​All of us are no strangers to the phrase – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but not just a healthy diet rather a good night sleep is as important for the human body to function properly. It is found in a research that people who have a disturbed sleep or sleep insomnia has a direct and immediate negative effect on our hormones and even on our brain’s functionality. It is also found that many people who complain about weight gain they have the sleep disorder common in them.

One of the many reasons why people cannot sleep well is their bed. You might be lying on an uncomfortable platform without you even being noticing it. Or, the surface that you are laying on might be too hard for you, or it might be too uneven for you to sleep. So, if someone has a problem of being a night owl, then believe it or not, it’s time to get your bed changed and shift to LUCID beds to feel a positive difference in your life and health.



1. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review
2. LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered
3. LUCID 6 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress 
4. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Four
5. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed
6. Lucid 4" Folding Mattress & Sofa
7. LUCID 12 Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress - Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera
8. LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress


1. Lucid 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

With hundreds of supporting reviews and customers’ feedback, lucid 10 inch memory foam mattress is cheaper  other than lucid mattress.  It has variety of sizes available. It is CertiPUR-US certified and gives ten year warranty for users.  Due to its open cell technology design, it prevents sagging and excessive heating.



Type of Mattress and Level of Comfort:

The combination of a 2.5 inch layer of ventilated gel memory foam and a 7.5 inch layer of high density support foam makes it an ideal bed for sleepers looking for a plush mattress.Microscopic gel beads in the top layer of the mattress regulate body temperature while sleeping. 


Durability of 10 inch lucid gel mattress is unquestionable.  Made of a cozy TENCEL blend fabric (10 percent TENCEL lyocell, 90 percent polyester), the soft mattress cover keeps the mattress fresh and breathable, ultimately improving its durability. 


  • 10-year warranty
  • Ultra-plush comfort
  • TENCEL blend fabric cover
  • Open cell technology.


  • None

2. LUCID 5 Gel Memory Foam Mattress Dual-Layered

LUCID 5 INCH mattress

Size & Construction:

The lucid 5 inch gel memory foam mattress is made up of dual technology with 1 inch gel memory foam layer and 4 inches base foam layer. Also, LUCID 5 inch mattress is available in different sizes like twin, full and lucid mattress king.

Level of Comfort

As mentioned above, this mattress is composed of 1-inch gel memory which ventilates the heat and keeps your body cool throughout the night. Also 4 inch base foam layer creates firmness which gives you full supportive feel with countless nights of restful sleep and also helps to keep your spine into proper alignment. Moreover, its removable washable polyester cover gives the mattress extra breathability and comfort.


Its open cell construction makes it durable and long lasting.  Ten years warranty is an added advantage. Also, LUCID 5 inch memory foam mattress is certified From CertiPUR-US which gives us satisfaction about safety, resistant against dust mites and harmful chemicals.


  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • Removable and washable zipper case
  • You can use it on flat platform without extra padding
  • Specifically designed for children’s bed
  • Best for stomach & back sleeper


  • Cover not water proof
  • Some users claim about little chemical smell

3. LUCID 6 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

lucid mattresses

Size & Construction:

The 6 inch LUCID mattress is made up of dual technology with 2 inch gel memory foam layer and 4 inches base foam layer. Also, LUCID 6 inch mattress is available in Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen with 6-inch and 8-inch mattress with encasement. Also, this mattress is not too much bouncy, so memory foam mattress allows you to create a sturdy and comfortable base for all your adult activities.

Level of Comfort

This mattress is composed of 2-inch gel memory which helps to increase airflow through the memory foam, ventilates the heat & keeps your body cool and gives comfortable sleep. Also, 4 inch base foam layer creates a firm which gives you full supportive feel with countless nights of restful sleep and compresses your body evenly under your body weight to relieve pressure on your body’s point. Moreover its removable washable polyester cover creates a nice air between your & your child’s body and mattress to extra breathability and comfort.

6 inch infused mattress


Its open cell construction makes it durable and long lasting. Ten year warranty is an added advantage. Also, LUCID 6 inch memory foam mattress is certified From CertiPUR-US which gives us satisfaction about safety, resistant against dust mites and harmful chemicals.


