Make Your Perfect California King Sleep Experience

California King beds are the “king” of beds. But it’s not only about the size. It’s also the sleep experience that no other bed can give. Sleeping on a space that allows for real freedom of movement makes any sleeping experience even better. And to add to your sleep experience there are a wealth of accessories that can be added to your bed to make it uniquely, exquisitely yours.

Some people love snuggling in bed with their kids, pets or spouses. On the other hand, there are those that prefer more sleeping space where they can stretch and enjoy a more comfortable sleep. Whatever the case, a large sized bed always comes in handy. Such large sized beds provide extra sleeping space, and can be used by both individuals and couples.

With all the king sized beds available in the market, choosing the right bed can be quite daunting for a person. One of the excellent choices that a person can go for is the California King Bed. This article discusses the basic things that you ought to know about the California King Bed.

To get started on your sleep expedition here are some of the steps that many take to get to their destination:
  1. Pick A Platform
  2. Select A Mattress
  3. Need A Headboard?
  4. Find Bedding

Select A Platform

One of the best ways to get started in creating your perfect California King sleep experience is to start with a platform. You can start with a platform and headboard combo or just the metal frame. We’ve found the best California King bed platform options for you.



Select A Mattress

Now here is the most funnest part: Selecting a mattress for your California King platform or base. And the varieties are endless. There are Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrids and more. We’ve found the best selection of California King mattresses for your perusal.

Select A Headboard

A headboard can not only enhance your California King, but it can even enhance a room. And they come in a variety of different options. To get you started, we’ve found the best headboard ideas for your California King.

Select The Best Pillow

Now we’re coming down to the final touches. Here are some of the best pillows for your California King sleeping experience.

Select The Right Bedding

And now, the piece de resistance, your bedding. Find the right bedding sets to decorate your California King.

California Bed FAQs

What Is A California King Bed?

Also known by the name ‘Western King,” a California King bed is basically an oversized bed, designed in such a way that its length is longer while the width is narrower. California King beds are, therefore, best suited for tall people who require more legroom when sleeping. It is not surprising then that these beds are a common feature especially among tall people and in households consisting of large and spacious bedrooms.

The name California King beds was developed following the fact that these types of beds are very common in California. They gained their popularity in the world market just recently. Before, they were considered as luxurious beds meant only for celebrities and athletes. However, these beds have now become popular in almost all countries.

Finding the accessories of a California King bed can be quite difficult. This is because, even though these beds have started gaining popularity in the market, they are still not as common as other beds available in the market. Therefore, finding accessories such as bed sheets and blankets of the California King bed tends to be very frustrating. The good news, however, is that with the development of online Internet shopping, finding California King bed accessories has been made easier.

How Big Is A California King Bed?

The design of the California King bed is such that more emphasis has been put on the bed’s length than the width. The size of this oversized bed can fit a room dimension, which provides a minimum of 2 feet of free space available on each of the 3 exposed sides of the mattress. This free space is very important as it ensures that there is always ample room for walking and maneuvering around the mattress. Also, when the California King bed is fitted in such a manner, it promotes to the beautiful and neat appearance of the room. The room will neither appear overcrowded nor off-balanced; the California King bed will fit just perfectly into the room.

The California King bed has a width of 6 feet. This width size makes it similar to a twin bed, and it can therefore be used by couples who love to snuggle, as it provides quite enough sleeping space. The bed also has an additional length, which is very convenient for those who love stretching out on the bed. The size of the California King bed is such that a person can easily stretch out vertically, without banging their head on the headboard or their legs hanging over the edges.

What Are The Dimensions Of A California King Bed?

All California King beds are designed in the same size. Each of these beds has dimensions of 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. Therefore, a single California King bed has a total sleeping surface area of 6,048 square inches, and takes the shape of a rectangle.

The longer lengths and slimmer widths are what make the California King beds best suited for spacious bedroom spaces which have a narrower geometry. In more specific terms, the special dimensions of a California King bed calls for a room with dimensions of at least 13 feet by 15 feet.

For those people whose height exceed 6 feet, a California King bed would be the most suitable bed for them. It is no wonder, then, that these beds are very common among the usually tall basketball players. The 84 inches in length provide such tall people with the more legroom that they require.

However, the reduced width makes it quite difficult to sleep with kids or pets, as it means a narrower sleeping space. This is why the California King bed is best suited for individuals who sleep alone, or couples who love snuggling and do not move a lot when sleeping.

How Does A California King Bed Compare To A Queen Sized Bed?

Queen Size beds are another type of large sized beds traded in the market today. Although these are quite similar to the California King beds, they display some major differences in certain aspects, as outlined below:

1.) Size
California King beds have a larger size than the queen sized beds. While Queen Size beds measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, the California King beds have a size of 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. California King beds are, therefore, wider and longer than the Queen Sized beds, and provide more sleeping space.

2.) Cost
When compared with the California King beds, Queen Sized beds go for relatively lower/cheaper prices. California King beds go for a price range of between $700 to $6,000, whereas Queen Sized beds are sold at a price range of between $600 to $4,000.

The relatively lower price of the Queen Sized beds is due to their smaller size and sleeping space. The Queen Sized beds also require smaller bedroom spaces than their counterparts, hence, their prices are usually lower.

3.) Room Size
The most recommended room size for a California King bed is one that measures approximately 13 feet by 15 feet. However, since Queen Sized beds are usually smaller in size, they are best fitted in rooms with dimensions of at least 10 feet by 10 feet.

How Does A California King Bed Compare To A King Sized Bed?

The confusion that most people usually have is the difference between a California King bed and a King Sized bed. These two types of beds can be really confusing, as they have a lot in common. The following points explain how these two beds compare:

1.) Size
Contrary to what most people think, a King Sized bed is actually larger than a California King bed. It is true that a California King bed has a longer length than its counterpart. However, the total surface area of a California King bed, 6048 square inches, is lower than that of a King Sized bed, which is 6080 square inches. The larger surface area makes the King Sized bed larger than the California King bed.

2.) Cost
The accessories of a California King bed are not only hard to find, but also tend to be expensive. This makes the California King bed more expensive and pricey than its counterpart, whose accessories are easily available.

3.) Room Size
A California King Bed has a longer length and a narrower width. It is the longest bed in the market and best fits in rooms with a narrow geometry. On the other hand, a King Sized bed has a longer width and a shorter length. It is the widest bed in the market and best fits in square-like rooms.


ll experts share the same idea that success is greatly contributed by having a good night’s sleep. So, if you hope to succeed in life, the first step starts in your bedroom. A good mattress can help you to always keep your ‘batteries recharged’, ready to work and achieve success. And, what other good mattress could there be than the California King bed?