Choosing a mattress is difficult due to wide variety and multiple options to choose from yet are one of every person needs for a comfortable and sound sleep. Can anyone be able to choose the right kind of TWIN XL mattress just by looking at it and the answer is simply no.  Do you plan on sleeping alone or do you have a pet that sleeps with you and many other such factors have to be considered while shopping for a mattress? For an extra length space Twin XL mattress are used. These mattresses have a dimension of 38 X 80 inches and are perfect for those that require and extra length which makes it a great option for those children with larger heights.


1. Tuft & Needle TwinXL Mattress
2. Vibe tTwin XL Mattress Size
4. Zinus Twin XL Spring Mattress
5. Classic Brands Full Xl Mattress Size
6. Nectar Twin-XL Mattress
7. Vesgantti Twin XL Beds
8. America Revive Twin XL Bed
11. Linenspa 8 Inch TwinXL Mattress
12. Vesgantti 10.2 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress
13. Sunrising 8-inch Twin XL mattress
14. Lessa 10 inch Twin XL mattress
What is the difference between a twin and a twin XL mattress



TUFT & NEEDLE twin xl mattress memory foam Foam infused with graphite and cooling gel4.1
VIBE Mattress Twin XL Size3 inches of gel infused foam4.6
LIVE & SLEEP Xlong Twin MattressIdeal for side sleepers4.4
CLASSIC Extra Large Twin Mattress Adjusted in congested spaces4.4
NECTAR Memory Foam Mattress Twin Xl SizeBest For Front & Back Sleeper4
VESGANTTI Twin XL Bed And MattressHigh density multilayered thick foam4.6
AMERICA Revive XL Twin Mattress SizeBest for back pain4.5
HOFISH 10 memory foam mattress twin xlGel & Charcoal infused memory foam layer4.5
BedStory Luxury XL.Twin MattressDouble Layer of mattress prevents from moisture4.5
Linenspa Twin XL Mattress In A BoxBest for pain relives, body aligment4.4
Vesgantti Spring Mattress XL TwinBudget friendly4.6
Sunrising Extended Twin Mattresszero gravity bed position for side sleepers4.3
Leesa 10" Twin Size XL MattressPressure relief for shoulder & hips4

Top 14 Best Twin XL Mattress Reviews


1.  Tuft & Needle TwinXL Mattress

If you are fond of the super comfortable feel of a Twin-XL memory foam mattress, and resilience and bounce of spring mattress. Then this unique Tuft & Needle Mattress is the best for you.  It is a patented mattress that offers dual core foam which performs as efficiently as a memory foam does. The thick upper layer of foam is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers .xl twin mattress

This medium firm support mattress provides relief from pressure symptoms and body aches and offers plush, comfy support for body parts.  The ten-inch twin XL mattress comes with two layers of high-density polyurethane foam: the top layer is a three-inch Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam infused with graphite and cooling gel, the bottom layer is a seven-inch bottom layer that helps in keeping the body posture in a correct position. The mattress evenly distributes the weight of the user to ensure sound sleep. It is CertiPUR-US certified foam which guarantees its durability.


2. Vibe Twin Xl Gel Memory Foam Mattress

xl beds

It is no surprise that every one of us want to get the best quality product for a minimum price. Unfortunately, though, a good quality mattress is quiet expensive, and often leaves us with financial burdens after purchase. However, high quality mattress attached with high prices is just a myth, as in this review, we will tell you about an affordable mattress that is budget friendly; the Vibe cool gel memory foam mattress twin xl. With rising capitalism around the world, it is of key importance that you spend your hard-earned money on a product that gives you a decent value of money in return, and for doing so, it is encouraged that a detailed research is conducted about the product you are interested in before purchasing.

The Vibe 12-inch Memory Foam twin xl Mattress consists of 2-inches of gel infused memory foam which is combined with 3 inches of gel infused foam. The gel infusion in the mattress helps to draw away the body heat, aiding you in having a more comfortable sleep. The 7 inches of conforming high density base provides support and responsive relief which assistance to evenly distribute the pressure points in any sleeping position. Moreover, the memory foam is bacteria, mold, dust-mites’ resistant. The size available is Twin XL (39” x 80” x 12”: W x L x H). For shipping, the mattresses are compressed, rolled up and are delivered at your doorstep, with an easy setup. Lastly, a 5 Star customer service is accessible, 7 days a week.


