The normal American thought of a futon is a couch that serves as a visitor bed. This alongside development are what separates a futon from a standard sleeping cushion. Futons are comprised of packed layers of material, for example, natural cotton, fleece, and latex. These layers are then tufted set up to keep all the batting verify and guarantee a dependable item. Being made of generally characteristic strands and with little latex, assuming any, futons require more support, and should be flipped at any rate once every other week. A futon sleeping cushion is for the most part on the firm side of the bedding range and with legitimate consideration should last somewhere in the range of 8 and 15 years. Nonetheless, the idea of Queen size futons is genuinely new. The term involves futon couches yet in a bigger size. This is like a Queen Sized mattress which is bigger in size than a customary bedding, making it a Queen Futon.

List of Highest Rated Futon Beds Queen Size

1. Studio Bifold Futon Queen Size
2. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed
3. Nirvana Queen Futon Mattress
4. DHP Ivana Tufted Futon
5. Jerry sales Futon Mattress Queen
6. Nirvana Futons Brentwood Futon Set
7. Kodiak Monterey Futon Set
8. Nirvana Queen Futon Bed
9. Westfield Futon Mattress Queen Size
10. Brentwood Tray Arm Queen Size Wood Futon
How to Choose Queen Size Futon- Buying Guide
Five Advantages Of Queen Size Futon Mattress


Top 10 Best Queen Size Futons

NameAvailable SizesColors
Studio Bifold Futon Queen SizeFull, Queen1
DHP Emily Futon Couch BedQueen8
Nirvana Futons standford Queen Futon MattressFull, Queen10
DHP Ivana Tufted FutonQueen8
Jerry sales queen size futonQueen8
 Nirvana Futons Brentwood Futon SetFull, Queen10
Kodiak Monterey Futon SetQueen22
Nirvana Queen Futons BedFull, Queen10
Westfield Futon Mattress Queen SizeFull, Queen10
Brentwood Tray Arm Queen Size Wood FutonFull Queen5

Top 10 Best Queen Futon Mattress Reviews

1. Studio Bifold Queen Size Futon bed

queen size futon

The Studio Bifold Queen futon bed is developed from incomplete tulip poplar which gives this item a smooth, light hued finish that will mix with practically any home stylistic theme. The queen size futon can be balanced into five situations to give you a total solace whether in an upstanding position or on a completely leaning back one. This queen size futon can be changed over from a rich sofa into a full-sized sleeper when totally leaned back, giving you the additional resting space your requirement for your guest bedroom, or for overnight use when loved ones seek a sleepover.

The studio bifold futon queen size is outfitted with a lot of long lasting wheels in the back which makes it simpler for this queen futon to be balanced completely to the ideal position. The wheels likewise work to help with moving the whole queen futon mattress starting with one area or room then onto the next, absent a lot of trouble. The straightforward lines of the frame effectively mix in with present day stylistic theme, offering a no nonsense class that would upgrade the tasteful of a room or any given space where you need a queen size futon.

The item includes a reduced structure that can fit effectively even into little spaces to give extra seating or dozing region. There is no mattress included when you buy the studio bifold queen size futon – the mattress must be bought independently. The mattress cover is likewise excluded from this futon and should be purchased independently.


This queen futon frame arrives in a minimized structure that will effortlessly fit into little spaces. It has spotless, rich lines which will mix flawlessly into the encompassing style and decorations. Furnished with solid wheels in the back to make alterations simpler to oversee and to help in advantageous migration starting with one room then onto the next.


A few clients griped about the queen futon frame which makes it hard to put against a wall.

2. DHP Emily Queen Futon Bed

queen futons

The DHP Emily queen size futon is loaded down with polyester and foam filling, which conveys the correct equalization of delicateness and immovability to the client. It is then enclosed by either linen or faux leather spread. The fabric spread would rely upon the shade of the futon that you will pick. Dark and naval force futons accompany material spread while the vanilla and dark futons accompany an artificial cowhide spread. What grabs the attention of most clients is the futon’s cutting edge and chic tufted structure. The spread is made of top notch textures, which makes the whole futon eye-getting.

The futon is propped on a moderate silver metal frame, which underpins half of the queen futon bed​. The casing has calculated chrome metal legs, which includes a dash of class and tastefulness to the whole futon. The metal frame can oblige sleepers of up to 600 lbs. This futon mattress queen, specifically, offers the client 3 customizable positions—sitting upright, reclining, and lying back. The beneficial thing about the futon’s metal frame is that it is part into two sections, allowing the utilizations to keep one backrest up and unfurl the opposite side to make a bed that is ideal for one sleeper. The producer offers a 1-year constrained guarantee. The guarantee is restricted distinctly to the fix or substitution of the item’s damaged parts.