  • Specifically designed for children’s bed
  • Best for stomach & back sleeper
  • Feel firm
  • Light-weight
  • Polyester made removable and washable cover
  • 2 rating on Amazon with more than 2300 reviews


  • Cover is not water proof
  • Some users claim about too much firmness.

4. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

lucid beds


With variety in sizes and hundreds of high ratings & users’ reviews, LUCID 16-inch gel memory foam with the combination of Latex comfort has proven that this is the ideal mattress under 1000 dollars for sleepers who are seeking for a plush mattress. By using open cell memory foam construction technology, it compresses evenly under body weight, creates a longer lasting, more resilient foam that will not leave long-lasting body impressions.

Type of Mattress & Comfort

LUCID 16 inch gel memory foam consists of 4 layers which work together to gives your body highly optimal relaxes and comfort. The first layer is a 1 inch charcoal bamboo which is especially designed for sensitive skin and gives thermal regulations and can be removed easily. The combination of latex and memory foam provides an orthopedic support and pressure relief to help back, neck and shoulder pain, and creates a layer resistant to allergens and dust mites. Its TENCEL blend fabric (90% polyester) creates a breathable air layer on the top of mattress.


This product is CertiPUR-US certified which gives you the satisfaction about non toxic materials, environment friendly make and your safety. Also, its careful construction gives satisfaction about its durability, no ozone depletion, no CFCs, no mercury and low VOC emission for indoor air quality.16 inch latex mattress


  • 16 inch thick mattress
  • Combination of memory foam & latex
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Tencel Blend fabric (90% polyester)
  • Orthopedic support and pressure relief
  • Charcoal bamboo cover for sensitive skin
  • Vacuum packed


  • Some users claim that it is too soft & plush for their taste


5.LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

Your guest comes to your home for dinner and they want to stay at your home you are worrying about how to accommodate your guest don’t you worry The LUCID Rollaway Bed with 1 inch Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect and comfortable solution. Not only does it fold up for easy storage, but the .Its 4 inch memory foam mattress gives your guest exceptional comfort for a night’s rest.

lucid mattress reviews

Size & Construction

53lbs & 73 x 31 x 4 inches LUCID Folding mattress has soft and ultra-high supportive mattress with a medium-feel mattress has 1 inch memory foam and 3” support foam included a mattress paired with a crossbar –free hammock style suspension .


LUCID mattress cover is a breathable rayon from soft bamboo mattress cover which is perfect for every sleeper with sensitive skin. The heavy duty steel frame has 11’ of clearance so that you or your guest can easily place luggage below.


LUCID portable mattress’s spring supported deck which offers you more comfortably than wood slat and wire mesh support. Supportive and comfortable mattress has conforming memory foam on top layer on a chunky supportive base foam layer and a calm, steady spring-supported deck. Its supporting deck soaks up impact, avoiding bouncy feeling. There’s cross-bar-free hammock-style suspension so nothing irritates you.


  • You don’t have to rearrange your closet every time you store your bed just Quickly pull out the bed for guests or children, then fold and roll away for super easy storage.
  • With its dual locking smooth rolling caster wheel feature set up your sleep shop anywhere anytime where you want and don’t you worry about unexpected movement in the middle of night or shifting in storage.
  •  Built for strength and durability, the steel frame also features a spring supported mattress deck. The rollaway is quick and easy to assemble
  • LUCID is CertiPUR-US certified memory foam with no detrimental odors; with Dual Locking wheel make its safe for kids.

cot size


Heavy-duty bed frame with 10 years warranty Built for durability, the steel frame has a spring-supported mattress deck & lab-certified secure foam, your family/ guest are safe from harmful chemical.


  • Safe for children
  • Weight capacity 350 pounds
  • Dual Locking wheel for safety
  • Bamboo mattress cover
  • Storage space below the bed


  • Very low to ground
  • Holes are not enough when wheels embed to braces.

6. Lucid 4 Inch Foldable Mattress

If you are looking for a two-in-one mattress that is both unique and versatile, then  lucid memory foam mattresses is a great option for you. The LUCID 4-inch folding mattress can be used as a comfortable sofaas well as a mattress. You can use it as a sofa in your drawing room, add it to your small dorm room or use it as a comfortable sofa, then unfold it to make a bed to sleep on.