3. Live and Sleep Twin-XL Mattress

xl mattresses

This twin xl firm mattress is ideal for side sleepers and those who want minimal motion transfer on their beds.  With a good amount of sink, perfect contouring ,pressure relief qualities and budget friendly, then it will be a good choice for you as compared to other twin xl mattresses. The base layer is a high-density memory foam that gives overall support to the mattress as well as the users.  The top layer is smooth and soft that gives an amazing experience and supports spinal alignment.

It is ideal for side, stomach and back sleepers, and supports in back pain relief.  The mattress promotes air flow, thus keeping your body cool. The foam is CERTIPUR and OEKO TEX certified, which guarantees that it is hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. Its soft flex-thread fabric cover is easy to remove and wash, hence it ensures the longevity of the mattress by resisting dust mites and other external harmful chemicals. Also the company offers 100-day risk-free trial period with return policy.

BUDGET FREINDLY xl twin beds



ZINUS Twin-XL Spring Mattress is fabricated of two layers which is fitted at xl twin bed frame. ZINUS twin xl Mattress is composed of 8 inches twin xl mattress which is designed such that it not only guarantees a good night sleep rather it is also virtually motion isolated. The layers are 0.5 inches and 7.5 inches respectively.

  • The top layer is Pressure Relieving Comfort foam which is fashioned to maximize comfort and support. The Foam and the Fiber Quilted covers are infused with
  • Green tea extracts, Natural green tea extracts help to maintain the freshness
  • Natural plant oil,While the plant oil acts as the replacement to the traditional petroleum.
  • Active Charcoal, This removes odors and any excessive moisture in the foam to keep the foam dry and clean.
  • TheiCoil Pocketed springs are made to help the sleeper with exceptional support. As the use the virtual technology so the iCoil guarantees an isolated and pressure free sleep. Hundreds of independent iCoils act virtually and pledges a turning free experience. This eliminates any motion transfer from your sleeping partner.

The twin XL mattress foam is CertiPUR-US certified. This certification ensures standard as well as the durability and performance of the product.It is shipped smartly to your home in a compact box – rolled and compressed. It is compressed using a compression technology. Therefore, it needs a 48 hours rest on a flat surface so it could plus into its original shape. This twin bed features standard and quality in a budget friendly price. The twin XL Bed has a 10-year warranty.


5. Classic Brands 7-Inch Mattress, Twin XL


Classic Brands cool XL gel memory foam is providing its customers with best sleeping experience and one of the best mattresses around .Having a dimension of 39×80 inches this mattress can be adjusted in congested spaces and also providing extra space for large people at your home when it comes to the length of the mattress. The classic brands cool gel comes with a heat dissipating gel foam to draw away heat from body providing a relaxing and carefree experience during sleep.

This thick foam has the ability to adjust itself according to the person’s body shape eradicating the need to toss or turn.If you are thinking about the durability or about the foams hygiene then think no more because this foam is top notch high quality foam certified by CertiPUR-US and the pressure relieving gels are hypoallergenic and impervious to allergies, mold, microorganisms and dust mites.

Due to various benefits of such mattresses one can easily find theses mattresses at bunk beds, sleep dorms, kid’s room and in boats etc.So how can one get a hold of such mattresses and the answer is simple you can pay online for these mattress and that’s all that you have to do and then the mattress will be delivered to you in a few days while you just sit back and relax .These mattress will be compressed, boxed and shipped in a box and conveniently delivered to your door steps without you being worried of how the delivery is going to be made. The mattress also comes up along with a customer service that is available 7 days a weeks in case you have any queries about the product.

BEST twin xl plush mattress

6. Nectar Twin XL Mattress


Whether you are a side sleeper, front sleeper or back sleeper, you don’t need to purchase individual mattress specifically designed for these purposes. Nectar gives you all these features in their twin XL mattress. This mattress is made up of two layers of gel memory foam which helps to circulate air, distribute the weight, and mold your body relieving all your aches and pains. Its cooling cover makes it different from other mattress which is moisture-wicking, more breathable & softer than standard cotton covers and regulating heat for an ideal temperature all night long.

It is the number one fast growing brand in the U.S which gives you 180 days free trail with return policy. Nectar is certified from CertiPUR-US certified program which ensures that materials are completely safe and non-toxic. Its five-layered foam construction with fiber removable cover, medical grade viscoelastic memory foam with high vegetable base super core 5 lb support foam is enough for its durability. Also, Nectar gives lifetime warranty which is the longest warranty in the market.