The DHP Emily Futon is highly affordable, it offers a series of different colors, the metal frame design is minimalistic, making it quite modern. Moreover, the futon mattress queen size​ is available in two types of fabric cover, and it offers three positions. There is split backrest design for versatility as well.


The queen futon does not have any arm rests, and some customers have found it to be a bit firm and uncomfortable.

3. Nirvana Futons Stanford Queen Size Futon


The Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon is an 8-inch thick mattress made of poly-cotton and high-thickness foam that offers medium-firm to firm resting surface to the client. The mattress accompanies either a twill or microfiber spread. The sort of spread you can get will rely upon the shade of the spread that you will pick. The queen size mattress includes a strong hardwood frame. It is made of top notch wood from its advantages to its situate and back decks.

Another beneficial thing about this futon’s wood frame is it is made of woods that can rapidly adjust to temperature for longer life. Its structure has a polish completion, which guarantees that the shading will keep going for long. This is another 3-position futon set. This implies you can utilize it in three distinct manners—chair, bed, and couch. On the off chance that you need to relax around, this bed gives you the choice to recline a little without lying totally. The producer has given heaps of shading alternatives to this queen futon. You have up to 9 hues to browse. These incorporate dark, imperial blue, naval force blue, khaki, burgundy, green, ivory, and red. Two sorts of guarantee secure the futon. To begin with, the sleeping cushion is upheld by a 4-year maker’s guarantee. Second, the casing is secured by a 5-year maker’s guarantee.


The futon needs partial assembly only, which means not much effort needs to be out in the assembly process. There ae nine colors available, which gives the customers a lot of options to choose from The futon has sturdy and stable seat as well as back decks. Moreover, it is made out of environment friendly materials.


This queen sized futon is relatively expensive and to assemble it is quite tiresome.

4. DHP Ivana Tufted queen futon bed


For this DHP Ivana queen futon, the producer chose to utilize their polyester filling material, which they guarantee can hold up to every day mileage. The whole futon is secured by a sumptuous and extravagant velvet spread that comes in eye-getting hues. Its spread doesn’t just give a resting and sitting surface to the client yet additionally gives the queen futon its vintage look. Its backrest highlights vertical sewing matched with button tufted structure, which makes it look considerably progressively classy. It likewise has a cushioned armrest, which is very agreeable for the client. At the base of the futon, you can discover four wooden base legs that help the whole couch. Its wooden base legs are likewise cushioned to keep it from scratching the floor.

The base has a most extreme weight limit of 400 pounds. This futon includes a split-back structure that permits clients to lean back one side and keep the other in a sitting position. So, its two backrests move autonomously from each other, settling on it a phenomenal decision for numerous clients. Furthermore, this is a multi-useful piece that can be utilized in three different ways. It tends to be utilized as a couch, bed, and chair, which settles on it a brilliant decision for sitting, dozing, and relaxing. The front of the futon comes in five appealing hues, which incorporate Green, Blue, Gray, Tan, and Pink. A one year constrained guarantee is given with the acquisition of the item.


The queen futon has cushioned wooden legs to ensure the floors, cushioned armrest for the solace of the client, velvet spread for an extravagant dozing and sitting surface, conservative and thin structure to spare space, wide scope of shading choices and split backrest plan.


The futon is accounted for to radiate a stinky compound smell and upholstery hangs a little when in a sitting position.

5. Jerry Sales Queen Size Futon


The maker of this Jerry Sales Queen Sized Futon is known for its top notch plan and materials, and this futon is no exemption. The sleeping cushion is contained thirteen check Bonnell springs, which are said to curve and flex as per your body development to keep weight sufficiently conveyed. The following layer is an engineered protection layer, which keeps the spring set up and forestalls the movement of different materials into the spring layer. It is then trailed by two layers of CertiPUR-US confirmed foam, and for the finale, it is topped with a layer of rich and breathable cotton, which goes about as a fire boundary.

