Top 9 Best Pillow Speakers For 2020 

What are Pillow Speaker?

Music and comfort are the two things that people look for to have a perfect relaxation, and if these two things are combined then it is just a cherry on top. Often we have tried sleeping with our earbuds in, but as soon as we turn to the side, the earbuds fall out, or a discomfort of some sort is felt. In worst cases, one can also get painful cysts from the bacteria that builds up or can end up having dead skin where the pressure from earbuds is applied. Pillow Speaker prices vary in the market as many types and models are present, but most of them can be bought for $25 or less. Speaker pillows are generally more expensive, hence one can expect to spend at least $60 for these gadgets.

9 Highest Rated Pillow Speaker List For 2020

1. Homder Sleep Pillow Headphones
2. Voerou Wireless Sleep Pillow
3. C Crane Soft Speaker Pillow
4. Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker with Volume Control
5. CozyPhones Sleep Speaker
6. Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers
7. PillowSonic Under-Pillow Speaker with Volume Control
8. Pyle Bluetooth Pillow Speaker
9. Sleep Ultra Thin Pillow speakers
9 Features of Speaker Pillows
Three Types Of Speaker Pillow
3 Advantages Of Under Pillow Speaker
2 Disadvantages Of Sleep Speaker
Frequently Asked Questions - Wireless Speaker Pillow

9 Best Under Pillow Speaker- Tabular Comparison

Homder Sleep PillowIncluded4.4
Voerou Wireless Speaker PillowIncluded4.4
C Crane Pillows With Speaker Inside4.2
Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker with Volume ControlNot Included3.9
CozyPhones Pillow With Speaker Built InN/A3.8
Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow SpeakersNot included3.3
PillowSonic Under Pillow Speaker with Volume ControlNot included3.6
Pyle Bluetooth Pillow SpeakerNot included3.5
Sleep Ultra-Thin Bed SpeakersN/A3.8

1. Homder Sleep Pillow Headphones

pillow speaker

What are Homder Sleep Pillow Headphones?

These are the type of sleeping masks with in-built headphones. It is a pillow that allows you to sleep better and with music on. You do not really have to use extra devices with an eye mask for music if you are using this.

Extra cushion enhances eye mask and nose pressure, which can be shaded to the full. This helps you fall asleep faster since it is providing you extra comfort and music which sounds ambient. The speaker pillow is not only usable for sleeping but also is your best-friend on an airplane ride. The speaker has a built-in microphone which helps you to talk hands free on the handset and movable microphones. Only raise the volume after the ears have already been covered pressing the “+ /- ” button for longer or use the phone to switch.

Bluetooth sleeping eye mask headphones must have a reasonable degree of noise cancellation: whether that be snoring, traveler’s talk (especially in public transit), noisy neighbors, etc. A cord attaches two speakers and one control panel to the sleeping headphones and you need to take it out gradually before washing. After it had dried you can put the panel back inside.

Characteristics of Homder Sleep Pillow Headphones

Powered by a rechargeable 200mAH high-performance lithium battery, charged via USB (cable supplied) for about 2-2.5 hours, providing more than 8 hours of play time, no beeps when power is out. The dimensions are around 5.9 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches, these are with Velcro scale 20.3-26.5 inch, eye mask size is adjustable, and the product weighs approx. 3.52 ounces.

2. Voerou Wireless Sleep Pillow​

wireless speaker pillow

What are Voerou Wireless Speaker Pillow?

These are the headbands that will help you in all the run and gun cases. Voerou Bluetooth Headband permits you to tune in to your music without having to wear extra earphones, and secure you from being irritated by your hair mess and sweat. Built-in receiver will help you not miss any calls whenever on the go. Devices control module is in the middle of speakers, won’t press the ears, which is very comfortable for side sleepers.

The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers are easy enough to wear when sitting on your side or resting. They shut out noise from the atmosphere without the use of uncomfortable earplugs that tend to fall out.

Constructed of unique cloth, compressive to protect the ears and good breathability. Fabric lining removed from stitching is not faulty, it is the spot to remove the Bluetooth button, so you can wash the headband properly. Thickness is only 0.25-inch speaker, which is very comfortable for sleepers. True HD HIFI sound featuring latest Bluetooth technology that produce great sound quality. Compatible with Android and iOS both. Perfect suitable for gym, workout, running, yoga and other outdoor activities. Ideal for children, college students, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates, snoring spouses and co-eds. It is the best gift for family or friends on travel.

Characteristics Of Wireless Pillow Speaker

Unisex band with a wireless V5.0 Tech, pair with any Bluetooth devices (cell phones, tablets, PC, TVs, Android, iPhone, iPad etc.) quicker & easier. 45 feet wireless range, Ultra low-power, built-in rechargeable battery, and with a 2-hour charging time provides up to 10 hours, weighing around 2 ounces.