7. Vesgantti Multilayer Twin XL Bed Size

twin xl bed frame

Vesgantti 10.2 Inch Multilayer Twin XL Bed  is another great choice for those users who are looking for a mattress under 1000$.  Its high density multilayered thick foam and closed-knit polypropylene fabric cover gives an overall luxurious and soothing sleeping experience.  Its built-in pocket-spring support system gives adequate support to your body and distributes your weight evenly.

Supported by stainless Individual pocket springs, the mattress gives support to seven parts of your body (Feet, legs, hips, waist, shoulders, neck, head).  The top layer of the mattress is designed to support your body pressure while the bottom layer gives adequate support to your body. The mattress is made of high density, high-quality temperature-sensitive material, which can repel bacteria and dust mites and expel the odor of sweat.


8. America Revive Twin Mattress


America Revive Twin XL bed is the perfect choice to those patients who have back pain problem.  Its high-quality visco-elastic memory foam with cooling gel infused between the layers, open cell design, CertiPUR-US certification, and 20 year warranty makes it even more desirable for buyers all over the world.  It claims to offer appropriate air flow, superior comfort and constant freshness.

The mattress is manufactured by combining three different layers of foam.  The top layer is a 3” gel infused memory foam that gives you soft and cool feeling.  The middle layer is a 2” sculpting foam which has cell-like structures to promote air flow. The bottom layer is a 7” base foam that is responsible for the firmness of the mattress and ensures that there is no motion transfer. Twin xl mattress cover with zipper makes it easy to remove and wash the cover, eventually making it more durable than other counterparts.



twin xl mattress

HOFISH is comprised of three layers. HOFISH come in 10 inches medium feel responsive foam mattress which is designed in such a way that it can ensure both the comfort and firmness for the sleepers. The three layers are of 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 6 inches respectively.

The first layer is Dynamic Layer, basically for lumbar support. It is designed in a fashion that ensures perfect support for one’s lumbar area.

  • This layer is called as the Responsive layer. This layer, unlike the traditional memory foam mattresses is resilient and doesn’t give the feel of sinking into the mattress. It is made up of gel & charcoal infused memory foam layer which provides a support just like latex mattresses. This is used to reduce stress and strain from the critical pressure points in the body of the sleeper.
  • The third and the final layer is the base layer which is made up of tea extracts. The infused support foam is said to be very durable and thus it won’t lose its firmness even after ages to come.

It also ensures a good night sleep of the sleeper as the foam offers tossing and turning free sleep experience. Therefore, even if you have a sleeping partner who likes to toss around the bed during the night then you would not feel the motion at all. This extra long bed thus provides motion isolation and an idea support to human body.

The twin XL mattress foam is CertiPUR-US certified. This twin bed features standard and quality in a budget friendly price. It costs you only $328.17 for a still and undisturbed sleep on the best twin XL Mattress.




Have you ever thought of buying a mattress that provides you a feel of both luxury and comfort if not that you are about to be surprised with this 12 inch memory foam mattress twin xl. This mattress being infused with memory foam adjusts much better with human body and gives a great cushioning support to your body. The mattress foam being infused with gel beads allows heat to be dissipated and automatically allows adjusting the temperature of the mattress. The mattress itself provides a cooling and soothing experience to its customers due to its doubled layered impenetrable foam allowing the mattress to be much more breathable as compared to many other mattresses out there. The double layering of the mattress allows the mattress to stay away foam moisture that can affect a mattresses life.

To make the experience of mattress a life time experience an inch of high density support foam is added between the wave foam and coil. This inch of foam added to the mattress is what adds more comfort so that the coils of the mattress are not felt during your sleep making sleep a comfortable experience. The coils of the mattress are constructed with 480 high quality carbon steel that prevents coils from corrosion and deformation. Every coil within the mattress is individually wrapped so your partner does not get disturbed while you change positions. The fabric itself is made of high end breathable material .The foam of the mattress itself is CertiPUR-US certified and bed story itself is a reputable name in suppliers for selling high quality mattresses with an experience over a span of 36 years with a 98 percent satisfaction level. Having a warranty of 10 years and a life time sale service so that you might not need to think twice about this mattress.