The whole sleeping cushion is ensured by a delicate microfiber upholstery that makes the futon look progressively classy. The spread is tufted by 12 nylon tufts to keep them set up for quite a long time. The whole sleeping cushion is painstakingly determined to a coffee shaded wooden edge with straightforward armrests and of the correct seating tallness. This futon can be organized into two positions—a bed and a couch. The sleeping cushion itself includes a one of a kind pivot framework that permits the client to change over the futon from a bed to a sofa effectively. This framework is likewise the one liable for keeping the sleeping cushion set up while it is in a sitting position


 The Jerry Sales Queen Sized Futon comprises of imported wooden edges, carefully curated futon, pivot framework for simple transformation and it comes in various hues.


The futon is hard to gather and a few clients have asserted that the sovereign futon doesn’t remain in love seat position for long.

6. Nirvana queen size futons beds

The Nirvana Futons Brentwood Futon Set incorporates a USA-made futon mattress produced with various layers of cotton and four high-thickness foam layers that the organization professes to convey a definitive solace to the sleeper. For the mattress blanket, you have two alternatives to browse—twill or microfiber. The two textures are delicate to contact and adds a trendy touch to the general look of the futon. The material of the spread will rely upon the shading you will pick. Your shading choice incorporates Fudge, Ivory, Black, Khaki, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Red, and Riyal Blue. This queen futon is set on of a casing that is simply made of strong hardwood—from the seat up to the back deck.

All the wood that is utilized for this futon is reasonably sourced and created in Indonesia. Obviously, this futon offers three jobs—chair, couch, and bed. However, more than that, it gives other useful highlights that you can without a doubt exploit. For one, the armrest on its casing can be flipped and changed over into a table plate where you can put your beverages or book. Also, the structure offers additional capacity choices since it is planned with two wide drawers situated under the sleeping cushion.

With this straightforward element, this couch is the ideal futon set for little homes. Various guarantees spread the futon and frame. For the futon, the organization is offering a 4-year constrained maker’s guarantee. Then again, its casing is supported by a 5-year restricted maker’s guarantee.


The futon incorporates a table plate, two side drawers, decision of either twill or microfiber covers, can be acclimated to three distinct positions and strong hardwood frame radiates a legacy impact.


The queen sized futon is heavy which makes its assembly difficult and there have been a few complaints from buyers that they had difficulty is setting up the frame.

7. Kodiak Monterey Futon Set

The bedding remembered for this futon set is contained various layers—innerspring loop framework, extravagant froth layers, polyfoam layers, and a solitary fire boundary cotton layer—all of which cooperate to make your rest as agreeable and tranquil as could reasonably be expected. The non-removable spread is produced using 100% polyester that is cautiously tufted into the sleeping pad to delay its life expectancy. The casing of this futon set is quite clear—it grabs a chair deck, back stand, and armrests—that’s it, not all that much. In any case, what you might want about this is its rich Barbados finish, which radiates that comfortable feeling.

The futon can be changed over into a bed. While it is in its sitting position, the pivot arrangement of the sleeping cushion keeps it upstanding. What you would adore about this futon is it comes in various hues as well as in vogue structures too. Its texture spread comes in five strong quiet hues, including Charcoal, Linen Cocoa, Linen Stone, Marmont Mocha, Marmont Thunder, and Suede Gray. It is likewise accessible in three eye-getting structures, including English Garden, subside’s Cabin, and Canadian. A one-year guarantee is offered by the maker which is constrained.


 The Kodiak Queen Futon is secured by guarantee, it has eye getting plans, beautiful quieted hues, innerspring curl framework is set up which decreased the movement move and a pivot framework elevates transformation from bed to sofa effectively.


It accompanies a non-removable spread and the seats are somewhat firm as indicated by certain customers.

8. Nirvana Queen Size Futon

The Nirvana futon mattress queen​ is comprised of strong hardwood material. The queen futon mattress is additionally improved with a multi arrange completing procedure that guarantees its shading remains for quite a while. The queen futon has three positions – sofa, bed, and lounger – which empowers you to handily modify the wooden frame from a leaning back situation to an upstanding one, and the other way around. The seat of the queen futon and the back decks are done to give a progressively wonderful appearance and to smoother out the material in these zones for an increasingly agreeable feel.

Each acquisition of the nirvana queen size futon incorporates just the strong hardwood queen size frame. The mattress, pillows, and cover must be bought independently. The frame is intended to give a sofa height seating to guarantee that you will get the most open to seating position conceivable. It is furnished with utilitarian arms that prop up into liberal side tables or trays on both sides of the frame, giving you an assigned space for drinks, snacks or other items. The queen futon frame is sent in two boxes and should be gathered upon conveyance.



Eco friendly futon, outfitted with useful arms that prop up on sides, giving a moment tray or side table for more space. Can be balanced into three positions.