The lucid 4 folding mattress contains layers of supportive foam. The top layer is a 0.5-inch memory foam and the underneath layer is a 3.5-inch high-density foam. This allows the dense foam used in this  mattress to adjust itself as per user’s body weight.


Lucid offers mattress cover with zipper which makes it convenient to remove when needed.  The cover can be washed in washing machine easily. It does not shrink after washing.

folding mattress


The Lucid 4-inch portable mattress has a 4-inch dual -layered foam which supports your weight without sagging. 


  • Queen-size measures 60” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 60” x 28” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded to make a sofa
  • Full-size measures 54” x 75” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 54” x 26.75” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded
  • Full Extra-Large size measures 54” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 54” x 28” x 12” when folded
  • Twin size measures 39” x 75” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 39” x 26.75” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded
  • Twin Extra-Large size measures 39” x 80” x 4” (length x width x height) when laid flat and 39” x 28” x 12” (length x width x height) when folded. 


The Lucid 4-inch  mattress is highly portable because of its compact design and light weight.  It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.  The most convenient feature of this f mattress is that one panel is larger than the other two panels.  So, you can fold the smaller panels to make it a sofa any time. Its weight is just 17 pounds.


  • 4-inch mattress
  • Highly portable
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Can be converted into a sofa easily


Uncomfortable built


7. LUCID 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review- aloe vera memory foam mattress

bamboo charcoal mattress

Size & Construction

This is another great type of LUCID Hybrid mattress having all best mattress materials and features to provide the maximum comfortable, relax and freshness sleep to its user. LUCID memory foam mattress is available in 6 different sizes (twin, twin-XL, Full, Queen, king, California king) with 2 different styles (10inch, 12 inch). Its construction is quite different from other mattress; 6.5 inch individually-encased high-gauge steel coils are sandwiched between two layers of 3.5 inches of base foam for premium support.

Level of Comfort:

LUCID motion isolating base is topped with two layers. 1.5 inch layer of transition foam infused with aloe vera creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment and regenerates the fabrics of your bedding for daily freshness. Also, aloe vera promotes freshness to create a serene and luxurious sleep. Another two- inch layer of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal minimizes odors associated with memory foam and keeps your body away from harmful bacteria while you sleep. These natural infusions regulate moisture and combat odors, so you wake up fresh and energized in the morning. The 6.5 inch encased coils respond to movement, increase airflow and give great push back and keep your spine aligned.

hybrid mattress


This mattress is topped with two-tone elegant, soft and breathable cover to create a nice air layer between your body and mattress to enhance the feel of bed. Also, LUCID is offering 100 nights risk-free trail with full refund and 10 years warranty against manufacturing defect. This mattress is certified from CertiPUR-US which means that the mattress is safe from harmful chemicals.  While packing, this mattress is compressed and rolled in a simple box, which easily fits through narrow hallways and staircase.


  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Great for those people with allergies


  • Some users claim about developing firmness after some time.

8. LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

12 inch latex mattress

Size & construction:

LUCID Latex Mattress comes in 6 different sizes (twin, twin-XL, Full, Queen, king, California king) with 2 different styles (10inch, 12 inch). This mattress is constructed according to latest science and technology with 6.5 inches encased high-quality steel coils which are individually wrapped to increase air flow, isolate motion and conform to your individual sleep styles and gives you tremendous comfy sleep. 1.5 inches latex and 1 inch memory foam act together for the perfect combination of sink and spring.

Level of comfort

If we talk about comfortability of this mattress, its Latex foam layer actively responds to your body weight and controls movement to provide stable and supple comfort. 1 inch gel memory foam layer regulates the temperature, dissipates body heat and aligns your spine to relieve pressure during sleeping.  One inch transition foam layer acts as a mediator between the plush comfort foam and finer support to keep your mattress from feeling like it bottoming out. Regardless of your sleeping position, with 6 inch support edge, enjoy the super luxurious sleep on this bed. As compared to memory foam mattress, its push back support will leave you renewed and reinvigorated night after night. Also, this mattress is suitable for those who want comfort of memory foam with the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of latex.