3. C Crane Soft Speaker Pillow

sleep speaker

What are C Crane Soft Speaker Pillows?

This is the soft speaker that is the first speaker pillow, not just to go under your mattress, but to sit closer to your ear right on your bed so you can keep the sound so down where you can only sense it.

Designed with a pillow speaker and walled in a supple, padded foam. It is primarily for quiet areas. What makes it stand out is that in a pillow speaker, the designer clearly thought about what customers might need and tried to make it work while keeping the cost fair. It has a removable soft casing for the speaker to hide inside. It means you don’t have to bury the speaker under your pillow as you do with most others; instead, you can place it under/next to your ear, which is perfect if you have got a thick pillow or you have not the greatest of the listening. It also has a convenient (78 inches long) control box integrated into the very long cable. The control helps you to choose the Amp which nicely boosts the sound. There are 1, 4 or 8-hour sleep timers which are perfect for saving the batteries or just having music for the night off and depending on what you are listening to, you can switch between voice or music modes.

Characteristics Of Sleep Speaker

The speaker type it houses is a Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron with a frequency response

of 20-20,000 Hz. Includes a standard headphone jack. This weighs approx. 1.12 ounces with dimensions of 84 x 48 x 27.6 inches.

4. Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker with Volume Control

Pillow Speaker with Volume Control

What are Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speakers?

The Pillow Speaker Sangean PS-300 is a flexible little pillow speaker. It consists of one compact and unobtrusive speaker and it also has volume control in-line. On and off built-in amplifier, you can easily turn the volume up to the next level with the amplification setting on. You should listen with anonymity with the amplifier off and conserve battery life. It is not intended to be placed directly under your ear as it does not have a coating or a rubber covering. Instead, if you choose, you can place it under your bed, within your pillow case or beside your ear.

 Most pillow speakers available today have very low volume performance, but you will have increased and customizable volume control with this. Extra flat, specific speaker chamber design which reduces annoying frequency ranges without disturbing others. It also has an Amp that improves the sound. The Amp needs just one AAA battery, but if you want, you can use it without the Amp. Most audio devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, smartphones, radios, TVs and more can be connected to the PS-300. It can be used with any system that has a 3.5 mm headphone output port.

Characteristics Of Pillow Speaker With Volume Control

This speaker and housing was built with usability in mind. The 2.25-inch speaker is rated at 16 ohms and provides full-range listening capacity of 50mW. The speaker case measures a slim 2.75″x 3.4″x 0.57″—at just half an inch thick, it fits effortlessly into any pillow case. Weighs around 5 ounces it comes with 6.5 feet long cord.

5. CozyPhones Sleep Speakers

What are CozyPhone Sleep Speakers?

These sleek sleep headphones provide the ultimate in cool comfort for sleeping, relaxing, sports or meditation. Embedded speakers in a lightweight, lycra headband are completely adjustable for the perfect fit. Features a bonus travel bag, ultra-thin speakers and a long-lasting braided cable which won’t tangle or muck. Lightweight, supportive and washable headband sleep with flexible speakers will provide the perfect fit for you. The new product uses an inner mesh covering. The ergonomic architecture for work, fitness, relaxation and meditation is great.

The cloth and the shape of the contour, said to dip down over the ears of a listener, work together to make the headphones fit properly and remain in place. While the part that touches skin is mesh, the outer lining is soft and lightweight fleece. This most visible part comes in three colors: black, gray and violet. There is the small opening at the back of the headband for the cable to hang out. These are making great presents for kids, people, mothers, fathers, teenagers, children and just about anyone else. No earbuds that stay in the ear or heavy headphones that just don’t suit. Also can be put over the head like a sleep mask for a worry-free nap.

CozyPhones are useful for sensory problems and special needs too! These thin, flat foamed speakers are located inside the headband and can be removed; they are required to wash the headband.

Characteristics of Sleep Speaker

This speaker comes with a flexible and durable 1.5-meter braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. With a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz and a travel-friendly weight of around 2 ounces.

6. Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers

pillows with speaker inside

What are Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers?

These are a handful of small but powerful stereo pillow speakers with handy integrated volume controls. The minimal-profile pillow speakers only slide under your pillow and allow you to listen to a 3.5 mm stereo/headphone connector with trust and ease to any radio, CD or cassette player, etc. These are connected together so that one can’t be misplaced, but under your pillow you can place them comfortably. Two ultra-thin speakers blend into your regular or king size pillow to maximize the relaxation and the protection of your ear. Helps and is suggested greatly with the tinnitus; it is not just only a condition itself, but it is a symptom of the underlying conditions like ear injury, circulatory system disorder, and age-related hearing loss. Sound therapy is used for this condition. It uses external sound to mask the internal ear noise, i.e., tinnitus. It is used to heal other problems too, but we are focusing here to cure or suppress tinnitus. Does not require batteries or power. In-line volume control allows users to change playback volume easily. Used with Sound Oasis Sound Relaxers, CD players, iPods, iPhones, iPads, most MP3 players and TVs.