A few clients griped that the queen futon is hard to alter and each position change brings about harm to the Nirvana queen size futon.

9. West Field Queen Sized Futon

 The futon mattress queen size is developed with a strong hardwood futon frame which is environment friendly. Its sleeping cushion is made with numerous layers of polyester and cotton just as four layers of high thickness foam. The futon’s frame has been applied by a profoundly experienced craftsman, utilizing a multi organize completing technique that guarantees the even shading will keep going for a more drawn out time. It offers three utilitarian positions and effectively changes over into a bed, sofa and a lounger. This futon mattress queen size can rapidly be acclimated to a full sleeper for your benefit. It includes enticingly bended arms that include a one of a kind structure profile, not at all like standard futon styles. The queen size futon is furnished with an eco-friendly frame with wood totally sourced from reasonable manors. It is planned with sofa stature seating that offers prevalent solace in the most common way. Its back decks and seat divide are done for an increasingly alluring appearance. The queen futon bed has a sturdy frame which includes an anti-slip plan for upgraded wellbeing.

This queen futon accompanies a strong hardwood frame in a flawless completing which offers upgraded tasteful intrigue contrasted with customary wooden frames. The frame is developed exclusively from hardwoods which were sourced from feasible manors and is made in Indonesia by a specialist craftsman. The mattress of the queen futon is 8 inches thick and offers medium to firm help. It is developed from a blend of four layered high thickness foam and polyester cotton multi layers. The mattress cover is made with a connected microfiber of strong twill with white tufts. These highlights help to keep up the state of the sleeping pad while keeping the inside parts from lumping and moving into unintended shapes.


The wooden frame is done with a rich shade for improved excellence. Its strong hardwood frame is condition cordial and sourced from manageable manors. The queen futon offers three utilitarian positions: can be changed over into a sofa, lounger and a bed. Casing accompanies an anti-slippage system for upgraded wellbeing.


A few clients have griped that the queen futon bed was trouble to amass, and doesn’t accompany clear gathering guidelines.

10 Brentwood Tray Arm futon mattress queen size

The Brentwood Tray Arm Queen Size Wood Futon includes storage drawers, includes a strong hardwood frame that was developed utilizing a multi organize completing procedure. This queen size futon frame made of strong hardwood can be acclimated to three positions – lounger, bed and sofa – so you can appreciate sitting and resting on it with a bedding. The back deck and seats are done to give a progressively alluring appearance and to upgrade your general solace particularly when you are in close contacts with the said surfaces. It highlights SOFA stature seating that guarantees you will make some agreeable memories unwinding on the queen futon in a sitting position.

The queen futon mattress is furnished with drawers developed of a similar strong hardwood material, giving you additional extra room that mixes in flawlessly with the remainder of the queen size futon frame. This item incorporates just the frame and futon drawers. The pillows, mattress, and cover are excluded from the bundle and should be bought independently. The queen futon is intended to suit a queen size mattress for an extensive resting and relaxing zone. This queen size futon frame is environment friendly and uses just strong hardwood that is sourced from practical estates.


The Brentwood tray arm queen futon highlights drawers made of a similar hardwood material that offers a watchful and extensive stockpiling zone. It comes in with a stunning legacy wrap up a procedure that guarantees a long staying shading. The queen futon can be balanced into three positions – lounger, bed and sofa – to improve comfort in any position. The item is environment friendly as it utilizes just solid hardwood that is sourced from manageable estates.


A few clients announced issues while modifying the situation of the edge, which prompted possible harm.

How to Choose Queen Size Futon- Buying Guide

Before making any purchase, customers normally indulge themselves into research about the product in order to know their product better, and to spend carefully. Similarly, there are a few factors that need to be kept in mind before purchasing a Queen size futon, and they are as follows:


The texture spread has two purposes: 1.) to shield the sleeping cushion from soil and residue, and 2.) to support the stylish intrigue of the bedding. Probably the most well-known kinds of texture spread utilized for futons are artificial cowhide, manufactured fiber, cotton, polyester, calfskin, and some of the time, authentic calfskin. On the off chance that you will utilize the futon routinely, a cotton and polyester mix is suggested in light of the fact that these are typically removable and washable. Most futons would as of now accompany their spread. Be that as it may, a few proprietors despite everything pick to purchase extra cover so they can change the appearance of the futon and make it increasingly reasonable for their stylistic layout or individual inclination.


