.” It is flatter than a regular down pillow, which makes it better for sleeping and is excellent for back sleepers or the people who prefer sleeping on the side. Popular among the consumers with the demand for memory pillow but do not want contours or shapes

Features of Double Best Memory Foam Pillows

Utterly removable with sturdy zipper for quick washing.

3-YEAR WARRANTY: Your pillow is backed by an impressive 3-year guarantee and 30- day trial. Weighs 3.4 pounds. It comes in different material types from Diamond Rest, Double Airflow, and Dual Option Cooling Gel. Made without the ozone depletes


  • Offers pain relief features.
  • Impressive warranty coverage.
  • No need for a pillowcase since the cover is luxuriously beautiful.


  • A bit costly
  • No mention of CertiPUR-US
  • Not proper mention for the guarantee claim

8. Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow

memory pillow

When you’re looking for the most elegant memory foam on a simple budget, Foamily Premium will be your best friend. The pillow fills are specially built with a high-grade fiber filling that won’t be contained in any other pillow. Their most durable decorative throw pillow covers, soft and robust filler padding. They have exclusive rights to fill this fabulous pillow. Ample firm support for your neck as you lie in bed or back support when you’re in a sitting position. They look great, and they’re also comfy. Again you are not going to be disappointed by putting your head on these pillows for an afternoon nap on the sofa; just make sure you have enough for the whole family. They are of universal use and have a global function; use it in every space in your home or office. As an extension to your Bedroom, or a decorative yet useful item in your Living room. Made from Virgin polyester blends, these pillows do not only withstand Dust Mite, Mild, and Mold. They

do not cause any allergies to your loved ones or visitors. The measures are surface to surface. Upon filling, the pillow will be reduced by around ten percent-15 percent in size; order two inches up. Their materials are not only explicitly sourced; they also source them in the USA.


Filled with 100% Hypoallergenic polyester micro-fiber pillows. It comes in a range of different sizes. It weighs around 10 pounds. For a fuller rounded pillow, order one size large. For a medium fill, order your exact size. From their 12 “to the 28” cubic scale, they take care to check and re-test our pillows, filling them with the right amount of stuffing.


  • Great size adjustability.
  • Impressive cost price.
  • No need for a particular size, it is luxuriously beautiful, could be used for any purpose.


  • Square size

9. PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow

cooling pillow

What is a PharMeDoc Cool Pillow?

PharMeDoc is a memory foam pillow that is made in the USA. The memory foam inside this pillow is very soft to feel. This elastic memory foam provides support to the user’s head and neck. Moreover, it helps in the alignment of your spine, and reduces pain on pressure points, all the time retaining its actual shape. The memory foam pillow comes with a removable hypoallergenic pillow cover which can be washed easily anytime the user finds that it has gotten dirty.

Features of Pharmedoc Cooling Pillow

The PharMeDoc is a reversible pillow with two sides; one is a cooling gel side for warm nights and plush memory foam side for cooler nights. Adding more to it, the memory foam pillow is made up of thermoregulating cooling gel technology, which captures and diffuses heat for a relaxed and pleasant feeling throughout the night. Lastly, the manufacturer of PharMeDoc memory foam pillows provides a 100 pc satisfaction guarantee.


  • The cooling gel technology is beneficial and provides a comfortable sleep.
  • Perfect support is offered for back, stomach and side sleepers, as well as pregnant women.
  • The price range of this memory foam pillow is very affordable.


  • No warranty
  • No mention of CertiPUR-US foam used in the making of this pillow
  • A few customers have reported that the memory foam pillow was too firm and thick for them
  • A distinct smell comes with the memory foam pillow, which goes away after some time.

10. Iso-Pedic Orthopedic Cooling pillow

cool gel pillow

What is an Iso-Pedic Memory Foam Cooling Pillow?

The Iso-Pedic Orthopedic Memory foam pillow is a memory foam pillow that is recommended by chiropractors. The design of the pillow is such that it takes the shape of your body, providing you instantly with relief from pressure. Moreover, the pillow also provides proper spinal positioning, due to which the user wakes up fresh and energized without any feeling any stiffness or soreness in the body. The cover of the memory foam pillow is made up of high-quality microfiber, and it removable. The extremely soft, premium quality hygienic pillow cover zips right off easily for machine washing. The dimensions of the pillow are 22-inch x 14-inch x 5-inch. The best part is that the manufacturer provides a 100 pc satisfaction guarantee, with the purchase of the memory foam pillow. This means that if for any reason, the customer is not happy with his or her purchase of the memory foam pillow, they can return it for a full refund without having to answer any questions.

Features Of Cool gel Pillow

The memory foam pillow comes with the advanced technology of cooling and purifying. The modern ventilation system ensues cold comfort, a deeper, more restful sleep at night. Furthermore, the pillow is made up of hypoallergenic materials, so people who suffer from allergies love it. The antimicrobial property makes it resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites.