12 inch hybrid mattress


This mattress is Topped with two –tone elegant fabric cover with 10 year’s warranty against manufacturer defects. Also, LUCID offers a 100 night risk-free trail with full refund. This mattress is certified from CertiPUR-US which guarantees that it is safe from harmful chemicals and phthalates.  For shipping purpose, this mattress is compressed, rolled in a simple box which easily fits through narrow hallways and staircase.


  • High-gauge steel coils provide precise support
  • Motion isolation
  • Best for master bedroom & guest room
  • 100 night risk-free trail with full refund
  • 10 years warranty
  • Soft & breathable cover


  • Some users claim about its firmness

Why LUCID Mattress?

With its large range of mattress, LUCID is well-known for bed-in-a-box world. LUCID is rated amongst the top ten brands to sell the best beds for its consumers. We know many brands out there who claim to satisfy the need of every other sleeper with just one kind of mattress, but LUCID mattress has the bed made for literally every kind of sleeper and this makes it different from all the ordinary brands. It ensures that different kind of sleepers can have different sleeping needs.

LUCID ensures that all its consumers get a better night’s sleep. With LUCID mattress around, one can find the best mattress for every kind of sleeper. These are the most recommended beds now-a-days. Even for picky people who don’t close the deal on their first visit LUCID mattress has proved to be the right and best solution for their sleep needs.

Variety is the spice of life and that’s what LUCID has for its consumers. Different choices to make for different sleepers – all under one roof.


As the technology is progressing so are, we. Necessity is the mother of the need and when LUCID found that consumers around felt the need for a change, when people wanted something extraordinary due to their emerging and changing demands and needs, LUCID brought that change and turned the needs into reality.  With LUCID mattresses around you can now make the right choice for yourself by choosing the best for yourself and your loved ones. There are a number of mattresses available for everyone. You can pick from a wide range of sizes and materials as per your needs. It does not matter whether you are a side sleeper or you are the kind of person who likes to sleep or above all even if you are a stomach sleeper, we have just got you covered in all these areas.


After identifying the number of benefits that you get by getting your hands dirty on LUCID mattresses and spending some bucks, you now need to be aware of the characteristics that you will be taking advantage of by choosing us. Don’t fall for those traditional mattresses when you have LUCID mattresses. We guarantee you the right and the best mattresses available. LUCID beds fit your needs in every possible way. LUCID believes that there might not be a mattress that is best for everyone but there might be one that is perfect for you.


LUCID mattresses are made up of 10-inches of foam. 3 inches of which gives you a plush feel and 7 inches of foam for firmness. All this so you can delve into the best feel and the rightest sleep. LUCID 10-inch mattresses are designed such that they will align the spine for incredible support and feel. Their sizes change from 10 inches to 16 inches, all different to fit different needs of different sleepers. Some of them also have coils wrapped in them which ensure that the user gets the firmness just according to his taste, not too much to feel as a solid rock and not too low that the sleeper keeps bumping into the bed and the beds lays straight and thin on the floor.


Sizes of the mattresses usually depend upon the age of person, the size of the room or the number of sleepers that have to occupy that space. For all the mentioned reason we thus found the need to make various beds of various sizes and material which can fit into the rapidly changing needs of the sleepers. LUCID mattresses are usually available in the following sizes:

  • Twin sizes

    These are the mattresses that are fit for the toddlers. They can play around on this as play mats and sleep on them when they are too tired to play.

  • Full size

    These mattresses come for your teenage kids and will fit perfectly into their room.

  • King size

    This size can easily fit on two adults on it until and unless you are really big in size.

  • Queen sizes

    This is the one which is best for couples. This is a retreat for all the couples who want a good night and cozy sleep after a long hectic day.


LUCID mattresses have a super thick 16-inch gel foam which is best to provide the traditional comfort to its users. It is budget-friendly and comes in a compact box. This saves extra space and is easy to deliver. It is famous for its name in bed-in-a-box world.

1- Gel Memory foam

Gel memory foam comes in a 14 inches plush version and a 10 inches medium firm version of super thick mattress. The upper layer is covered in cooling gel memory foam and below it there is a supportive base made of bamboo charcoal that supports the spine as the base layer.

Warranty: 25-Years warranty.