Futon sleeping mattresses are currently made utilizing an assortment of materials for improved solace and toughness. A foam mattress is ordinarily utilized for futons and comprises of at least two layers of poly-foam. A cotton sleeping mattress is comprised of cotton cushioning layers, and this sort of bedding is typically slenderer contrasted with beddings made with different materials. Foam and cotton can likewise be consolidated to frame a futon bedding that offers upgraded sturdiness and solace. On the off chance that you need a thicker sleeping cushion for your sovereign size futon, look at innerspring beddings that accompany a help center with loops shrouded in a cotton or foam layer. These sorts ae thicker than different materials however they can likewise be increasingly hard to discover. Pick this kind of sleeping cushion on the off chance that you are searching for upgraded support, particularly if the futon will be utilized by somebody with a heavier profile.

Frame Type

You can browse two sorts of folding—bi-fold and tri-fold. Bi-fold outlines permit the client to overlap the futon in the center for simpler arrangement. In any case, it might expend a greater space. Then again, tri-fold sleeping mattresses can be collapsed into three areas, which occupy lesser room.

Frame Material

The casing material will straightforwardly influence the toughness and tasteful intrigue of your queen size futon. Wooden Frames commonly offer better quality and last longer with their strong profile; pick this material in the event that you are going for a customary, comfortable vibe. Be that as it may, you ought to prepare to dish out more cash for a Wooden Frame since it tends to be increasingly costly. You can in any case modify the shade of the wooden frame by painting in as per your favored shading; whichever shading you pick; the wood material will stay a chic expansion to any room. Metal Frames are additionally tough; however, they might not have the life span that wooden casings offer. These edges are accessible in more styles and hues that will mix well in a wide scope of room plans and are progressively reasonable contrasted with wooden casings. A considerably progressively moderate alternative is offered by wood composite or particleboard frames, which despite everything offer steady profiles particularly on the off chance that you are anticipating utilizing your futon for a long time or less. These frames may not be as solid as wooden or metal frames, yet they cost considerably less are still aesthetically satisfying.


The cost of queen size futons may extend from as low as $100 to as high as $800. Obviously, a more significant expense implies better quality. Obviously, you ought not generally go for the costliest one, particularly in the event that you have no utilization for the additional highlights that they offer. It is in every case best that you build up the amount you are happy to spend for the futon before you start your inquiry

5 Advantages Of Queen Size Futons Mattress


At the point when you don’t have to utilize the futon as a bed yet, you can at present make the most out of it in its own space by utilizing it as a seating region or perhaps as a transitory extra room for a portion of your things and individual assets. It can likewise be set in a little visitor room, in the lounge room, or whatever other little space which is in any case utilized for different purposes when the queen sized futon won’t be utilized for dozing.

Switchable Looks

Probably the most straightforward approaches to change the appearance of a room or a living space is to change the queen sized futon’s cover. You can present a sprinkle of splendid shading or strong examples into the stay with simply the negligible change. The queen size futon frame can likewise be changed for an alternate look – go for the metal frame for an advanced, modern look or pick wood for a progressively genial, customary vibe. What’s incredible is that you can do these adjustments in the stylistic theme’s general appearance without spending excessively, similar to you would on the off chance that you had a significant re-embellishment venture.


A queen size futons will cost much not exactly a regular bed of a similar size. This is mostly in light of the fact that the materials utilized for making queen futons, for example, foam and additionally cotton are commonly progressively reasonable when contrasted with the ones utilized in standard beds. The mattresses utilized in queen futons mattress are additionally typically significantly slenderer than the ones utilized for beds, so futons offer a less expensive other option.


There are currently some queen size futons that can be moved up or collapsed for simple transportation as well as capacity. You don’t need to stress over finding support from a few people just to move the futon mattress queen to another room, or to another home. The mattress itself is frequently made of a lightweight material that can without much of a stretch be conveyed starting with one area then onto the next when required.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

A queen size futon essentially comprises of a frame, the mattress, and a removable cover. This cover can be effectively evacuated when it should be washed, for example, when something incidentally spills on its surface. You can wash the spread helpfully by utilizing a clothes washer, while the mattress itself can likewise be altogether cleaned in a modern measured washer, something you can only with significant effort do on the off chance that you have to clean your bed’s mattress.


After getting to know what queen size futons are, and analyzing the variations of queen futons available in the market, studying the advantages of having futons in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere in your house, it is safe to assume that their purchase will not disappoint you, but instead will benefit the customer in the long run, and ensure their purchase was worth the investment

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