Note: a powered version of these speakers is also available which provides amplified sound and is therefore more suited to people with a hearing loss.  

Characteristics of Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers

Uses a 73″ long cable and a standard 1/8 plus which fits most of the electronic devices available. With the product dimensions of 5 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches and weighing around 7 ounces with everything included.

7. PillowSonic Under Pillow Speaker with Volume Control

under pilllow speaker

What are Under Pillow Speakers?

If you want better sound quality than a single speaker can provide, the PillowSonic Under-Pillow Stereo may be the best choice for your needs. It includes two flat micro speakers wrapped side-by-side in a smooth, slip-resistant acoustic foam that avoids slide under your pillow. The frustrating slipping and falling off previous generations ‘ consumers was removed. Hear to rich sound without upsetting your companion or other family members. Get to sleep listening to your favorite music, relaxation music, or mediation CDs. Wake up softly with a Pillowsonic stereo pillow speaker to your clock radio without upsetting anyone else in the vicinity. Although the two speakers make a clear, stereo sound that resonates with pillows, they may not be quieter than thick pillows.

The ability to remove and wash the cover and the pocket that allows you to put your mobile in the pad for easy storage include other enhancements. Comes with an attached pocket which allows to store the device along as well. The cable is long enough to stretch to a bedside table, and comes with an extension, it means you don’t have to tie up excess cable if your audio device is really close to your pillow. The pillow speakers work directly off your music player – no batteries required. The company also provides the basic features of in-line volume control and a universal audio jack, all the regular functionality of internet volume control and universal audio jack. 

Characteristics Under Pillow Speaker with Volume Control

Weighs 5 ounces with a product dimension of 11.2 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches. Beneficial for Tinnitus masking.

8. Pyle Bluetooth Pillow Speaker

bluetooth pillow speaker

What are Pyle Bluetooth Pillow Speakers?

For recharging the body, sleep is the most important and helpful tool and getting plenty of it is important. This compact pillow speaker has everything to ease you into restful slumber, regardless of the circumstances. It provides a complete range of surround sounds through dual integrated speakers to enhance your listening experiences in bed or while you are traveling. Use the tiny pillow speaker to clear the roar of your plane during air travel, snoring at night, or noises from the noisy night in the city. This extremely thin pillow with speaker brings back comfort into your personal bedside listening. Each Pyle Bluetooth pillow speaker provides sound and music that stimulates your body’s response to relax and relaxation, especially at night.

It is designed to lull you to sleep and helps to let go of stress. This compact speaker pillow is super easy to use with a 2.1 ft. wired remote control and 1 GB of built-in memory. To change the pace, switch, pause & perform all you need to do is press the buttons. You can use the 1 GB Bluetooth pillow to loop up your own playlist and provide you more music choices or to configure the pre-installed series of soothing sounds like a moderate sprinkle of thunder, a bubbling waterfall and roaring blades to help you sleep after an extremely long day. This high-tech speaker pillow is compatible with any computer desktop, laptop, and phone that is equipped with Bluetooth.

Characteristics of Bluetooth Speaker Pillow

Measuring 14.9” x 5.1” x 1.0” & weighing only ½ a lb., upgraded with 2.1 ft. auxiliary cord.

9. Sleep Ultra-Thin Pillow Speakers

pillow headphone

What are Sleep Ultra-Thin Speaker Pillow?

You like to go to sleep and hear calming music, watch TV and so on but you probably know that normal ear-buds can be uncomfortable, particularly while you lie on your side. This ultra-thin speaker is a headband substitute for headphones, it is very soft and comfortable for lateral sleepers. It is also a helmet headset/headphones. You’ll never want to disturb others in the building. With a robust 3.5 mm stereo plug. These are pretty durable and convenient.  A versatile and strong braided cord. These do not and will not kink, crack or twist in regular usage. Use with all your favorite devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, MP3, MP4 and other audio devices. This pillow speaker is perfect for side sleepers and it is definitely a great buy for saving money.

Characteristics Of Pillow Headphone

The measurement for pillow speakers thickness are just 1/8″ or about 3mm.

10 Features of Pillow Speakers To Be Consider Before Buying

The overall perception of speaker pillows is that they are generally not durable, and are not of excellent quality. To buy a speaker pillow which lets you enjoy the music, without disturbing anyone sleeping next to you can be quite a challenge. Therefore, it is essential that before making the purchase, you look carefully into the different range of products and make an informed and good decision about what you want to buy. Some of the things that can be taken into account are as follows:

Devices You can Use With Pillow Speakers

The customer buying their pillow speaker should be able to use their pillow which can be attached to any device, or anything which has a headphone jack including MP3 players, cell phones, radios etc.