Shipping: Free, arrives compressed in a box

2- Latex foam

This mattress comes in two sizes: a 10-inches medium firm mattress and a 16-inches plus version. The 10 inches foam has 3 inches of perforated latex on top of a base layer of latex support foam. The 16 inches version starts with a hypoallergic bamboo charcoal foam layer. This is followed by a 3 inches of soft memory foam and a 2 inches of medium firmness bouncy latex. Lastly based with 10 inches of supportive base.

Warranty: 25-Years warranty.

Shipping: Free, arrives compressed in a box

3- Hybrid foam

The latest foam is combined to give the traditional comfort of springs for the ultimate comfort of the sleeper. This mattress comes in 10 inches and 12 inches options. These mattresses are comprised of multiple layers of comforts for the sleepers. The layers are made of bamboo charcoal infused foam, latex and memory foams. They are arranged as such to ensure firmness. The layers are individually encapsulated in coils to support the back and the spine.

Warranty: No warranty mentioned

Shipping: Free, arrives compressed in a box


For children twin sized mattress is thought to be a decent choice. Lucid Queen mattress and full size LUCID mattresses fit well for couples. Hence its ideal to search for such portable mattress that accommodates your size requirements. Through density of the mattress we will be able to analyze the comfort of foldable mattresses. The reason for that is because a dense foldable bed mattress tends to provide more support during your sleep but these kinds of mattresses do also come up with a downside and that is the foldable mattress become greater in mass therefore reducing the portability of foldable mattress


LUCID mattresses provide beds for the whole family with the accurate firmness required to keep everyone satisfied. They range from medium firmness, for people who like their bedding soft, to super firmness, for people who like it a bit hard under their back to get extra support. It also helps people who complain of back aches and other similar problems from other traditional mattresses.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of the mattress responds gently to the pressure applied on it. They can range from extremely plush to super firm mattresses depending upon the type of sleeper. You can find them in any kind of comfort level. They could be as cozy and light as fur. They are made up of multiple layers. Each made up of different materials designed according to its specified sleepers.


LUCID mattresses are not just pocket friendly but they are also highly durable. Some mattresses lose their firmness or are worn-out easily but LUCID. They come in as much as a 25 years warranty which is probably the most guaranteed mattress in the market. So LUCID mattresses remain your buddies for long term.

Materials of mattress being used

While purchasing any sort of mattress it is critical to analyze the type of foam a mattress contains. This will decide the life of a mattress as well as its comfort level. The categories of foam being used are latex, memory and polyurethane foam.

Latex foam considered as a foam type designed to outlast traditional mattresses and is made using natural or synthetic ingredients but still has a shorter life span and is not much reliable. Latex mattresses do not require spring coils.

Memory foam is a thick material and molds itself based on sleepers’ body of a person but usually bears high cost due to the level of comfort it provides.
Polyurethane foam is made entirely synthetically and is a lot bouncier in comparison to memory foam.

  • Soft and Supportive FoamSome people complain of back aches and other pains in their bodies due to their conventional mattresses. So, the next time you go for a mattress you need to make sure that it is soft and it supports your back well so you can actually enjoy your sleep. The portable bed is fashioned in such a way that it gives a soothing experience to anyone who sleeps on it and relaxes the person. If you have a hectic routine and you come home after a long and rough day you need a soft place to sleep on and the portable bed mattress is the excellent choice for you to make.
  • Removable and Breathable covers
    LUCID mattress come with removable and breathable bed covers. The covers are made up of Tencel, which is an eco-friendly material. They are designed in a fashion that they keep the ventilation process going on so that the beds are not too hot to sleep. The cover creates a pleasant and a cool feeling when slept on. They are also washable for the hygiene conscious people.


The Lucid mattress is marketed as a budget-conscious bedding option. It’s got a classic memory foam feel and uses gel-infused foam to defend against trapping heat, which memory foam can be prone to. It’s on the firmer side for a memory foam mattress due to the quick transition to the high-density poly foam base. They come in all sizes and just the right kind of firmness for every sleeper because life is just too short to sleep on the wrong kind of mattress. They are pocket friendly and can fit into your budget easily. Also, they can fit in almost any kind of area. Whether you like your bed to be a bit warm or you like it fresh and cold for the air to keep ventilating through there is a design that LUCID has for you and the one which will sit best for your everyday changing desires.

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