11 Linenspa 8 inch Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress


With more than 15,000 thousands customer’s reviews and # 1 seller, Linenspa mattresses TWINXL  comes up with all features which you look into every mattress like comfortable, easy to use, pain relievers, body alignment. Besides its features it is very affordable for everyone.  Linenspa Twin-XL mattress with soft memory foam layer that contour  your curves for pressure relieves and provide a relax to your body throughout the night. It’s 8 inch profile with extra firm twin mattress feel make this  perfect for hostel’s room, kids room or a guest room. According to some research the coils are interconnected which helps to reduce the risk of premature sagging and breakdown.

Linenspa XL mattress is compressed and shipped in a compact box for convenient delivery and easy setup. Also Linenspa offer 10 years limited warranty to its customers.


12 Vesgantti 10.2 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress

Vesgantti 10.2-inch TwinXl Mattress is another great choice for those who are looking for a mattress under low budget. Its high density multilayered thick foam and closed-knit polypropylene twin xl mattress cover gives an overall luxurious and soothing sleeping experience.  Its built-in pocket-spring support system gives adequate support to your body and distributes your weight evenly.It is supported by stainless Individual pocket springs which supports to the seven parts of your body (Feet, legs, hips, waist, shoulders, neck, head) .

It’s shock-absorption excellent feature cater your vertebral well and correct your sleeping posture. The multilayer of foam and spring not only gives better support to your body but also absorbs pressure come from your body and the spring which provides buffers, retain full relax your muscles and improve sleeping quality.  The top layer of the mattress is designed to support your body pressure while the bottom layer gives adequate support to your body. The mattress is made of high density, high-quality temperature-sensitive material, which can repel bacteria and dust mites and expel the odor of sweat.

The delivery of this mattress is very compressed, well packaged , vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a smaller size which is easy to carry and setup within 10 seconds.


13. Sunrising 8-inch Twin-XL mattress


If you wish to feel the sensation of sleeping on the clouds along with an experience of medium firmness and zero gravity bed position for side sleepers​, then the Sunrise Bedding Twin Xl Mattress 8inch is ideal for you. This mattress is made of 100% organic Talalay latex extracted from the rubber trees of Thailand without using any synthetic harmful toxins, pesticides or chemicals in its manufacturing. The Talalay latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The independently-encased spring layer made of 825 tempered steel coils are wrapped in individual pockets to distribute body weight evenly and prevent the mattress from sinking or sagging .This mattress conforms to the body contour and prevents body aches. Its luxurious cover is made of original Cashmere goat wool which effectively regulates the body temperature, both in summers and winters.

According to research the lower temperature of body during sleeping helps faster asleep. The gel memory foam and advance air memory foam layer both creates the excellent air circulation channel which removes the body heat and cool down the body temperature quickly. Sunrishing offers 20-year warranty and a 120-nights in home trial with full refund. It is available in 8-inch and 10-inch versions with dimensions 80″x39″x8″ and  80″x39″x10″ respectively.

Best twinxl mattresses for stomach and side sleepers

14. Lessa 10 inch Twin XL mattress

Are you looking  the best twinxl mattresses for stomach and side sleepers with improved pressure relief for your shoulder & hips, then Lessa twinxl mattress is the best choice. Lessa Xl-Twin offers minimal transfer of motion during sleeping which keeps your body relaxed throughout the night.

Lessa Mattress is made up of three layers of high quality foam to give you comfort, recovery, support, cooling effect, bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep. It’s high quality microcell structure circulate airflow while providing the perfect amount of hug & bounce that keeps your body cooler. The recovery layer enhances pressure relief and gives you better deep rest, and its supporting layer makes it unique among all. It is universally acceptable for all types of sleepers.

Lessa mattress is covered with four ionic stripe mattress cover which make it highly breathable and virtually seamless with no tapered edges.  It is one of the most comfortable mattress covers. This mattress is  100% USA made which gives you 100-night risk free trail with free shipping & full refund.


  • Size Difference Of Twin & Twin XL Mattress

    The very first and foremost difference that one can find in Twin Mattress and Twin XL bed is their size. Twin mattress is just like a size of crib whereas Twin XL is larger.

  • Dimensions of twin xl vs twin

    Twin Mattress has the following dimensions: 38 x 75 inches
    whereas, twin XL measurements are 38 x 80 inches.

  • Usage

    Twin Mattress suits well to kids in their adolescence while Twin XL bed is for adults.