There are multiple designs of pillow speaker in the market. The ones which are not that expensive come in a small round or a square shape which can be placed easily under the pillow. There are also designs of pillows where the speaker is placed inside the pillow, instead of being separate from it. There is another kind of speaker pillow where it comes in a headband style which is comfortable to wear while you lie down and lets you hear the sounds easily.

Volume Control:

One of the most important features about pillow with speakers is its volume control function. On a speaker pillow one needs to ensure that the control system is close enough for you to increase or decrease the volume, so that when you are in a comfortable position in your bed or sofa, changing volumes is not an issue. Generally, a 12-inch distance is considered good enough from volume control to the source of sound.

Wireless Bluetooth:

Pillows with speakers with an added Bluetooth connection are not so readily available in the market, but they are not completely impossible to find either.

Pillow Speaker For TV connection:

As most of the pillow speakers do not come with wireless connection, their wires can be attached to TV sets as well. However, you may need to purchase additional wires and cables that are compatible with your television. TVs of older models that come with a headphone jack can easily be connected to your pillow speaker. However, advanced models of TV do not have a headphone jack in them so to connect them with your speaker pillow, you may need to buy a conversion cable. If your TV set has Bluetooth and your pillow speaker also has a Bluetooth feature, then both these devices can be linked through that.

Power Source:

Most of the pillows with speakers run on the power sources of the music or sound source, and some run on batteries.

Volume Level:

The type of pillow you own greatly affects the volume level of your speaker. If you own a memory foam pillow, for example, then you need to buy a pillow speaker which is loud enough to get the music through the foam.

Length of Cord:

Depending on what you are using the speaker with, you may want to note how long the wire of the speaker will be. There are pillow speakers that have cords that go for as long as 6.5 feet.

Quality of Sound:

Unlike the term “pillow speakers”, the quality of the sound does not go with the name. Pillows with speakers, for some reason, are not best known for producing quality sounds. If you are someone to whom the quality of sound matters a lot, then you may need to look for an alternative option, other than pillow speakers. Many customers have reported that the sound is clear enough for you to hear the words in the song. The quality of the sound is also dependent on the volume of the speaker pillow.


Since the speaker pillows come in all sorts of different designs, you can get them with a lot of different types of materials. Most basic under pillow speakers will be made of hard plastic.

3 Types Of Headphone Pillows

Memory Foam with Built-in Speaker:

There are pillow speakers which have a speaker attached inside the pillow. These speaker pillows are relatively expensive, but they are known to be pretty comfortable.

Small Portable Speaker:

This type of pillow speaker allows stronger sounds to pass through and they often come with a pocket where you can easily place your audio device. This feature also means that you can travel with speaker pillow easily. These pillow speakers work independently of a battery source which means that they have a long term value for money.

Flat Under-Pillow:

The simplest kind of speaker pillows are of this kind; they are small and flat in size and can be fitted under the pillow. Most of them are designed in such a way that they have multiple layers so the person sleeping next to you is not disturbed by the sounds coming from the pillow speaker. These speaker pillows are cheap to purchase, but they are not long lasting and reliable.

3 Advantages Of Speaker Pillows

  1. After having a long and tiring day, if you want to listen to some music without disturbing your partner, speaker pillows are the best option. If you do not like plugging in earphones, then speaker pillow can be quite beneficial to you.
  2. Tinnitus means that a ringing in ears is heard or other sounds like buzzing, whistling etc., which keep you up at night. Having some music or background sounds in your pillow can help you sleep, distracting you from unwanted sounds.
  3. Pillow speakers provide sound therapy, especially to people who go through stress, anxiety, PTSD or insomnia. All the patient has to do is put on some relaxing and mediating sounds on their pillow speaker, and they will somewhat help them cub their mental health.

Two Disadvantages Of Pillow Speakers

  1. Pillow speakers are not known for their quality of sound, unfortunately.
  2. Durability is another disadvantage that comes with speaker pillows. The sweat, dirt, dust or even drool seeps into the pillow which damages them. However, the good thing is that most of the speaker pillows come with a warranty so they can be replaced with a certain amount of time, if they get damaged.

Where can pillow speaker be bought from?

Amazon has a wide variety of pillow speakers, with prices, customer reviews, as well as company guarantee and warranty.

Are there radio types?

The best option is to plug the radio with your speaker pillow.

Can headphone pillows get connected to TV?

Yes, as long as your TV has a compatible audio jack. However, an extension cord will be required to attach the TV to your pillow speaker.


If you are someone who enjoys their music while they are relaxing, or just before going to bed, but you do not like the feeling of plugged in earphones, then speaker pillows are perfect for you. These pillow are not too cheap to purchase, and can provide you with an ultimate relaxing experience.

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