  • Hygienic
  • Recommended by chiropractors
  • Premium memory foam ensures more refreshing sleep
  • 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • No mention of the use of certified foam

Types of Best Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam has always been popular when it comes to mattresses. In light of its increasing popularity, and the many benefits that come along with them, various other products are being made now that are made up of memory foam, including memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows are no longer pillows for just older people, or people who suffer from neck and back pains, but also for those who believe that prevention is better than cure. The basic types of memory foam pillows are as follows:

  1. The Traditional

The traditional memory foam pillow looks a lot like a regular pillow. The one big difference is that the primary material used in the conventional memory foam pillow is memory foam. Unlike other memory foam pillow types, the traditional memory foam pillow is known to provide better airflow to keep you fresh while you are asleep. Most of the time, shredded memory foam is used for this type of pillow.

  1. The Contour

Other than the traditional memory foam pillow, the contour memory foam pillow is one of the most popular types of memory foam pillows. The identification of contour memory foam pillow is easy as it is more substantial and has a contoured look. There is a dip in the memory foam pillow’s central part where you can place your head, and it will provide maximum support to your neck. This pillow is known for countering issues like snoring and promotes a better alignment of the spine, hence improving the blood circulation in the body.

  1. The Neck Roll

The Neck Roll Memory Foam pillow is described just like it sounds – it is in the shape of a roll. This circular shaped memory foam pillow is recommended for those people who experience pain in their lower back and suffer from neck pains. Even though it is perfectly fine to use this pillow in your bed at night, it is more popularly used for traveling purposes, due to the more compact nature of the memory foam pillow. However, it may not be the best kind of cushion if you are looking for one to be used every night.

  1. The Wedge

The Wedge Memory Foam pillow is another popular memory foam pillow. It is in the shape of a wedge, as the name suggests. If you are one of those people who uses two to three pillow at night while sleeping to elevate your head, then the wedge memory foam pillow is the perfect option for you. Therapists and doctors recommend the wedge memory pillow for those with snoring issues, problems with acid reflux, leg pains, heartburn, etc.

  1. The V-Shaped

The popularity of V-Shaped Memory Foam Pillow is fast growing because, with this type of pillow, you would only need one. Many of us like to have one or more pillows under the head and another pillow to hug through the night. People who sleep on their stomach and side sleepers will love the V-Shaped memory foam pillow because it offers improved neck support, and it just feels snug and comfortable.

  1. The Egg Crate

The Egg Crate Memory Foam Pillow usually comes in a contoured shape. This pillow has little bumps for added texture and can provide a lot of additional support. As the memory foam is known for heat retention, this memory foam pillow is an excellent choice because it offers enhanced airflow.

Four Benefits of Best Memory Foam Pillows

The benefits of using memory foam pillows are as follows:

  1. Pain and Pressure Relief

One of the significant advantages of owning a memory foam pillow is pressure relief. Since memory foam is usually designed to adjust the temperature of the body, it offers practical comfort for pressure points. A painful part in your body, like the neck, has a different temperature than the rest of your body. A memory foam pillow will adjust to this temperature and apply or lessen the pressure where necessary.

  1. Useful Neck and Head Support

Memory foam pillow is generally firmer than the usual feather-filled pillows. It takes the shape of your body, head, and neck, hence offering maximum support.

  1. Low Maintenance

Memory foam pillows do not require much maintenance. With a washable, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant cover, you have less worry of keeping your memory foam pillow clean.

  1. Durable

Memory foam pillows are known to be very durable. There is less sagging and minimal damage attached when it comes to this type of pillow. While memory foam pillow contours to your head and neck’s shape, it goes back to its original shape and size one the pressure has been removed.

Two Disadvantages of Memory Foam Pillows

Like every coin has two sides, memory foam pillow also comes with a few problems, which are as follows:

  1. Heat Retention

Because memory foam pillow retains heat, there are types of memory foam pillows that include cooling gels, ventilation features, and/or other cooling materials.

  1. Expensive

Memory foam pillows are generally more substantial in the pocket, in comparison to other types of pillow. In some cases, the price of one memory foam pillow can be equivalent to the amount of three to five regular pillows.


Concluding the article, it is safe to assume that pillows are just as important, if not more, as mattresses when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep at night after a long day. Like any other product, memory foam pillows also come with their advantages and disadvantages, but its benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you have trouble sleeping at night and are tired of taking medications for your back, neck, shoulder pains, acid reflux, heartburn, etc., then memory foam pillows are an excellent option for you. They can be a little pricey, but we promise that the cost is worth your comfort. Therefore, our final verdict is yes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is memory foam pillow, right?

Memory foam pillows are better at contouring to your specific needs and keeping your spine aligned, which is much better for your neck in the long run.

2. What is the purpose of memory foam?

The most common domestic uses of memory foam are mattresses, pillows, shoes, and blankets. It has medical applications, such as wheelchair seat cushions, hospital bed pillows, and padding for people suffering long-term pain or postural problems.

3. Can memory foam pillow cause headaches?

People who sleep on mattresses and pillows made with memory foam or other synthetic foams may suffer mysterious morning headaches or migraines.

4. Are memory foam pillows good for your neck?

Memory Foam Pillow may be the right choice for back sleepers, as it helps keep your spine straight, cradling your neck, and allowing your head to rest in a lower position.

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