  • Space

    Twin mattress works well for smaller rooms where there is less space to accommodate while Twin XL mattress can fit in perfectly if you have larger space to cover.

  • Taller People

    Twin mattress is a smart choice for your kids but doesn’t go with people who are taller. They might feel themselves dangling off the bed this is why Twin XL mattress compensates them.

  • No of People

    Twin mattress can only withhold one person on it but if you are looking for a smart choice to make as a couple then you should buy yourself Twin XL bed to snug in with your partner.

  • How long is a twin xl mattress

    Twin Xl beds are longs mattress as compared to twin mattresses around 5 inches. Twin xl length is 79.5 inches.


To ensure yourself a comfy sleep you need to be sure that you make a right choice for yourself. A soft and cozy choice for yourself, which not just keeps you sleeping with ease but ensure a good morning too. After all you do need a fresh new start to your day to keep going throughout the day and that will only happen if you get a good night sleep after a drained day. So, without further a do let’s delve into the characteristics and features that you can enjoy if you choose twin xl mattress for yourself and your family.

  • Fit for taller people

    This mattress comes handy for people who are way too tall to fit in regular beds and those who complain that their legs are always dangling off the bed. This is just the right choice for them to make for themselves. It gives you extra space to stretch out yourself as much as you want without having the fear to fall of the bed of be left hanging off it. Don’t make this mistake again of relying on your intuition that you and your partner would be good to sleep on a small sized bed.

  • King and Queen Size Beds

    These twinXL beds provide the same comfort level and give the feel just as you are sleeping on a King or a Queen size bed.

  • Flexibility

    This is a factor which cannot be compromised when it comes to getting a sound sleep. You do need a space for yourself that is flexible enough to be fit in anywhere. Like this twin XL beds could go really well when you have guests around you. It suits in the guest room and gives a decent look. It adds perfection to your own room. If you want to create an illusion of a king size bed then you can just tuck in two extra long twin bed mattress together and spread a single sheet on it and there you go you have a king size bed in your area.

  • Save Bucks

    If you too are a hostel lite and you want a bed for yourself and also want to save yourself some extra bucks, then you can get no better option than twin xl bed frames. It will easily fit your budget and also your dorm.

  • Comfort Layer

    The comfort factor automatically gets added up for people who are tall. This makes them comfortable to lay on twin bed size.

  • Durability

    Twin long mattress  don’t lose their firmness or are worn-out easily. They remain comfy and bouncier for ages to come.

  • Firmness

    Best xl twin mattress are firm, yet gentle for a person with sensitive skin.

  • Warranty

    This is one of the factors that thrifty housewives look for because they wouldn’t want to go shopping every now and then. Just for those ladies, it is a jackpot as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Suitability

    Long’s mattress are suitable for people that have a height below 6 feet that’s approximately 72 inches with 3 extra inches to give in and are best for people retaining height beyond cradle length whereas the twin XL mattresses are suitable for people that have a long height above 6 feet but not suitable for people with height more than 6 feet 7 inches and is considered quite a lot of length space for an average person.

  • Suitability for guests

    Whether a twin mattress or an XL mattress both can be used for guests but this is the place where twin XL mattress have an advantage over the regular twin mattress and is due to the fact that guests with a great or average height can easily fit in when using such kind of mattress which gives twin XL mattress an advantage over the standard one and becomes the choice for people who tend to have sleep over with lots of guests.

  • twin vs twin xl size

    The twin XL offers 5 inches more length than the standard twin mattress. Twin mattress offers 38×75 inches in its dimensions whereas the twin XL offers 38x 80 inches in its dimension.

  • Seasonal Savings

    The twin XL mattresses are a popular choice for many college dormitories due to mattress providing edge in length and adjust itself according to a person’s body. The twin mattress has a dimension of 38×75 inches approximately and its suitability is defined to people retaining height beyond cradle length. For such purposes these mattresses could be a best choice for bunk beds, as a guest bed and for homes that have congested spaces or have smaller rooms to fit in. The xlong twin mattress dimensions of 38×80 inches and even after being longer than the standard twin mattress bed it still lacks in width where this bed gives a five inch advantage in length of a mattress it still lacks width and is quite narrower for a person that likes to spread out during their sleep.

  • Pet Lover

    If you are a pet lover and your furry fellow loves to sneak peak into your bed quietly at night then Twin Beds will not just give you enough room but will leave space for your buddy too.

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